Newspaper Advertisement: A Simple Definition

What’s the best thing that we like to do every morning ? Guess? Maximum answers would be a cup of tea & newspaper which is a perfect best combination to start your day. But how will you define a newspaper? 

A set of large sheets of paper that run in local or national filled with lots of heading and text often typed in black ink with a white or gray background, which covers variety of fields like information, current  updates, stories, sport, entertainment stories, politics, business etc., and lots of advertisements that are folded together and sold every day. 

Advertisements in newspapers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. But what exactly is advertising and why given in newspapers? 

Due to the drastic increase in literacy rate, newspaper readership in India has also increased for both english and regional languages. As per survey almost one-third of India’s 579 million literate population is said to read a newspaper now. Therefore newspaper advertisements are also quite popular and play a crucial role in increasing its popularity.

Ads in Newspaper

Advertising is a powerful tool to grab the attention of a reader to an idea, product, service, goods or it can be to fulfil personal wants and requirements or might be to create public awareness  too.  

A simple modern definition of advertising would be a paid communication message intended to inform people about something, or to find a required thing, to influence to buy or try something or believe in an idea. 

The main idea and importance behind  advertising:

To convince the customer: To target and provide an informative ad to make the decision making process easier and help them to know which suits their budget and pocket from the various available options.

To create brand awareness: To educate about the variety of products available  & this knowledge will help you to compare the best for you. By advertising in newspapers you can target your specific location and audience.

To create trust towards better quality: It’s how people believe the system works that only brands advertise unbranded products don’t advertise. Therefore it’s important to advertise in paper to create and make your brand popular and boost the confidence of customers.

Newspaper Adertising

Why are newspaper advertisements still considered the king of advertisement mediums ?

As with the invention of new modernise technology and increasing demand the main challenges for an advertiser would be to reach and engage the proper group of people as per the advertisement. Therefore selection of a proper advertising medium is very important. Newspaper advertisement can provide you many benefits like:

  • Offers better location targeting: Newspapers carry the advertisements to a large cross section of the society. They have been the oldest leading medium for advertising at local and regional levels. Just imagine a remote place where people are not fond of digital mediums that much or you are opening a restaurant in a specific city and want to target people of that area, newspaper advertising is the best option here. In other ways we can say newspaper covers and target specific demographic where it’s more difficult to reach by other medium. It effectively reached all geographical areas and to all groups of audiences.
  • Frequency and Flexibility: It publishes daily therefore just thinking to place an ad and making your thought process live is quite easy and fast. Plus it’s flexible as per your requirements you can select the exact size, location, frequency and intervals while placing the ad. Advertisements can be accommodated at the last minute plus changes are also possible for remaining days in urgent situations.
  • Pocket Friendly: Newspaper advertisements are affordable and cost is less as per thousands of readers  than any other medium. Plus you can plan your advertisement according to your budgets as they have lots of options which servers all groups of clients. You can also avail for coupons discount in case of your frequency and coverage is more, plus competition  of getting your favourite premium ad space is also less.
  • Quick Response: Newspaper carries various sections of current news, article, stories, development, achievement and advertisement. The readers who are interested and reading ads are either looking for offers, coupons or discounts available or are finding something therefore Newspaper advertisements creates a sense of urgency. The public response to the advertisements is immediate and usually are in bluck if placed in the right section or presented in the correct way in the paper.
  • Trust Factor: Maximum of us will agree to the fact that when you print anything on papers it becomes authentic, one can not nullify it as we tend to equate it like documents therefore this is another reason for newspaper advertisements popularity.

The habit of reading newspapers is the most important life skill. It not only boosts our knowledge, but also it supports growth to our lifestyle, thinking and personality.

There is a great statement that the pen is stronger than the sword so newspapers play an influential role in developing the opinion, either positive or negative, in the society. The influence of the newspapers is almost endless, without limit. The newspapers can speak at all times and to all classes. 

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