Why Should You Advertise in the Newspaper for Certificate Lost Ads!

It is very common for everyone to carry our IDs, passports, education certificates, and other important documents along with us which unfortunately increases the chances of losing such important documents. The chances of losing these documents become high while traveling in crowded local transports. 

So in case you have lost your valuable documents, the easiest way to look for these documents is by placing an advertisement under the personal category, Lost and Found Section of the Newspaper.

Newspaper Advertisement for Lost Certificates becomes easy with releaseMyAd as it offers its Valuable Customers to place lost & found ads in all leading newspapers. 

Lost Certificate Ads in Newspaper

There are lots of advantages to placing Lost Certificate Ad in Newspaper, as it is a great source of search medium to search for the lost items. As this advertisement is read by a huge number of people of different regions which in return makes a great opportunity that at least someone among the readers might have come across the lost item. 

Documents Required for Lost Certificate Advertisement, are :

  • FIR copy
  • General Diary (GD)
  • Notarized Affidavit

How to apply for Certificate Lost Newspaper Ad:

  • For FIR or G.D you have to go to the nearest police station and File an FIR or GD for your lost items.
  • You can also file an FIR online for this you can simply visit your nearby police station website and follow those instructions given there.
  • Make an Affidavit on a Stamp paper which should be attested and sealed by the notary public..

For your reference, there are given Ad sample advertisement for Lost Certificate that will help you book the ad properly in a correct format.

It is notified of my Original Qualifying Examination Certificate, Marks Statement, and Migration Certificate of Senior Secondary Examination of the year 2007 and Roll Number. 543210 issued by CBSE has been actually lost. Name of the candidate- Sujoy Ghosh, Full Address- House Number 11, H-Block, Vijay Nagar, Meerut,UP, 25004, Contact Number:9830629298

Point to Remember before placing Newspaper Advertisement for Lost Certificates:

  • An FIR or GD or notarized affidavit, should not be not more than 6months old.
  • A Lost & Found ad matter should comprise the following points:
  • Full name of the person who has lost the item.(If required) or Name of year in which the document is being lost(school/college certificate etc), Mentioning the full details of the documents lost. And Address in full details. 

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For booking lost and found advertisements in any newspaper, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • Visit Lost Certificate Advertisement page
  • Select the location , ad type and the preferred newspaper
  • Compose your ad matter, select the preferred release date
  • Upload your supporting document and make your payment

For any booking-related query, you can call their customer care at 9830629298 or can mail to book@releasemyad.com

Bring loved ones together in solidarity with an obituary advertisement in newspaper

Losing a loved one is a painful and stressful experience. Whether it is a family member or a friend, the pain a bereavement causes is immeasurable. An obituary refers to a notice of a person’s death. This notice generally contains a short account of the life of the person. Obituary ads are published in newspapers with the objective of informing as many people as possible. This is because it may be a cumbersome and time consuming process for the family members of the deceased person to reach out individually to every single person they may have had a personal or professional connection with in their lifetime. 

Obituary ads contain information regarding the upcoming funeral or memorial service. They provide the contact details of the bereaved family so that friends, acquaintances and extended family can pay their respects to the deceased person and share their solidarity with the family.

Obituary Advertisement

Publishing obituary advertisement in newspaper is useful as newspapers are read by a large number of people. In India, newspapers are a staple of every household, and an obituary ad helps to not just make a large number of people aware of a person’s death, but it also helps to bring together various people whom the deceased person had known during their lifetime in solidarity and moral support for the family.

During such a difficult time, an obituary ad helps the family to communicate the news of the person’s death in a way that makes the task less of a burden compared to individually contacting each person in the deceased’s close and extended social circle. 

Newspapers are regarded as authoritative, authentic and good quality sources of information on a variety of topics, and in India, publishing classified ads is an effective way to get a message across to a large number of people. By publishing death ads on newspaper, the bereaved family is able to relieve some of the stress during such a difficult time which they would have had to endure by having to make individual phone calls and sending out individual messages via SMS or email to friends, relatives and acquaintances. 

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Formalise your new name with a change of name advertisement!

Have you taken a new name for yourself? That’s great!

People change their names for a variety of reasons. The change of name may be due to the original name being misspelled, a person taking on the name of their spouse after marriage, reverting to their original family name after a divorce, or because they are unsatisfied with their existing or given names. 

These are just some of the reasons why people feel like changing their names. It may be because they want a name that they associate better with, or one that they feel is more acceptable to them, or a name which they feel is more in line with their personality or character. 

It may also happen that people want to change their name due to astrological or numerological reasons. They may want to change or alter the spelling of their names, take on additional names or even a pseudonym or a stage name. This is commonly seen in the field of the performing arts where celebrities take on names that are either catchy or unique. Such names are easy to remember and because of their uniqueness, they stand out and have high recall value for people. 

Change of Name Ad

Others, however, may choose to change their names for entirely different reasons, such as if their given name is difficult to pronounce or confusing to others, or if the name carries a negative connotation in a different language. While for yet some others, a change of name may entail taking on the name of a person from history or from contemporary life due to their having been a significant influence or influence in someone’s life. 

It is also seen that husbands take on the surnames of their wives, or parents, having retained both their surnames, merge their surnames to create a hyphenated surname for their children. 

Changing one’s name is a perfectly legal practice. The reasons may be diverse and plenty, but merely declaring oneself to have a new name does not make the change of name official and legally binding. 

In order for a change of name to be deemed legally enforceable, such name change must be done without any intention to deceive or defraud, and must fulfil two legal requirements. These are:

  1. Submitting an affidavit
  2. Booking a name change ad in a newspaper

Publishing a change of name advertisement is a legal requirement because it is this what makes the name change official and legally binding. Along with submitting the affidavit, a person who wants to change their name must publish a name change ad in at least two of the country’s newspapers. One must be in the English language, and one must be in the respective regional language of the state or Union Territory the person resides in. 

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Misplaced your marksheet? A lost certificate ad in newspaper can help you!

Marksheets, degrees, certificates and diplomas are hard earned documents and hold tremendous value. They are documentary proof of an academic achievement, and they are extremely precious as they signify the educational qualifications of a person, and are a necessity when looking for admissions into educational institutions for higher studies as well as in the professional world where hiring decisions are made on the basis of a person’s educational qualifications. 

Marksheets and certificates are important for students for the following reasons: 

Lost Certificate Ad in newspaper
  1. They are officially recognised documents
  2. They are issued by universities, education boards and examination authorities as a certification that a student has completed a level of education and fulfilled the necessary academic criteria
  3. They are documentary proof of a student’s performance (such as marks and grades) and academic achievements
  4. They help students get admitted into universities
  5. They help students during job interviews and in HR processes such as selection and screening
  6. They serve as a proof of date of birth in the absence of a birth certificate

Therefore, misplacing all or any of these highly crucial documents can cause tremendous distress, because then the hassle of obtaining duplicates of the misplaced documents begins. 

And this is where a newspaper advertisement for lost certificate comes in. In order to obtain a duplicate or a replacement, one needs to file an FIR at a local police station as well as book a lost certificate ad in a newspaper. This is a legal requirement that has been put in place to ensure that people do not falsely claim that they have lost something in order to derive an unlawful gain out of it.

Lost Marksheet Ad in newspaper

Marksheets and other documents pertaining to educational qualifications such as degrees and diplomas can be misplaced due to a variety of reasons, including loss in transit, or in the course of shifting from one house to another, or even due to theft if a bag or folder containing important documents get stolen. 

Whatever the reason may be for the misplacement of such documents, obtaining duplicates becomes extremely important. This is why a lost certificate ad in newspaper is important, as it is this ad that facilitates the generation and delivery of duplicates of the same. 

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Book an advertisement for loss of documents and obtain duplicates with ease!

Sometimes, it may so happen that we misplace or that we are unable to locate certain documents. These documents are without doubt extremely important and valuable, and without them, normal life gets disrupted. These documents are needed as a proof of identity, or of one’s address, or for the purpose of travelling. They include voter ID cards, driving licenses, passports, marksheets, university degree certificates, ownership certificates, among others.

Misplacing such documents can happen due to a variety of reasons. One can misplace a document while travelling from one place to another, in the course of moving from one’s old house to one’s new house, or it could even get lost due to theft, such as if an important document is kept in a backpack or handbag, and said backpack or handbag gets stolen.

Whatever be the reason, losing one’s important documents is a cause of a huge amount of distress, and retrieval or obtaining a duplicate becomes of paramount importance.

In order to obtain a duplicate of a lost or misplaced document, an advertisement for loss of documents needs to be booked in a newspaper. This is not only a message to the public to keep an eye out for the missing document and to contact the owner in case it is discovered, but it is also a legal requirement that needs to be fulfilled. 

By publishing such an advertisement in a newspaper, a person is able to reach out to a large audience in a city or region. This is especially effective in a country like India where newspapers are an integral part of essentially every household. A lost documents advertisement serves two purposes, namely informing the public that a certain document has been misplaced, and also gives the public a call to action to get in touch with the rightful owner in case the document is discovered. In other words, these ads facilitate two-way communication.

A lost documents advertisement is, in effect, a type of notice as it declares that a document has been lost or misplaced. To effectively get such a message across, one needs to follow the public notice format for loss of documents. In order to obtain duplicates of the lost documents, a person needs to file an FIR at a local police station and publish an advertisement in a newspaper.

So, if you have misplaced a document, book an ad for loss of documents through releaseMyAd. releaseMyAd is India’s largest self-service ad booking platform with more than a decade of experience in the advertising industry. Over the years, releaseMyAd has gained valuable experience and rich expertise in this domain. With its strategic ad placement techniques and a strong network of advertising partners located across the country, releaseMyAd is proud to guarantee you the lowest rates for all your advertising needs.