Here’s why you should read the Hindustan Times epaper!

Hindustan Times is a newspaper that goes back decades. With its origins dating back to the Indian Independence Movement, the newspaper has grown to become one of the country’s most respected and widely read English language news publications. 

The newspaper was founded in the year 1924, and as of today, it is owned and published by HT Media Ltd., which is one of India’s largest media and publishing organisations. Renowned for its high standards of journalism and reporting, Hindustan Times caters to a large, loyal and engaged reader base across the country. On an average day, it is estimated that Hindustan Times has more than 1.4 million copies of the newspaper in circulation, and the total number of people who rely on the newspaper to keep themselves informed and updated with the latest news is estimated to be in excess of 37 million people. Hindustan Times is said to be the No.1 English language newspaper in two of India’s most important cities, namely Delhi and Mumbai. 

Hindustan Times Epaper Online

Hindustan Times is one of the finest news publications in the country and provides readers with top-notch journalism coupled with reporting par excellence. In each and every edition of the newspaper, readers are provided with the latest news from their respective cities, the rest of India and around the world. Along with the latest local, national and international news stories, Hindustan Times also offers a wide selection of content from a diverse range of topics. These include sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, technology, automobiles, education, among others. The newspaper also has editorial and opinion pages.

Given the vast range of content that Hindustan Times offers, it is no surprise that the newspaper is so widely loved. It is a newspaper that truly offers something for everyone. Nowadays, thanks to the advancement of technology, people have access to all the information they are looking for on their computers and their mobile phones and tablets. Almost all news publications today offer online editions of their printed editions. That being said, you can read the Hindustan Times e-paper online from anywhere you may be located, on any device that has an internet connection. 

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Advertise in The Economic Times – The most read business-daily!

In today’s world, Print Media plays an important role in effective communication as the world has been globalized. There are different types of print media and the most significant is Newspapers. They are generally delivered to your doorstep, available at newsstands, and are able to reach a huge mass audience in a very inexpensive way. Different types of audiences are catered by different types of newspapers and a newspaper has different segments to it. For example, The Economic Times has eight supplements which comprise the main paper, Obituary, Ascent, Financial, Public Notice, ET Panache, Tenders, and Court Notice.

Economic Times ranks second in the most widely read English language business newspaper belt just after The Wall Street Journal. It is published by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. and has a daily readership of 8,00,000 across major Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, to name a few. It lets the readers enjoy excellent reporting on the Indian economy, finance, and international business matters. Its immense popularity and economic rates are preferred by numerous advertisers to advertise in The Economic Times.

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Are you looking to hire a foundry manager? Consider booking recruitment ads!

In simple terms, a foundry is a factory in which metal castings are produced. To achieve this, metals are cast into various shapes after having melted them into a liquid and then pouring the molten metal into a mold. Aluminium and cast iron are the most commonly used metals in a foundry. Other metals and their alloys too, such as magnesium, zinc, brass, bronze and steel, are also utilised in the productions of castings in such establishments. Through the process of casting, metal parts of diverse shapes and sizes are made. 

One of the most fascinating facts about foundries is that they are one of the largest contributors to the recycling of manufactured goods. Metals and alloys that are extracted from the melting and recasting processes in foundries from the vast amounts of scrap metal that is collected is very useful in the production of durable goods.   

The foundries of today are highly mechanised, and are fully equipped with all the machines, tools and installations  – all arranged in a predesigned layout to ensure efficient performance – that include functions such as core making, casting as well as molding. The types of machinery that foundries are outfitted with or utilize include large sized melting furnaces, ladles, cranes, forklift trucks, conveyor belts, transfer vessels and many others. All these machines and equipment are specially designed in order to withstand the high heat in foundries and function effectively under such conditions. 

Foundry Manager Ads in Newspaper

The foundry manager is the person who is responsible to make sure that all the operations at the foundry are performed efficiently and effectively. It is the role of the foundry manager to ensure that the production output of the foundry is in compliance with the requirements of the company and stipulated quality standards, as well as within the budgets set for labour and materials. 

The foundry manager also identifies areas where methods, practices and procedures could be improved, and works closely with the general manager with the purpose of satisfactorily implementing the changes wherever necessary and/or possible. 

In addition to the above, it is also the duty of the foundry manager to ensure that all the health and safety regulations are adhered to, and must check that the organisation has its own protocols for safety in and around the foundry. 

The tasks that a foundry manager performs are various and multifaceted. The foundry manager also coordinates with technicians regarding maintenance procedures as well as routine checks to keep a check on the proper functioning of foundry machinery and equipment. 

A good foundry manager should ideally have a background in industrial management, and a background in engineering – specifically industrial engineering – will give them an edge. He must have excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills and must be able to work under pressure.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it has become easier than ever to hire foundry managers. People seeking work in this field are able to find work through online job portals, through professional social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), as well as job registries. Many also rely on personal and professional contacts. 

However, in India, the one recruitment channel that has withstood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. A recruitment advertisement in a newspaper is widely believed to be authentic and respectable. This is because of the stature that printed media – especially newspapers – enjoys in India. Newspapers are regarded as reliable and authentic sources of information, so if you are looking to hire a foundry manager, book a recruitment ad today!

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A typical ad for a foundry manager would look like this:

“Required foundry manager for PVG Metals Ltd., Howrah. Must have background in industrial management. Engineering background preferred. Attractive salary. Send CV to”

Book a recruitment ad and find data entry operators with ease!

Data entry, as the name suggests, is a field of work that is concerned with the addition, verification and editing of data in electronic form in computers as well as databases. 

Data entry is a thriving industry in today’s world of business, and it is one that will always have a high demand for skilled employees. Data entry operators are the people who pursue employment in this field of work. They are the ones who efficiently and tirelessly enter raw data into databases, verify and crosscheck the data and also make edits to the data if necessary. 

This data can be of several types. Data can include sales figures, market research data, email addresses and phone numbers, survey responses and many other types. All of this data is extremely valuable to a business organisation, and it is the job of data entry executives to make sure that it is all entered in a format that is usable. 

It should be noted that the job of a data entry operator is not just limited to the mere typing of facts and figures into a computer. While the entry of raw data into software or computer programs is an integral part of their work, data entry operators need to be familiar and conversant with a wide range of tools, programs and software that make the job of data entry more efficient. One of the most basic requirements for people seeking jobs in the field of data entry is an excellent understanding of Microsoft Office. Data entry executives typically use computer keyboards for the purpose of their work, whether it is entering or for editing data. Data entry work can be performed at the office or from home, and even from other remote locations. 

In recent times, there has been the emergence of the gig economy. This has resulted in an increase in the number of job opportunities for data entry operators who now have the option to work on a short term contract basis, or on a freelance basis. 

Given the fact that large volumes of data are generated through business and non-business transactions every single day, data entry executives are invaluable to the success of any organisation wishing to utilise the information that can be derived from data.  This is because it is the data entry executives who parse through these volumes of data and arrange them in a form that the company can utilise and benefit from. 

Data entry operators are individuals who need to have tremendous focus, a sharp eye for detail, and be able to type at a high speed. They also need to be able to work with spreadsheets and online forms and must also be able to generate reports as needed.  

Additionally, data entry operators need to be able to notice deficiencies as well as discrepancies in data very swiftly, and they need to have an excellent command over language, mastery over grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Data Entry Operator Ad in Newspaper

Companies, therefore, find it challenging to hire the best data entry operators. Given the fact that competition is intense and the high demand for proficient data entry executives, companies need to make sure candidates notice them and apply for a job.

People seeking data entry jobs rely on online job portals, referrals from family and friends, professional social networking sites like LinkedIn and of course, newspaper advertisements. Even though technology has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, the newspaper advertisement still remains as vital as ever.

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A typical advertisement for data entry vacancies would look like this:

“Needed data entry operator for IT firm in Salt Lake Sector 5. Salary as per industry standard. Candidate must have working knowledge of MS Office and have fast typing skills. Email CV to”.

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Looking to hire a digital marketing/online marketing executive? Book a recruitment ad!

In simple terms, digital marketing refers to all the components and activities of marketing that involve the use of the internet and internet based digital technologies. These technologies include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones as well as other digital media and platforms which are used for the promotion of an organisation’s products and/or services.

In other words, digital marketing or online marketing refers to promotion of brands through the internet and its applications with the intention of connecting with prospective customers in order to generate the sale of goods or services.

Digital marketing executives are the people who are responsible for planning, developing, executing and optimising the digital marketing strategy of the organisation. This strategy is what forms the fundamental backbone for a company’s overall marketing efforts. 

Digital marketing is a highly dynamic, lucrative and challenging field which has tremendous potential in today’s hyperconnected world where virtually everyone is reachable through the power of the internet. That being said, harnessing the power of digital channels effectively and optimally is what business organisations seek to achieve, and this is why they need digital marketing executives.

Need Marketing Manager Ads in Newspaper

It should also be noted at this juncture that digital marketing is a field that straddles both computer science and marketing theory, resulting in a set of concepts and activities that are aimed at reaching a wider audience through the use of search engine optimization, social media, sponsored posts, remarketing and many other methods.

Ideally, a candidate seeking a job in the field of digital marketing will need to be passionate about both marketing as well as technology, as digital marketing is the art and science of marketing through the use of modern technology. A good digital marketing executive is nothing less than an asset for the organisation as it is their efforts that have a direct impact on the organisation’s revenues. 

Digital marketing executives need to have a strong business oriented mindset that is set on achieving goals and making a positive brand impact on online channels. They assist and actively participate in the formulation of digital marketing strategies that help to create and build a strong and positive connection with not just customers, but the public at large. They need to be well aware of how search engines work so that they can come up with appropriate strategies to improve the SEO (or search engine optimization) of the company, as well as a thorough knowledge of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat. 

Digital marketing is a field that requires tremendous skill and intelligence, and it is for this reason that digital marketing executives are in high demand. It goes without saying that their role in the marketing endeavours of modern companies is of great importance. 

People seeking job vacancies in the field of digital marketing typically rely on online job portals, as well as through referrals from family members and friends. Many also find job postings through professional social networking sites, such as LinkedIn. 

India is a country where the newspaper is an integral part of people’s daily lives. It is for this reason that newspapers remain a very important advertising medium even today, even as much of the world is already digital. People regard newspapers as a reliable and authentic source of  information on a variety of topics, and so the popularity of newspaper advertisements has not dwindled over the years. 

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A typical recruitment ad for digital marketing executives would look like this:

“Urgently required digital marketing executive in Kolkata for a renowned personal care brand. Candidates with MBA and experience in digital marketing preferred. Attractive salary package. Send CV to”