The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard About Newspaper Ads

Have you bought something today? If yes, what were your expectations after buying it ? What you thought & the outcome you got was it exactly the same?

As per theories the buyer decision making process is itself a huge task plus between this decision making stage to buy it also gets connected somewhere with our emotion and we start building an expectation from it. When you finally pay for  it might be a service or a product after getting it, your mind starts evaluating & analysing if the purchase was satisfactory?  Did your expectations fulfil?  If not we come to a complaining stage. 

Just imagine you bought a flight ticket and it’s your first trip you have dreamt of. Expecting many things plus to get a window seat. You don’t get as per your expectation. Will you complain?

Why and when should you complain?

It’s your consumer right to complain, you have every right to know what you will receive before you pay for a product or service. When the obtained services are not up to the mark or satisfactory you can get your money back if your complaint is legitimate or reasonable. But before complaining you need to ask a few questions to yourself.

First, ask yourself if your complaint is legitimate or sensible. Why are you dissatisfied? What went wrong? Is it a question of losing money because goods or services you received were not what was promised, or was there even outright fraud? Or, did a representative of the company treat you rudely?

Taking time to think and consider this will lead to a proper answer. 

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What’s a client complaint for us?

We believe complaints are the best way to collect feedback and find areas of improvement to serve you better. We try to figure out the pain points of the client, try to recognise our mistakes, build our relationship and help them with fruitful solutions. However, while it’s not always a good feeling to receive complaints, it happens, we receive all types of complaints, good one, genuine issues and sometimes hilarious issues which can make you laugh as well. 

I share a few of them to make you understand how we work usually. But before that I would like to share a funny incident committed by my friend. 

This story is definitely laughable as it involves a high level of stupidity. He ordered a pizza and it arrived on time, just like promised. Yet, when he opened the pizza box, he was instantly unhappy because it wasn’t what he ordered. There were no toppings, cheese or sauce. It was just bread.


He was so angry and called to complain, then we realised the smart friend of us had opened the pizza box from the bottom!

The reason behind telling this story was double checking  is also important before blaming others or else sometimes you can become a laughing story to others.

Given below are some of the incidents we face in the newspaper industry.

Complain: Ad not released

Imagine a customer service person just logged in and receives a complaint that the ad is not visible in today’s paper screaming on top of his voice he somehow manages to take the details and check the issue and replies you today is “this date” your ad is for tomorrow and you realise how rude I was and unreasonable not having checked today’s date! 

Complain: Where is my ad in Hindustan Times?

Mr. x have been checking the whole paper but have not got his ad, customer service in a deep thought frighten to say anything to him just waiting calmly for the details & finally gets it and checks your ad is published in Hindustan hindi and replies the same. Mr. X is stubborn and still not able to understand why it is not in the english version of the paper and repeatedly asks for money in return.

The problem here was the product knowledge was insufficient therefore, make sure to know the paper in detail or contact us on the given details to clear your doubts.

Complain: My ad published in illegal property.

There was an ad booking of multiple dates of a commercial property for rent and the ad got publish in a hindi paper under non residential section which is known as gair rihayashi “गैर रिहायशी” in hindi, the client mixed the heading and started thinking about “गैर क़ानूनी” gair kanuni, which means the ad is printed under illegal property. He dropped a mail for ad cancellation and raised a complaint against the paper house claiming about its irresponsible step.

We explained the meaning to him and finally the issue was closed therefore, knowing the meaning, researching and understanding the paper language is also important.

Complain: Why am I not getting any call?

Ad was successfully posted by us but the client has not received any calls from the interested party, he was very angry as he had wasted money and the culprit was our agency. We received a call about him not getting any response. We tried to figure out the issue and realised the number given by the client in the detail section and ad content is different. Only one digit differed, we confirmed it again and the client was shocked and couldn’t believe the mistake was done by him.

It’s necessary to check the contact details while posting an ad or even registering in any useful site.

Complain: I cannot find my matrimonial ad under brahmin column 

There was a complaint received that the client was unable to see his ad under the brahmin section of the paper. As usual we asked him which edition he was checking  and confirmed he was checking the right section or not i.e wanted groom or bride, after getting the details we checked and noticed that his ad was on the next page on the 2nd column. 

The problem was he was impatient and had not turned the page and checked.

Complain: Where are my ad responses? Why are you not coming to my place?

One of our clients was expecting us to deliver the extra paper copy with each and every client response related to the ad.  Her expectation was if anyone is interested after reading her ad we will find that person and go to her and deliver the responses to her each time. She complained to us that we are not bringing any responses at her doorstep.

Well this was ideally not possible for a media agency because we deal with many clients plus with many newspapers. We are not responsible for paper delivery & ad responses which she has forgotten to clarify before paying.

Using online methods provides you  a comfortable experience by sitting at your place you can connect to pan India and run a campaign in the region you want. This will save your time, money and reduce your effort but on the same hand it’s very important to check and understand and resolve all your queries before proceeding to avoid mistakes. 

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