National vs Local Newspaper Advertising: Which Is Best?

News is always required so as newspapers. There are more than 100 newspaper publishers whose publication gets circulated daily. Some lead the market with very high circulation and some maintain a subtle number but the news story which is written in the newspaper is important irrespective of the publication. News stories are not something that differentiates between the newspapers, though the writing quality of a news story can. But something else that majorly differentiates between publications is the covered area by circulation. 

The newspapers that get circulated only in one city or state or maybe a very small region, is considered as a local newspaper by it’s readers. Whereas some newspapers have it’s circulation in most of the parts of the nation. Those are considered as the national newspapers by the citizens of the country. The best National newspaper that is leading the market currently is the Times of India. And some examples of regional newspapers are Anandabazar Patrika, Sambad, Gujrat Samachar, Sakshi, e.t.c.

It is really very hard to say which one is more effective. Because if National newspapers are highly circulated then local newspapers are more cost-effective. If National newspapers have specific language restrictions, then local newspapers are easier for the local people to understand because of it’s language. Both the papers are having some pros and cons. Thus, it will be really a weak way to decide on the paper considering whether it is national or regional.

The best thing is to decide the demographic and geographic requirements and then choose the paper based on that. Analyzing your ad purpose and content, and setting up feedback expectation can help you to make a better ad decision. If your requirements are high circulation or if you want to put up your ad in a language that is understandable nationwide, you should go for national newspapers.

In case your main focus is to get the message through the local people in your area, and that too in a very cost-effective way. It’s best to choose a vernacular language local newspaper.

Advertisers often prefer Local papers for Classified ads and national papers for Display Ads. But there is no such preferred rule or regular record. Classified ads also have been placed in national papers for better feedback and displays have been placed in local newspapers when based on the target group’s geographical area.

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