Identifying the Relevant Factors in Newspaper Advertising Effectiveness

The proper effectiveness of any affair shows the required results. Thus, it is relentlessly tried by one and all to make their activities enough effective to show the change. But effectiveness doesn’t come easily. It is very important to identify the relevant factors that bring effectiveness to a job done. There are very few things that can change the design of the plate and make it effectively stand out of the box, but only if identified efficiently.

Similarly, it is very important for you, being an advertiser, to identify and utilize the relevant factors that can boost up your newspaper ad‘s effectiveness. Despite being any chosen format, three things can make your ad far more effective than before. They are :

  • Effective Content
  • Effective Newspaper
  • Effective Positioning of the ad in the paper.
Ads on Paper

Firstly, having effective content is important to attract readers. If you have a clear understanding of what your requirements are, that you want back from the advertisement, then make the message clear to guide your readers until the fulfilment of your requirements. The ad space booked by you is all yours. In the case of Display and Classified Display, play with pictures, colours, texts, e.t.c to make the design pass the message and help your readers connect to it. Whereas, in the case of Classified Text ads, Text is the only power that you have. To make your ad stand out, use enhancements, such as Colour Box, Ticks, Bullets, e.t.c to make your ad visibility more. Also, make your ad’s text matter composition as effective as possible.

Newspaper Classified Ads

Secondly, Selecting the correct newspaper can make a lot of difference in the case of the reach and feedback of the advertisement. A newspaper can be chosen based on the type or category of advertisement, target groups’ geographical area, and the circulation figure of the newspaper. 

Thirdly, Publishing ads on the correct days helps to get the attention of the exact target group. Different newspapers have different focus days for different categories like Business line has focus days for recruitment ads for all days except Sunday, whereas, Times Of India has focus days for recruitment on Wednesday and Sunday. These focus days are selected after surveying the readers’ behaviour intensely. Thus, you can get the maximum readership if your ad is published on focus days.
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