Why We Love Newspaper Ads (And You Should, Too!)

Newspaper advertisements are still highly regarded as an effective medium for print advertising. Still our elders and even the younger generation lean on newspapers because it has an emotional connection and a sense of authenticity. Still at the age of social media flowering, most people consider newspapers the most genuine source of news.So when an advertisement of a certain product or service is published to one’s favorite newspaper then it’s the mind and heart more effectively. Here I am trying to discuss why still now love and depend on newspaper advertisements.

  • When it comes to cost effectiveness, newspapers are the best medium of advertising. It is easy for people from any financial background to afford to publish an advertisement in a newspaper if necessary. Its low booking cost and easy Classified text ads can get published on paying less than 100 rs also. So it is a big advantage and one of the reasons why we love newspaper advertisement so much.
  • Newspapers have still now holding its place in the advertising business despite its new competition, digital media.  The very important reason behind it is its shelf life. Shelf life is the length of time for which an item remains usable. For example,  If you skip an advertisement in Facebook while scrolling your newsfeed, there is a very less chance that you can revive that later. But if you want to see or refer anything to someone after a few days that particular you can easily mention the newspaper name and page number in order to get the access. 
  • Publishing advertisements category wise  helps to get the proper response because readers can easily open that particular section and see the ad without wasting much time. eg, make sure that if you are running a beauty parlour and want to publish an ad for its promotion then your ad must be published under the ‘service’ category instead of ‘business’. Otherwise it can create confusion among the readers or consumers regarding the call of action.This also harm the image of the newspaper. releaseMyAd has all the leading dailies of India listed under its portal and there are guidelines for choosing the category as well. So without wasting time visit our page for an effective newspaper ad-  https://www.releasemyad.com/newspaper-advertisement
  • For legal purposes such as a name change or court notice. Newspaper advertisements are a must. In case of name change it is mandatory to publish the announcement in a English and Hindi newspaper. No other medium can get the job done in the case of legal affairs. 
  • Newspapers are more trustworthy to the readers than other Advertising platforms. For people searching for a life partner, newspapers are still the most popular medium to advertise. Because people think it is more genuine than other dating apps or matrimonial portals.
  • People don’t need to be digitally literate to read a newspaper, anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet or other media like Television or radio may get the message given by the advertisement in the newspaper. Buying rate of newspaper is very legitimate which leads to another big advantage of this medium which is affordability. Affordability makes it a good option to target people living in remote areas where other forms of media have not yet reached. 
  • The oldest and traditional medium of advertising is not stuck in a time frame, with the emergence of the internet it has its e-paper version now which is very popular among youngsters which gives the digital experience anytime anywhere.  
  • Lastly, clients can avail different ad booking formats like classified text, classified display and display according to their necessity and budget. Display ads are perfect for retail/branding, public announcements, tender, public notice, education admission notice etc. For personal requirements such as matrimony, selling property, selling automobiles, or change of name, newspaper classified ads are more suited.

So after reading all these if you have made your mind to publish your advertisement in newspaper and have queries regarding ad booking procedure or payment, please feel free to call or WhatsApp releaseMyAd’s helpline number 9830629298 or you can chat with our customer care executives 24*7.

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