Advantages Of Newspaper Advertising Over Other Mediums

In these fast-moving times let us discuss about advantages of Newspaper advertisement over other mediums:

Ads in Newpaper
  1. Newspaper advertisements are a Mandatory for legal purposes such as a name change, lost & found or court notices. No other Platform is accepted.
  2. Still in the era of digitization nearly about one-third of the literate population in India read a newspaper daily.
  3. Newspapers are still the most popular medium to advertise for people searching for a life partner than online matrimonial websites.
  4. Newspapers still offer the largest number of categories to choose from more than social media advertising when it comes to newspaper  advertising.
  5. Newspapers are the most cost effective method of advertisement & the classified page is designed in such a way to meet a small budget advertisement. for example the minimum amount of money required for giving an advertisement in a newspaper is Rs 35. 
  6. Booking newspaper ads online can save your time and effort as it is a time saving system you can book your ads from your comfort place and at your comfortable time all you have to do is use your interest.
  7. Newspapers are the most trusted source of news & information. Since social media is continuously providing us with fake news, a newspaper still retains the ground of trust in India and has not lost their readership in India.
  8. And Lastly newspaper advertisement enables the advertisers to give advertisements in different languages, sizes, font according to their choice of course more than social media advertisement.

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