7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Newspaper Ads

Though India is getting digitalised, newspaper advertising is still very popular and considered to be accepted in every financial background. It has its reach in every corner of the country either metro cities or remote villages. With the experience of working in the number one newspaper advertising agency of India, i,e; releaseMyAd, I came to know about the most frequently asked questions of people regarding placing a newspaper advertisement. So here I am trying to give some effective answer of those.

  1. Kindly brief the process of booking advertisements online?

Online advertisement booking via releaseMyAd is the most convenient option in terms of process and payment. Here I am giving the link of the website and visiting the page you ll get to know all the information about newspaper ad booking cost and procedure. You have to follow 3 simple steps to get your advertisement booking done. They are, selecting the newspaper, category and edition, then composing the ad matter with specific tools and lastly selecting the ad release date and making the payment. If you face any issue about ad creative we have our expert design team to help you out with that.

2. I need to publish a full page ad in Anandabazar Patrika, can you please help me with the rates and payment mediums?

To publish a full-page ad in Anandabazar Patrika visit the Anandabazar Patrika Display Ad booking page, choose the preferred supplement or the main edition, specify the location, ad size as full page and check out the rate chart of your display ad, by clicking on the Ad Rate button. The total cost of your advertisement will depend upon the size of your display ad along with its placement (front/ back/ third/ fifth page). We are happy to let you know that we do not charge anything extra from you for booking ads in any Indian newspaper. Instead, we offer you several pay packages with huge discounts.

3.What are the payment options you have? 

There are two alternatives to pay for our booking service. You can either make the transaction online (Debit Card/ Credit card/ Net banking) or check or cash deposit online as per your convenience. As soon as we receive your payment you will get a confirmation from releaseMyAd.  

4. Is there any document required to publish a Name Change advertisement? 

 Yes. For publishing a name change advertisement in any newspaper a notarized affidavit is must. Six months older affidavit is not acceptable in the caste of Name change advertisement.

5. I am not internet savvy. Can you book an ad on my behalf?

 We will be happy to help you anytime. But you can easily book your advertisement by yourself by following 3 simple steps. For a complete and easy tutorial on how to book an ad on releaseMyAd visit our website page. If you still want us to book an ad on your behalf then you will have to provide us with the ad matter that you want to publish. Once the booking is created, we will send you a booking id through an email where you will be able to see the details and can make the payment instantly. You can make the payment either online (Credit/ Debit Card and Net Banking) or through offline mediums (i.e. through Demand Draft, Cheque or Cash collection). Along with the same, we will also send your logging details so that you can log onto your account anytime to check the status of your ad or to book ads in future.

6. I would like to place an ad in the Times of India. Please inform me of the payment method for individuals in the United States.

To book your ad please visit the TOI Releasemyad Booking website and you can start with your booking here. If you need help with the steps that you need to follow while booking the ad, then please take a look at our Online Booking Tutorial page. This will help you to book the ad successfully without any trouble. 

For abroad transactions, you can always make your payment by the Online by your Credit/Debit card. In case you’re not a card holder or if your card is not working, we suggest you to make the payment by Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer) to our US Account in Chase Bank. The cost can be calculated in Dollars and the details can be mailed to the customer. He/ She can either make an online transfer or deposit a cheque in the Chase Bank.  If the customer books the ad costing more than Rs. 2000 (INR), $15 will be charged extra as bank charges.

Bank Details (Chase Bank):

Account Holder Name: Sharad Lunia

Bank Name & Address: JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Bank Number / ABA#/ Routing Number: 021000021

Account Number: 151113598665

7. Is it necessary to book a death certificate or any sort of document to book a remembrance advertisement?

Generally, it is not necessary for remembrance advertisement but certain publications like Malayala Manorama can ask for a Death certificate if they want. If any other questions popping into your head please feel free to call or WhatsApp in this helpline number 9830629298 or you can chat with our customer care executive which is open 24*7. Otherwise, you can also write to us at book@releasemyad.com.

Advantages Of Newspaper Advertising Over Other Mediums

In these fast-moving times let us discuss about advantages of Newspaper advertisement over other mediums:

Ads in Newpaper
  1. Newspaper advertisements are a Mandatory for legal purposes such as a name change, lost & found or court notices. No other Platform is accepted.
  2. Still in the era of digitization nearly about one-third of the literate population in India read a newspaper daily.
  3. Newspapers are still the most popular medium to advertise for people searching for a life partner than online matrimonial websites.
  4. Newspapers still offer the largest number of categories to choose from more than social media advertising when it comes to newspaper  advertising.
  5. Newspapers are the most cost effective method of advertisement & the classified page is designed in such a way to meet a small budget advertisement. for example the minimum amount of money required for giving an advertisement in a newspaper is Rs 35. 
  6. Booking newspaper ads online can save your time and effort as it is a time saving system you can book your ads from your comfort place and at your comfortable time all you have to do is use your interest.
  7. Newspapers are the most trusted source of news & information. Since social media is continuously providing us with fake news, a newspaper still retains the ground of trust in India and has not lost their readership in India.
  8. And Lastly newspaper advertisement enables the advertisers to give advertisements in different languages, sizes, font according to their choice of course more than social media advertisement.

  For more details mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.

Advantages Of Publishing Recruitment Ads In Newspaper Over Online Job Posting

Newspapers are always the best platform for the Human Resource Recruiter popularly known as HR recruiter who  are looking for a right candidate in different fields of any profession for a company as it is their responsibility for hiring eligible, reliable & skilled candidates for their company.

Recruitment Ad in Newspapers

So let us discuss the few advantages of recruitment ads in newspapers over online job posting.

  1. Newspaper recruitment ads help you to hire more experienced and local candidates as a result you will get a candidate who has local knowledge about the area as well minimum travel is needed whereas through online job portal it is very difficult to describe about the job role, qualifications as there are limitation & as the candidates apply randomly through online portal it becomes very difficult for the recruiter to recognize candidates who are serious about the job post & have to contact every candidate who have applied, which in return becomes a lengthy process to select correct candidate.
  2.  For the job roles such as sales executives or representatives etc the recruiter always looks for the local candidates who have the proper knowledge & experience of their location by giving an ad in regional & english newspaper allows you to target a more specific geographic location and audience. The applicant you are looking for sales representative jobs within the city always prefers local newspapers for finding jobs.
  3.  Unlike job boards which only allow specific information, you get more freedom for placing an ad in a newspaper. Because in a newspaper you will get more flexibility as an advertiser, you can always decide the size, position and content of your recruitment ad according to your budget. Suppose  if you have less budget don’t worry you can still place an ad in classified text or classified display. Where classified text is run on online ads whereas in classified display ads you can add company logos, images, custom designs according to your choice. & if you have a big budget then you can easily place ad in display ad where you can even buy a full page or half page ad to attract the attention of a larger number of qualified candidates.
  4.  If you are thinking that due to technology development tech savvy job seekers now look for jobs only through online portals which is absolutely wrong as there are still many qualified & experienced candidates who cannot afford a smartphone with net connectivity for them newspaper is the best choice for seeking jobs as it is always very accessible & cheap, so with newspaper ads, you can reach out to a much wider and more experience audience than through an online job portal.
  5. Newspapers are still the most trusted source of information for the job seekers than online job portals. There are specific age groups of people from 40 to 70 who prefer newspaper searching top managerial positions such senior financial advisors, senior managers etc than online portals. Newspaper ads are the most reliable way to reach out to these senior position holders.

So after knowing few advantages of advertising in newspapers in recruitment category & if you think you wasted too much time in calling candidates  from online job portals, simply publish a Newspaper Ad in popular regional or English  newspaper with the help of releasemyad. For more details mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.

Don’t Know How To Book Articles In Regional Newspapers? Find Out Here!!!!

It is very important to understand the key of making your ad more attractive & appealing to the local  crowd by printing an ad in the regional language of that region as  Advertisement in the local language is the best way of getting the quickest response as well as Many people living in Rural areas are comfortable with local languages this helps to increase the readership.

The most easiest way of giving an advertisement in regional newspapers is through an online ad booking site releasemyad.com As it India’s largest online ad booking portal, Our portal is very first of its kind as it is a user friendly comprehensive online advertising booking platform designed in such a way so that advertisers can book their both classified ad & Display ad directly at lowest rates depending on Different category & size without any hassle.

So to become an expert in ad booking without making any mistakes  you need to know certain basic rules before placing an ad in a newspaper, let us discuss below.

  1. Ad Formats:

There are three ad format in newspapers:

  • Classified Text: In These types of ads format enhancements like screen, tick, color can be added to the ad according to the advertisers choice.
Newspaper Classified Text Ad
Newspaper Classified Display Ad
  • Display: Display ads which can be on any page and of any size or colour, You may use images, logos, and graphics along with texts. These are more expensive than text ads.
Newspaper Display Ad

2.Categories allowed:

 Certainly before placing an ad you need to know the category under which you should place your ad.

3.Documentation Required:

The general documents required for all paper are given below:

  • For a change of name: A notarized affidavit not more than 6 months old or a gazette copy.
  • For Lost & Found: FIR copy or General Diary (GD) or Notarized Affidavit(not more than 6 months old )
  • Different documents required for notice ad such as (public notice)
  • F.I.R or G.D copy required for share certificate lost, C Forms lost, or loss of property papers & For the company documents lost etc.
  • Housing society:Ad Matter should be written in society letterhead, duly signed & stamped.
  • A letterhead from a practicing lawyer full ad matter should be written, along with his signature, registration number seal & date is required as a proper legal supporting document .
  • For Obituary or remembrance advertisement:Death certificate issued by the General Practitioner (GP) &  Doctor’s Note stating name & date of death of deceased person receipt from crematorium or burial ground

4.Things that are compulsory for ad matter

  • Always mention contact details like phone number or email address in the matter.
  • Always keep the matter short & precise.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes.

After knowing all the above points you are ready to book an advertisement in the regional newspaper with the help of releaseMyAd.

 With three easy steps

For more information, or  have some other queries? mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.

How Much Should You Be Spending on Newspaper Ads?

Newspaper advertising can be an expense or an investment. No matter how you see it. one cannot deny its importance in a businesses marketing campaign is crucial.

Now the question arises what is the right amount to be invested in a newspaper advertisement.

Honestly, there is no right answer. It rather depends on a lot of factors regarding your advertisement.

Analyzing these factors you can determine how much amount will be a worth it amount to be invested in your newspaper ad.

Type Of Ad

Ads in newspapers

Is it a commercial ad or a personal one? Are you giving it sell, hire, promote or simply fulfil a formality? Asking these questions already gives you a clear vision of your spendings. Suppose you are launching a new product on the market and want to attract new customers. You have to do newspaper ads on a regular interval, publishing a single will not get the job done. You want to attract the reader’s attention. But giving a display ad is too costly for regular advertising yet classified text won’t be attracting much attention. So you choose a classified display which allows you to attract more reader attention with a colourful picture and also costs you less than a display allowing to advertise more than one time in regular intervals.

But suppose you have changed your name and are asked to give a name change ad in a local newspaper by the court for formality. If you go for a display it will be a waste, a simple classified text ad will be the right investment.

Target Audience

What type of audience are you trying to showcase your ad to? Youth? People from a specific region? Or on a national crowd?

Depending on that you can choose whether to give an ad in Times of India or Maharashtra times. Even though it costs different and publishing an ad in one is costlier than the other. Selecting the newspaper which will rather get the job done i.e. exposing your ad to the target audience is more important. Even if it is the cheaper option.


Newspaper Ad Rates

Advertising is important but it is a part of marketing and promotion not beyond it. Gaining new customers, recruits or buyers is important but only when your budget allows. Knowing the amount till which you would like to invest in advertising is important before you start thinking about any other factor of newspaper advertising.knowing the budget beforehand shows you the clear picture and options in which kind of newspaper advertising you can consider giving.

As they spend too much on is not important rather spending wisely is key to successful advertising! Do get negotiable rates on your next newspaper advertisement Mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.