5 reasons why you should be advertising in newspapers

Newspapers which is the oldest and most traditional advertising medium still exist even today. In this era of social media bloom this traditional advertising method still holds its position among 70% of the population of India. In 1780, with ‘The Bengal Gazette’ the legacy of newspaper advertisement started and still its spreading its charm among it’s readers. Here I am trying to discuss 5 obvious reasons why will one choose newspaper as the mode of his/her advertising.

  1. So when you think of publishing an advertisement regarding your business, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? I assume, For obvious reasons,  how much it will cost? The biggest pros of newspaper advertisement lies in the answer of this question. When it comes to cost effectiveness newspapers are the best medium of advertising. The opportunity of working in the number one media buying portal releaseMyAd, Made me know that you can book an newspaper advertisement of Rs 56/- also. Affordability is the biggest advantage which the medium of newspaper has. You can check the ad costs according to your preferred newspaper, edition and category by visiting our website link online- https://www.releasemyad.com/newspaper-advertisement
  2. Newspapers has its specific reader group which is 70% of the Indian population. Though internet and other mediums are mostly used by youths and urban class people, newspaper is popular among all status, all educational background and it is not limited to any geographic area. Higher readership leads to the higher chance of exposing your ad in a maximum number of people. And it is quite easy to assume that newspaper is the only option to get updated by day-to-day news for the 50 plus generation and semi educated class.People don’t need to be digitally literate to read a newspaper, anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet or other media like Television or radio may get the message given by the advertisement in newspaper. Buying rate of newspaper is very legitimate which leads to another big advantage of this medium which is affordability. Affordability makes it a good option to target people living in remote areas where other forms of media have not yet reached. It is the most affordable medium for every financial background person.
  3. In the age of online advertisement bloom, readers are more likely to find an advertisement genuine if it is in their favorite newspaper. Its authenticity makes it more acceptable among the general public. For example, many of the Indian consider newspaper ad more genuine regarding matrimony than any other online dating app or portals. In case of Name change and Lost and found it is must to publish an advertisement in an English and hindi newspaper.
  4. Another very important reason behind the success of newspaper advertisements is its shelf life. Shelf life is the length of time for which an item remains usable. For example,  If you miss an advertisement in Gaana.com while listening to your favorite music there is a very less chance that you can revive that later. But if you want to see or refer to someone after a few days, you can simply mention the newspaper name and page number to get the access. 

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