Wondering how to book advertisements in newspapers? Here’s how!

Newspaper advertising has always remained the longest-running form of advertising and is available for businesses to market their products and services . It can provide everyone with exposure and leads, but the response rate might be less than overwhelming in comparison to other advertising mediums such as Radio, Television etc. Whether you are promoting a new business or you’re a veteran entrepreneur, the challenges of how to reach your customers in the best possible way is an all too familiar pain.

Why advertise in newspapers : Newspaper advertisements can be termed as print advertisements that are published in local, regional, national or international news publications on a daily or weekly basis. There is an increase in demand for newspaper advertising as it proved to be safe, reliable, effective and affordable. Newspapers earlier were used only to know about the social and political happenings in and around the country, but with the passing of time, the  role of the newspaper had also changed. Now it has become one of the best means of advertising. 

Ads in newspaper

Choosing Newspaper Carefully : Advertising in national newspapers can be expensive in comparison to advertising in local or regional newspapers. If your business trade is localized, it certainly makes more sense to focus on the local papers that the readers are more likely to read. Running ads in major metropolitan newspapers can be more effective if your product or service offering is strong and unique enough to pull in customers from throughout the readership or circulation area.

Advantages of advertising in newspapers: 

  • Better Reach – For people who read and follow newspapers, publishing advertisements in newspapers is the best way to reach out and target a large audience with minimum difficulty.  print advertising has massive potential in getting your message to your readers and encouraging them to act.
  • Focused Targeting – Depending on the types of publications, many newspapers offer ways in which businesses can target particular audience demographics through zip or postal codes. One can get even more focused by using a niche publication to target a specific demographic or origin.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Publishing advertisements in newspapers works out to be far cheaper than other mediums, such as Television, Radio, Hoardings, Internet etc. Newspaper advertisements can also be customized to suit any budget, and package discounts can also be availed. Newspaper advertising typically costs less per thousand readers than many other forms of marketing.
  • Better Engagement – A majority of newspaper readers are more engaged with newspapers because they value the news more so than they do when scrolling through social media or casually watching television. Whether it’s print or digital, newspaper readers are highly engaged and super attentive.
  • Bridges the Gap Between Online and Offline – Even though it’s print, newspaper ads are highly effective in this digital age as a major section of consumers still trust print advertisements more than search engine ads.

Types of Newspaper Advertising

  • Classified Text ads: This is the most simplest and cost effective form of ad usually known as Liner Ads. The number of words used in the ad content usually determines the cost of the ad. It’s written in simple text and classified under the selected column by you in the classified section of the paper. There might be a few enhancements available which you avail by paying the extra charges like the background colour of the simple text, tick etc.  But it simply depends on if it’s available with the paper.
  • Display Classified ads: This type of ads are also published under the selected columns by you in the classified section of the paper usually known as a Box ad. In this format you buy an area in the classified page which you can edit & modify according to your needs with logos, images, colour, bold and highlighted text etc. which draws more attention of the reader and makes this ad format slightly costly. In general the available column size is fixed as predefined as per the paper house norms but the height of the ad is variable as per the ad size and the cost is determined on the basis of size in per square centimetre.
  • Display Ad: This ad format is also known as a Box ad but the difference is it publishes everywhere in the paper except the classified section.  In this format you buy an area either in the premium position like front page, back page, 3rd page, quarter page, or half page or in any page of the paper or in some predefined supplements or pull-outs published by the specific selected paper which you can edit & modify according to your needs with logos, images, colour, bold and highlighted text etc. which draws maximum attention of the reader because of its large size and makes it costlier among all other ad types. The cost varies as per the size and height of the advertisement.

Advertising in any national or regional newspapers can be done through the online ad booking agencies like ours. We let advertisers or companies browse through a wide range of newspapers and also one can view the ad rates of the different newspapers through our portal. 

releaseMyAd was founded in 2008 with the idea of booking share notice ads online in national and local newspapers of India. With the aim to make advertising easy for the clients, we brought the entire marketplace at your fingertips enabling the advertisers to choose from a wide range of options to fulfil their advertising goals. Our portal is designed in such a way so that anyone can book their ads without our help. Even if you face any kind of problem while booking, our executives will assist you. releaseMyAd simplifies your advertising experience by saving time and money. It eliminates the hectic process that one has to go through earlier. We are authorised by INS, the main governing council of media publications, so the publication house sends us direct ad rates without any extra commission charge.

Booking Steps

  • Newspaper Selection – Visit www.releasemyad.com and select your newspaper among the list.
  • Ad Type Selection – Once you have selected the newspaper, you will have to select the ad type you want to advertise in (Classified Text, Classified Display and Display) 
  • Location/ Package Selection – You need to select the location or discounted package according to your requirement. There are several discounted packages available based on the location that you select.
  • Compose Ad – For Classified Text ads, the ad needs to be composed in normal text and can be highlighted by selecting enhancements such as Tick, Bold, Color, Screen etc. For Classified Display and Display formats, the ad can either be composed with the help of pre designed templates or the creative can be directly uploaded mentioning the dimensions. 
  • Date Selection – The earliest possible date or the recommended focus day can be selected from the calendar. 
  • Make Payment – Choose your mode of payment (Online which offers payment via Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking) or (Offline which offers payment via Cash deposit, Cheque deposit or NEFT/ IMPS transfers)

On successful payment, you’ll receive an invoice confirming your ad booking and payment details. Your preferred newspaper ad is ready to be published on the specified date(s) once it passes through the editorial approval policies in your chosen newspaper.

Choosing to go the more traditional route of advertising in our digital-focused, forward-thinking society is not for every business. But for the right company, it can be a game-changer. Though it may seem like an old-fashioned advertising channel, newspaper ads are still relevant and still work for business growth. Like all marketing and advertising campaigns, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done thorough research on your target audience, your market in general, and your competitors, as well as the best newspapers for your business. Invest in creativity and design and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

In case you find any difficulty in booking your ad feel free to call us at 09830629298 or write us at book@releasemyad.com. Our executives will get back to you within 24 hours.

How To Save Money On Newspaper Ads!

Newspaper Advertisement is one of the most important forms of advertising & considered to be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. Advertising in newspapers happens to be the first choice to advertise in for most brands. One mAore important part of the newspaper ad cost which varies on the basis of the ad which you want to release. 

  • These are the main factors that affect the pricing of newspaper ads:
Advertising Online
  • Circulation of the newspaper: The higher the circulation, the more you will pay for an ad. In India, more than 200 newspapers are circulated. Some newspapers are circulated in the whole of India, some are circulated in a certain region. So based on the circulation and reach of the newspaper, the ad cost measured Usually, advertisers pay based on circulation.
  • Size/color of the ad: The bigger the ad, the more it will cost. You will also pay more for your ad to run in color.
  • Number of times your ad runs: If you run your ad multiple times, you will pay more overall but less for each individual ad.
  • Day of the week/section of the paper: Expect to pay the most for an ad that runs Sunday. You will also pay more to have your ad in the main section of the newspaper instead of the sports or travel section.
  • Ad Format: There are three types of ad format in newspapers. Classified Text will cost you less than a classified display & a display ad will cost you more than a classified display.
  • How To Save Money While Placing An Ad in Newspapers.

If we look back, a few years ago, the process of booking newspaper advertisements was very difficult, expensive and Lengthy process.People had to visit the various publication houses to book their advertisements which was a time-consuming & hectic Task. & along with that some advertisements take help from third parties popularly known as booking agents for placing the ads on their behalf. In Return  For booking the ads, the agents would charge an extra amount making the ad booking process much more expensive. But presently due to online advertising booking platforms, this has made it a more easy & cost effective process . 

Now Advertisers can book newspaper advertisements online through the ad booking sites, releaseMyAd India’s largest online ad booking portal It is the very first of its kind as it is a user friendly comprehensive, a vital medium to the world of media, it  brought a revolution in the world of ad booking where you can easily book an in a variety of newspapers, radio, tv where you can book  both classified ad & Display ad directly at lowest rates depending on Different category & size of Ad without any hassle.

It not only provides various discounted packages but also offers so that it can be cost effective & affordable so that placing  ads enables the advertisers to choose from a wide range of options to fulfill their advertising goals. To know more visit https://www.releasemyad.com/newspaper-advertisement and Place your first Ad.

5 reasons why you should be advertising in newspapers

Newspapers which is the oldest and most traditional advertising medium still exist even today. In this era of social media bloom this traditional advertising method still holds its position among 70% of the population of India. In 1780, with ‘The Bengal Gazette’ the legacy of newspaper advertisement started and still its spreading its charm among it’s readers. Here I am trying to discuss 5 obvious reasons why will one choose newspaper as the mode of his/her advertising.

  1. So when you think of publishing an advertisement regarding your business, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? I assume, For obvious reasons,  how much it will cost? The biggest pros of newspaper advertisement lies in the answer of this question. When it comes to cost effectiveness newspapers are the best medium of advertising. The opportunity of working in the number one media buying portal releaseMyAd, Made me know that you can book an newspaper advertisement of Rs 56/- also. Affordability is the biggest advantage which the medium of newspaper has. You can check the ad costs according to your preferred newspaper, edition and category by visiting our website link online- https://www.releasemyad.com/newspaper-advertisement
  2. Newspapers has its specific reader group which is 70% of the Indian population. Though internet and other mediums are mostly used by youths and urban class people, newspaper is popular among all status, all educational background and it is not limited to any geographic area. Higher readership leads to the higher chance of exposing your ad in a maximum number of people. And it is quite easy to assume that newspaper is the only option to get updated by day-to-day news for the 50 plus generation and semi educated class.People don’t need to be digitally literate to read a newspaper, anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet or other media like Television or radio may get the message given by the advertisement in newspaper. Buying rate of newspaper is very legitimate which leads to another big advantage of this medium which is affordability. Affordability makes it a good option to target people living in remote areas where other forms of media have not yet reached. It is the most affordable medium for every financial background person.
  3. In the age of online advertisement bloom, readers are more likely to find an advertisement genuine if it is in their favorite newspaper. Its authenticity makes it more acceptable among the general public. For example, many of the Indian consider newspaper ad more genuine regarding matrimony than any other online dating app or portals. In case of Name change and Lost and found it is must to publish an advertisement in an English and hindi newspaper.
  4. Another very important reason behind the success of newspaper advertisements is its shelf life. Shelf life is the length of time for which an item remains usable. For example,  If you miss an advertisement in Gaana.com while listening to your favorite music there is a very less chance that you can revive that later. But if you want to see or refer to someone after a few days, you can simply mention the newspaper name and page number to get the access. 

So after reading all these if you have made your mind of publishing an advertisement of your business in the leading daily of your region then without wasting any time call or whatsapp at our helpline number 9830629298  or write us to book@releasemyad.com. We have our 24*7 chat support system which you can avail by visiting our page.

A Trip Back in Time: How People Talked About Newspaper Ads 10 Years Ago

Newspapers have been there for centuries and so has newspaper advertising. It is after all the oldest kind of advertising long before television and long before today’s internet generation.

It’s been a lot of ups and downs of the ad industry. If today can be considered as the era of digital media 10yrs ago it used to be the era of print media.

Let us go through a memory lane 10yrs ago 2010, the golden era of newspaper advertising.

Unlike today the internet was not so much available for the majority of the Indian population and smartphones were just invented. Back then print media advertising was thriving. 

People looking for jobs would buy a newspaper scanning through the recruitment column to find the desired employment opportunities. Office workers would always carry a newspaper with them to read in their daily travel to work. This led advertisers to advertise more than ever in the newspaper. Whether to promote a new product, advertise a retail sale or just simply look for employees.

It’s not like newspapers were not popular media to advertise before 2010. It was, but 2010 was different; it was the golden era of newspaper advertising.

The readership numbers saw a surge and so did the innovations in the advertising. All the innovation advertising seen today in newspapers mostly started in 2010. More and more editions were introduced by each publication to reach every corner of the nation in an attempt to reach more and more readers.

It was also noticed that readers were more likely to respond to an advertisement if it was printed in a newspaper. Newspaper advertising started meaning as a trustworthy source for the advertisement.

Newspaper Ads

Even with such a great image and response, newspaper advertising faced competition from newly introduced digital media which came along the newly introduced smartphones. Allowing users to have access to the internet on the go 24/7 which introduced a new platform for advertising the digital media.

This was threatening although newspapers had the reputation and sophistication it soon became a traditional advertising platform.

But as the newspaper industry is always evolving and adapting to the new age, many had the idea of mixing the two. Like our agency releaseMyAd, brought in a revolution in the newspaper advertising experience. Get adapted to the smartphone generation not forgetting the past. Newspaper advertising still had the highest readership back in 2010 and also the most advertising media. So we allowed advertisers to book their ads simply in 10 mins without going to any local agency but simply by using the internet in their smartphones.

This played a vital part in keeping newspapers thriving even when the new digital medium came into existence. 

Other than this e-paper concept introduced by almost all newspapers operating even today has kept the newspaper alive from its golden era 2010 to the present day.

Today even if the physical newspaper is at a downfall seeing not much growth in readership numbers as it did in 2010 this old advertising medium is far from extinction as e-paper readership has been growing each day keeping newspaper advertising alive for decades to come.

Mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.

Smart Way to Advertise in Newspapers

The thumb rule of every advertising campaign, irrespective of the medium you choose to advertise in, is that it needs planning, budgeting and creative application. The most basic part of an ad campaign is choosing the medium through which you need to advertise.

In this case, you must have already decided on Newspapers to be the preferred medium of advertisement and that’s why you have reached our second course on Newspaper advertising. Here we help you evaluate your budget, advertising requirements and the planning that goes behind an advertisement in a newspaper.Advertise on Newspaper

The adverts that we see in the newspapers require a lot of media planning, engagement of creative minds and of course ensuring that the right newspaper has been selected. The significance of choosing the appropriate newspaper lies in the fact that a newspaper determines the reach of your advertisement.

A hell lot of research is invested behind a single advertisement which includes conducting market research on the demographics of a potential target area, the newspaper that is most popular in that area, city, region, analysing the region to determine if it’s a rural or urban area etc.

Apart from researching about the target audience, it is also essential to find out about the different festive seasons, occasions that take place in the target region so that you can reach out to the audiences based on the advertising objective you intend to attain.

It is important to comprehend the requirements for an advertisement and the kind of budget that needs to be evaluated for it to be a successful advertisement. This is what this specific course intends to preach to the newbie newspaper advertise in order to enable them to execute their campaigns successfully and get maximum returns from it.