How To Save Money On Newspaper Ads!

Newspaper Advertisement is one of the most important forms of advertising & considered to be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. Advertising in newspapers happens to be the first choice to advertise in for most brands. One mAore important part of the newspaper ad cost which varies on the basis of the ad which you want to release. 

  • These are the main factors that affect the pricing of newspaper ads:
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  • Circulation of the newspaper: The higher the circulation, the more you will pay for an ad. In India, more than 200 newspapers are circulated. Some newspapers are circulated in the whole of India, some are circulated in a certain region. So based on the circulation and reach of the newspaper, the ad cost measured Usually, advertisers pay based on circulation.
  • Size/color of the ad: The bigger the ad, the more it will cost. You will also pay more for your ad to run in color.
  • Number of times your ad runs: If you run your ad multiple times, you will pay more overall but less for each individual ad.
  • Day of the week/section of the paper: Expect to pay the most for an ad that runs Sunday. You will also pay more to have your ad in the main section of the newspaper instead of the sports or travel section.
  • Ad Format: There are three types of ad format in newspapers. Classified Text will cost you less than a classified display & a display ad will cost you more than a classified display.
  • How To Save Money While Placing An Ad in Newspapers.

If we look back, a few years ago, the process of booking newspaper advertisements was very difficult, expensive and Lengthy process.People had to visit the various publication houses to book their advertisements which was a time-consuming & hectic Task. & along with that some advertisements take help from third parties popularly known as booking agents for placing the ads on their behalf. In Return  For booking the ads, the agents would charge an extra amount making the ad booking process much more expensive. But presently due to online advertising booking platforms, this has made it a more easy & cost effective process . 

Now Advertisers can book newspaper advertisements online through the ad booking sites, releaseMyAd India’s largest online ad booking portal It is the very first of its kind as it is a user friendly comprehensive, a vital medium to the world of media, it  brought a revolution in the world of ad booking where you can easily book an in a variety of newspapers, radio, tv where you can book  both classified ad & Display ad directly at lowest rates depending on Different category & size of Ad without any hassle.

It not only provides various discounted packages but also offers so that it can be cost effective & affordable so that placing  ads enables the advertisers to choose from a wide range of options to fulfill their advertising goals. To know more visit and Place your first Ad.

5 reasons why you should be advertising in newspapers

Newspapers which is the oldest and most traditional advertising medium still exist even today. In this era of social media bloom this traditional advertising method still holds its position among 70% of the population of India. In 1780, with ‘The Bengal Gazette’ the legacy of newspaper advertisement started and still its spreading its charm among it’s readers. Here I am trying to discuss 5 obvious reasons why will one choose newspaper as the mode of his/her advertising.

  1. So when you think of publishing an advertisement regarding your business, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? I assume, For obvious reasons,  how much it will cost? The biggest pros of newspaper advertisement lies in the answer of this question. When it comes to cost effectiveness newspapers are the best medium of advertising. The opportunity of working in the number one media buying portal releaseMyAd, Made me know that you can book an newspaper advertisement of Rs 56/- also. Affordability is the biggest advantage which the medium of newspaper has. You can check the ad costs according to your preferred newspaper, edition and category by visiting our website link online-
  2. Newspapers has its specific reader group which is 70% of the Indian population. Though internet and other mediums are mostly used by youths and urban class people, newspaper is popular among all status, all educational background and it is not limited to any geographic area. Higher readership leads to the higher chance of exposing your ad in a maximum number of people. And it is quite easy to assume that newspaper is the only option to get updated by day-to-day news for the 50 plus generation and semi educated class.People don’t need to be digitally literate to read a newspaper, anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet or other media like Television or radio may get the message given by the advertisement in newspaper. Buying rate of newspaper is very legitimate which leads to another big advantage of this medium which is affordability. Affordability makes it a good option to target people living in remote areas where other forms of media have not yet reached. It is the most affordable medium for every financial background person.
  3. In the age of online advertisement bloom, readers are more likely to find an advertisement genuine if it is in their favorite newspaper. Its authenticity makes it more acceptable among the general public. For example, many of the Indian consider newspaper ad more genuine regarding matrimony than any other online dating app or portals. In case of Name change and Lost and found it is must to publish an advertisement in an English and hindi newspaper.
  4. Another very important reason behind the success of newspaper advertisements is its shelf life. Shelf life is the length of time for which an item remains usable. For example,  If you miss an advertisement in while listening to your favorite music there is a very less chance that you can revive that later. But if you want to see or refer to someone after a few days, you can simply mention the newspaper name and page number to get the access. 

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Advantages Of Online Newspaper Ad Booking Over Offline

If we look back, a few years ago, the process of booking newspaper advertisements was very difficult, expensive and Lengthy process.People had to visit the various publication houses to book their advertisements which was a time-consuming & hectic Task. But presently due to online advertising booking platforms, this has made it a more easy & cost effective process.

Let’s discuss about advantages of online newspaper ad booking over offline :

1) The ad rates are directly available whereas through offline advertising rates for different categories have to be taken from third parties popularly known as booking agents.

Ad in Newspapers

2) Some popular online ad booking websites like releaseMyad allows you to view your ad before it is published in the newspaper whereas through offline advertisements you have to wait for the ad to be published to view your ad.

3) With the help of online ad booking websites like releaseMyAd you can create your own advertisement with the help of user friendly tools available like for ex. Sample ads.

4) Booking Newspaper ads online can save your time & effort.

5) Online ad booking is a more cost effective way of giving advertisements than that of traditional booking systems.

6) You can easily Book your advertisement for multiple newspapers at the same time using an online ad booking system.

7) Online ad booking system provides various discounted packages for different newspaper editions making the ad cost effective.

8) If you want to make necessary changes after booking an ad it is only possible if you book your newspaper ad through online ad booking sites.
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A Trip Back in Time: How People Talked About Newspaper Ads 10 Years Ago

Newspapers have been there for centuries and so has newspaper advertising. It is after all the oldest kind of advertising long before television and long before today’s internet generation.

It’s been a lot of ups and downs of the ad industry. If today can be considered as the era of digital media 10yrs ago it used to be the era of print media.

Let us go through a memory lane 10yrs ago 2010, the golden era of newspaper advertising.

Unlike today the internet was not so much available for the majority of the Indian population and smartphones were just invented. Back then print media advertising was thriving. 

People looking for jobs would buy a newspaper scanning through the recruitment column to find the desired employment opportunities. Office workers would always carry a newspaper with them to read in their daily travel to work. This led advertisers to advertise more than ever in the newspaper. Whether to promote a new product, advertise a retail sale or just simply look for employees.

It’s not like newspapers were not popular media to advertise before 2010. It was, but 2010 was different; it was the golden era of newspaper advertising.

The readership numbers saw a surge and so did the innovations in the advertising. All the innovation advertising seen today in newspapers mostly started in 2010. More and more editions were introduced by each publication to reach every corner of the nation in an attempt to reach more and more readers.

It was also noticed that readers were more likely to respond to an advertisement if it was printed in a newspaper. Newspaper advertising started meaning as a trustworthy source for the advertisement.

Newspaper Ads

Even with such a great image and response, newspaper advertising faced competition from newly introduced digital media which came along the newly introduced smartphones. Allowing users to have access to the internet on the go 24/7 which introduced a new platform for advertising the digital media.

This was threatening although newspapers had the reputation and sophistication it soon became a traditional advertising platform.

But as the newspaper industry is always evolving and adapting to the new age, many had the idea of mixing the two. Like our agency releaseMyAd, brought in a revolution in the newspaper advertising experience. Get adapted to the smartphone generation not forgetting the past. Newspaper advertising still had the highest readership back in 2010 and also the most advertising media. So we allowed advertisers to book their ads simply in 10 mins without going to any local agency but simply by using the internet in their smartphones.

This played a vital part in keeping newspapers thriving even when the new digital medium came into existence. 

Other than this e-paper concept introduced by almost all newspapers operating even today has kept the newspaper alive from its golden era 2010 to the present day.

Today even if the physical newspaper is at a downfall seeing not much growth in readership numbers as it did in 2010 this old advertising medium is far from extinction as e-paper readership has been growing each day keeping newspaper advertising alive for decades to come.

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