Wanting to hire back office staff? Book an ad in a newspaper!

In common parlance, the back office refers to the section of an office space where people work on activities that are not directly facing the customer. The kind of work that goes on here includes administrative work, accounting, record keeping, settlements, finance, regulatory compliance as well as IT functions. 

Even though the back office employees do not deal with customers and clients directly, they are an invaluable part of the workforce of any organisation, large or small. Invisible as they may be to the outside world or even to the customers who interact primarily with the front office staff, the back office could well be considered the nerve centre of the organisation as a whole. 

The back office provides absolutely essential services to the organisation, and the work carried out in this department is often categorised as ‘operations’. The roles that back office executives perform enable the performance of and provide indispensable support to the departments that perform duties that are client or customer facing. 

Back office Staff ads in Newspaper

The term ‘back office’ came into existence when offices many decades ago were designed in such a way that the departments that performed tasks which did not require customer interaction were located away from the section where employees would interact with customers (which came to be referred to as the ‘front office’).

The back office departments, such as accounting, IT, records maintenance etc., are extremely useful and no organisation can function without them. Needless to say, back office positions are in high demand. However, organisations too seek to hire the best talent for the job, and it is not easy to find the most suitable candidate in a short span of time. 

Even though more and more people are taking to online job portals to find the jobs that best match their qualifications and requirements, many others use the classic word of mouth approach. Organisations rely on this method as well to save time. But did you know that the one method of recruitment that has always stood the test of time? 

Yes, newspapers. 

In India, newspapers are held in extremely high regard by people across the country as the humble newspaper is a source of a wide variety of information on a diverse range of topics. It is for this reason that recruitment ads in the classifieds section are viewed as authentic and dependable. It is through this section that organisations can recruit the most suitable back office staff, and those people who seek back office jobs can reach out to organisations through these ads. 

releaseMyAd makes the ad booking process seamless and swift for you with an easy to use platform. releaseMyAd offers you end to end support right from the time you make the booking for your ad till the time it has been successfully published in the newspaper of your choice. 

A typical recruitment ad for back office staff looks like this: “Required back office staff for reputed FMCG brand in Kolkata. Applicants must speak English and be proficient in MS Office. Minimum education level: BA/BSc/B.Com.” 

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