Advantages Of Publishing Recruitment Ads In Newspaper Over Online Job Posting

Newspapers are always the best platform for the Human Resource Recruiter popularly known as HR recruiter who  are looking for a right candidate in different fields of any profession for a company as it is their responsibility for hiring eligible, reliable & skilled candidates for their company.

Recruitment Ad in Newspapers

So let us discuss the few advantages of recruitment ads in newspapers over online job posting.

  1. Newspaper recruitment ads help you to hire more experienced and local candidates as a result you will get a candidate who has local knowledge about the area as well minimum travel is needed whereas through online job portal it is very difficult to describe about the job role, qualifications as there are limitation & as the candidates apply randomly through online portal it becomes very difficult for the recruiter to recognize candidates who are serious about the job post & have to contact every candidate who have applied, which in return becomes a lengthy process to select correct candidate.
  2.  For the job roles such as sales executives or representatives etc the recruiter always looks for the local candidates who have the proper knowledge & experience of their location by giving an ad in regional & english newspaper allows you to target a more specific geographic location and audience. The applicant you are looking for sales representative jobs within the city always prefers local newspapers for finding jobs.
  3.  Unlike job boards which only allow specific information, you get more freedom for placing an ad in a newspaper. Because in a newspaper you will get more flexibility as an advertiser, you can always decide the size, position and content of your recruitment ad according to your budget. Suppose  if you have less budget don’t worry you can still place an ad in classified text or classified display. Where classified text is run on online ads whereas in classified display ads you can add company logos, images, custom designs according to your choice. & if you have a big budget then you can easily place ad in display ad where you can even buy a full page or half page ad to attract the attention of a larger number of qualified candidates.
  4.  If you are thinking that due to technology development tech savvy job seekers now look for jobs only through online portals which is absolutely wrong as there are still many qualified & experienced candidates who cannot afford a smartphone with net connectivity for them newspaper is the best choice for seeking jobs as it is always very accessible & cheap, so with newspaper ads, you can reach out to a much wider and more experience audience than through an online job portal.
  5. Newspapers are still the most trusted source of information for the job seekers than online job portals. There are specific age groups of people from 40 to 70 who prefer newspaper searching top managerial positions such senior financial advisors, senior managers etc than online portals. Newspaper ads are the most reliable way to reach out to these senior position holders.

So after knowing few advantages of advertising in newspapers in recruitment category & if you think you wasted too much time in calling candidates  from online job portals, simply publish a Newspaper Ad in popular regional or English  newspaper with the help of releasemyad. For more details mail us at, or call us on 09830629298.

Know How to Book Jobs Ads in Newspaper via releaseMyAd

Are you looking to book classified job ads in the newspaper? Then you are at the right place. In just a few mouse clicks you can publish recruitment ads across different newspapers. Recruitment ads help newspaper readers to get jobs in their preferred position. One can browse through the classified section to get information about vacancies in different companies.

Recruitment ads are posted on different online sites as well but the age-old practice of placing Jobs ads in the newspaper didn’t fade. Still, a sizeable number of people look into the classified sections of newspapers when it comes to recruitment ads.Recruitment Advertisements

Newspapers are one of the most traditional platforms for advertising; it is cost-effective, reliable and has the capability to reach out to the millions within a short span of time.

Advertisers can book recruitment ads in three different formats which include classified text, classified display and display. The classified text is the simple run online text ads charged on the basis of per lines, words or characters used in the ad content. On the other hand classified display and display ads are also known as column ads charged on the basis of columns occupied by the ad. In classified display and display ads, one can use images, logos and graphics along with texts to highlight the ad. For enhancing the text ads you can use different enhancers like colours, borders, tick marks given on our website.

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releaseMyAd Ad booking process- The ad booking process through our portal is very simple; it will take only a few minutes to book the ad in your preferred newspaper. So follow these steps below for booking advertisement of job vacancy:

  •    Select Classified Text, Classified Display or Display
  •    Now choose your preferred newspaper edition, category and package
  •    Compose your ad using the enhancements or you can upload your creative in case of classified Display or Display Ads
  •    Now select the ad release date and proceed to make the payment online. Once we receive the payment we will make your ad campaign Live!

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