How to design a newspaper ad?

Designing is very important for marketing. It is similarly a very important part of the Advertising process. Experts say that spending money, time, and effort for designing never gets wasted. It always gets you expected feedback if done properly. As the days passing by designing is becoming a more integral part of the communication process. 

Following the new trends of newspaper advertisement, whether it is a print ad or it is an audiovisual ad, content is playing a major role. It is getting used as a weapon to attract more viewers and turn their minds. Also, effective planning and designing of Ad content proved to be a successful instrument for increasing the number of potential consumers and their brand loyalty. Thus, the content has become that one major factor using which every company is fighting to get distinguished and stand outside the box.

Nowadays, advertising is not just filling up facts in the ad spaces. It is more of the content with which your readers will be able to connect. For eg: I hope most of us have seen the print ad of Fevicol which was showing the Jai-Veeru Jodi of famous Indian Movie “Sholay”. To Indians, this Jodi is everlasting and unbreakable and that is exactly the concept that Fevicol used to promote its product as the strongest adhesive in the market. 

Maybe this is why after the existence of so many other dairy companies, Amul is the Best known in India. It never fails to come up with new ad illustrations in case any happening in the society, be it Narendra Modi getting elected as the president or be it Sachin Tendulkar scoring a century. 

Ads in Paper

Designing is just not creating a graphic using colors, texts, and logos. Even in the case of Classified advertisements as well it is really important to design your texts properly. Your text arrangement should be short, crisp, and apt. to pass a clear message to the readers. Texts will obviously vary from category to category but the arrangement must be effective based on that. Inclusion of proper details as in mobile number, Qualification, e.t.c. can make the advertisement effective. If the ad is booked through releaseMyAd you can get complete assistance for forming an effective text ad.

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