How the popularity of Print media provides a boost to Classified newspaper advertising

We live in an age where practically all of the world’s information is available to us at our fingertips, and accessible within seconds. The internet has changed our lives in unprecedented ways and completely transformed the way we communicate as well as consume content.

Technology has made inroads so deep into our lifestyles that we rely on it for virtually everything. It is all too common nowadays to see people glued to their mobile phone screens, playing games, watching movies, doing banking transactions, listening to music and even reading the news. 

Let’s focus on reading the news. Since the technology revolution, the consumption of news content – from newspapers to magazines and other periodicals – has largely gone online. Media brands have adapted to the technological disruption by offering their content on their websites as well as on their dedicated mobile apps, which are free to download but content is often guarded by a paywall. This paywall functions in essentially the same way that traditional newspaper subscriptions do. Needless to say, online news media makes access to information a whole lot easier, minimising paper wastage and simplifying complex distribution channels. People are also instantly updated when a new story or piece of content is published through notifications on their mobile apps. 

But what does this mean for print journalism? And what is the future of print media?

Classified Ad in Newspaper

For India, at least, print media readership still dominates. Despite the fact that the very same information – and much more – is available on one’s phone screens, the appeal and use value of newspapers remains undiminished in India, and newspapers remain popular as ever. 

For starters, in many parts of the country, people are still technologically challenged, and for them newspapers are the only way to find out what is happening in the country and abroad.  Newspapers are regarded as reliable and authentic sources of information, and the general inertia in Indian society is a major boon for print media in the country.

Additionally, regardless of how awe-inducing modern technology may get, nothing beats the thrill of holding a newspaper in one’s hand and flipping through the pages. It’s little wonder that newspaper advertisements today are as impactful as ever. Newspaper classifieds are one of the most popular forms of advertising as they are economical and easy to book, and they are conveniently arranged on the basis of the ad category in a dedicated section in every newspaper. Such a layout helps people to find what they are looking for with great ease.

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