10 Surprising Facts About Newspaper Ads

Newspapers have been a part of our lives for many decades. They not only bring us news from over the World but also several Advertisements that are informative and fun to look at. Irrespective of all the innovations and the hypes, Newspaper Advertisements are doing well and are predicted to do better in the future.

Among the many talents possessed by a Newspaper, let us look at the top ten.

  1. Growth: It has got a good chance in the years to come. The Print Media is trying out several ideas to understand the needs and interests of the Advertisers for a more customized approach. It is going into depths of consumer behavior to find ideas for diversifying its business.
  2. Reach: It can reach a wider readership base as compared to the Digital Media especially in the developing areas where people have low connectivity to the internet.
  3. Targeting better: Targeting a specific group or strata of readers can be better done with newspapers. Audiences belonging to the high classes of the society reading premium newspapers can be targeted differently than people reading more affordable papers. Both the groups can be targeted separately with separate tactics.
  4. Trustworthiness: Newspapers are more trustworthy for the people instead of news received from social media due to the circulation of false news everywhere. Plus, a news printed on a sheet of newspaper is created with great precaution which would avoid misleading information for the sake of their own goodwill. 
  5. E-Versions: The electronic versions of newspapers are equally popular among the readers as the social media but with added transparency and credibility. With the introduction of e-papers, newspapers are seeing a rise in their revenue.
  6. Emotional connection: A lot of the customers are emotionally connected to reading newspapers everyday in the morning. It is a kind of ritual in many households. The readers cannot start their day without reading a newspaper in the morning.
  7. Ad types: Customers can post their Ads in different formats in a Newspaper according to their budget constrictions. It can be a simple Run on Line Ad or a more detailed Display Ad that can convey their messages effortlessly.
  8. Cost Effective: Newspaper Advertisements are more cost effective than advertisements on digital platforms. 
  9. Creative: Newspaper Ads can be very creatively composed with attractive images, fonts, logos, Colors. The other platforms are not as engaging as this one.

Look at how the Car has been accommodated on the page. This is the creativity that one can use in newspapers.

10.Flexibility: Advertisements on newspapers are extremely flexible, they can be changed instantly if a particular plan does not work or is not able to generate interest and leads.

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