Top 5 reasons to online book an Ad in Times of India

Thinking to publish an advertisement in the Times of India but can not decide what if and how things are gonna work out for you. Worry not, since you have landed on the right page which will show you the top 5 reasons to associate yourself with booking an ad in Times of India :

Times Of India Ad
  1. Reach -Times of India has an extensive reach spanning all over India covering over 35 metropolitan cities. Adding on it is the third-largest newspaper by circulation and highest circulation among the English newspapers in India. Needless to say with this vast and enormous readership it brings to the table, ad space is always a hot property here.
  2. Credibility – An important factor to consider while choosing a newspaper to publish ads. And being a trusted newspaper since 1838 it has only grown over and over and became an esteemed and reputed publication house in the country staying at the top of the list and mind.
  3. Affordable ad rates: As big this media conglomerate is as humble are their ad prices. One need not spend a fortune while publishing as their affordable ad rates come in handy to a small firm to big to everyone who wants to publish and meet its audience demand without spending a big chunk of their budget. And with offers and discounts going on now and then in ad rates, it is a cherry on the cake.
  4. Brand equity: An ad in an esteemed newspaper with millions of trusted readership is sure to raise brand awareness as well as brand equity of your company hand in hand. Your brand reputation and personality, two crucial yet sensitive traits that remain intact when it comes from a trusted media partner.
  5. Online Booking: With so much benefit one might think that it is a cumbersome job with all the offline manual filing, finding agents, and then haggle for the price. Online booking of classified ads in the Times of India, as well as display ads, have become hassle-free with everything available at your fingertips from rates to the location to category one wants. For an instance, one can simply visit and check out and tick mark their needs, category, and location and set their price, and boom! The ad is ready to be published.

With all being said, Your ROI is in safe hands as Times of India provides you the right audience and at the right price for your ads. And with online booking, it has become easier and a smoother process.

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