3 Reasons Why You Should Book Advertisements in The Hindu Newspaper

3 Reasons why you should book advertisements in the Hindu Newspaper

Why choose the Hindu for advertising? This question probably or one might say, surely, crops up in your head when you think about advertisements. The primary reason for choosing the Hindu is that as it is one of the most esteemed newspapers, it has a large number of loyal customers. Moreover, the Hindu is the second most circulated English paper in the country. Apart from that, there are 3 reasons for choosing The Hindu for advertising.

Hindu Classifieds
  1. Widespread coverage: The Hindu gets circulated in every nook and cranny in India and covers over 15 major cities and towns. The Hindu has regional editions and therefore it reaches even the grass root levels i.e., even in the rural areas, thus guaranteeing widespread reach and coverage. This ensures that the advertisement reaches the target audience through classified advertisements or display ads among other categories.
  2. Cheap and Economical- Classified advertisements in the Hindu are cheap and are available at affordable rates. It is cost-effective and individuals and businesses have to incur a very low amount in advertising, especially if one uses releaseMyAd for hassle-free online booking. The ad rates depend on the number of lines and the highlighting features you use. The prices begin from Rs. 185 for 2 lines and increases accordingly. It is the most inexpensive way of booking advertisements in the Hindu newspapers.
  3. Shortest time limits- Even if you take an impromptu decision the previous day, you can book ads on the next day or any other day. The Hindu, through releaseMyAd allows advertisers to book ads despite a short time limit. So, if you need to publish your ad as soon as possible or immediately you can book the ad and after booking just give a call at 09830629298. releaseMyAd is always there to help you advertise or  promote your brand or help you find employees for a job.       

Therefore, according to your needs, choose the category of either The Hindu classifieds or the display and successfully reach every city in India be it, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mysore, Trichy, Mangalore, Kochi or any other city or town.

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