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Based in Chennai, The Hindu is owned and published by the prestigious The Hindu Group. The Hindu is one of India’s most renowned and respected English language daily newspapers. The Hindu was founded in the year 1878 as a weekly newspaper and in the year 1889 it became a daily newspaper. Over the decades, the newspaper has grown to become one of the icons of English language journalism in India.

The Hindu’s standards of journalism have made it attain the status of a ‘newspaper of record’ in India. This means that the coverage and reporting of the latest news and ongoing events by The Hindu is considered to be authoritative around the world. Many look up to the newspaper for its extremely high standard of English.

Second only to The Times of India, The Hindu is the second-most widely circulated English language daily newspaper in India. With an estimated daily circulation of well over 1.4 million copies, The Hindu is read by more than 2.2 million people across India and even abroad. The newspaper is published from 17 locations across the country, namely Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Noida, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Vijayawada, Mangalore, Tiruchirapalli, Kolkata, Hubli, Mohali, Allahabad and Kozhikode.

Classified Ads in Hindu Newspaper

Its wide readership across India and abroad have made The Hindu a household name for millions of Indians who rely on the newspaper for the latest news from the country and around the world. The Hindu offers not just the latest national and international news updates but provides a host of content spanning an extensive variety of categories such as sports, entertainment, business and even editorial, opinion and letters pages.

It is therefore without a doubt that The Hindu classifieds are a fantastic way to reach out to your target audience. Classified ads have been extremely popular as a form of advertising for centuries as they are economical and very easy to book. These ads are arranged on the basis of ad category making it easy for both advertisers and prospective customers to find what they are looking for.

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5 Reasons To Opt For Matrimonial Ads In The Hindu Newspaper

Searching for a groom for your daughter? Or is it for a bride of your son? releaseMyAd has the best offers for matrimonial ads in The Hindu newspaper. Marriage is the bond of eternal love, friendship and commitment. Therefore, you want to find the best partner for your son/daughter as you always want the best for your children. For an arranged marriage, you have to start the process by booking a matrimonial ad in a newspaper to search for the best partner. This is the ultimate search for the person who is capable of accepting the responsibilities of married life.

Hindu Matrimonial Ad

Here are 5 reasons to opt for Matrimonial Ads in The Hindu newspaper. 

  1. The newspaper you choose to advertise in is very significant in determining how the search will go. If you want instant responses, choose The Hindu. The Hindu newspaper is one of the most valued and the second in circulation as a English-language newspaper in India. The Hindu is published across all major cities in the country including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and other cities.
  2. The Hindu has been in existence since 1878 and therefore, it has a huge number of customers who are loyal and daily readers of this newspaper. This guarantees that your investment in publishing matrimonial ads in The Hindu will be inevitably successful. 
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  4. The order and payment status of your matrimonial ad booking in The Hindu can be tracked with your Ad Id until it is printed. Online as well as offline payments can be done. You can use Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cash Transfer, Cash Deposit, Cash Collection, Demand Draft or through Cheques.
  5. The matrimonial ads can be created and customized according to your budget and your requirements. The rates are cheap and affordable. 

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3 Reasons Why You Should Book Advertisements in The Hindu Newspaper

3 Reasons why you should book advertisements in the Hindu Newspaper

Why choose the Hindu for advertising? This question probably or one might say, surely, crops up in your head when you think about advertisements. The primary reason for choosing the Hindu is that as it is one of the most esteemed newspapers, it has a large number of loyal customers. Moreover, the Hindu is the second most circulated English paper in the country. Apart from that, there are 3 reasons for choosing The Hindu for advertising.

Hindu Classifieds
  1. Widespread coverage: The Hindu gets circulated in every nook and cranny in India and covers over 15 major cities and towns. The Hindu has regional editions and therefore it reaches even the grass root levels i.e., even in the rural areas, thus guaranteeing widespread reach and coverage. This ensures that the advertisement reaches the target audience through classified advertisements or display ads among other categories.
  2. Cheap and Economical- Classified advertisements in the Hindu are cheap and are available at affordable rates. It is cost-effective and individuals and businesses have to incur a very low amount in advertising, especially if one uses releaseMyAd for hassle-free online booking. The ad rates depend on the number of lines and the highlighting features you use. The prices begin from Rs. 185 for 2 lines and increases accordingly. It is the most inexpensive way of booking advertisements in the Hindu newspapers.
  3. Shortest time limits- Even if you take an impromptu decision the previous day, you can book ads on the next day or any other day. The Hindu, through releaseMyAd allows advertisers to book ads despite a short time limit. So, if you need to publish your ad as soon as possible or immediately you can book the ad and after booking just give a call at 09830629298. releaseMyAd is always there to help you advertise or  promote your brand or help you find employees for a job.       

Therefore, according to your needs, choose the category of either The Hindu classifieds or the display and successfully reach every city in India be it, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mysore, Trichy, Mangalore, Kochi or any other city or town.

3 Easy and Simple Steps to Book Classified Ads Online in The Hindu Newspaper

Want to promote your business? Want to announce the engagement date of your daughter?  But is your worry about the hassle of visiting the newspaper office stopping you from advertising? Then there is an easy answer to this where we can give you 3 simple steps at your fingertips for online booking of advertisements in the Hindu.

 Advertisements can be booked online through releaseMyAd in The Hindu, which is one of the most Esteemed and the Second most circulated newspapers in India. It is not only user-friendly but also cheap.

The 3 easy steps of online booking of classified advertisements in the Hindu newspaper are hassle-free and can be done in the comfort of your homes or offices.

Classified Ads in Hindu Newspaper
  1. First, one has to select the category i.e., property ads, business ads, tenders or matrimonial ads as required. Thereafter, the ad-type is to be selected. This includes classified-text ads or classified display ads.
    • Classified text Ads- These might appear to be simple but they are highly effective in communicating to your customer or target audience. They are printed in the mainstream newspapers daily. Their charges depend on the number of lines. To attract more attention, it can be highlighted by using a tick or writing in bold and various other ways to ensure that it does not go unnoticed. To ensure visibility some minor and negligible costs have to be incurred but it is totally up to you. The Hindu classified ads are primarily for Matrimonial, Astrology, Property and other advertisements.
    • Classified Display Ads- These ads have an image or a logo with the text and are a little more expensive than classified text ads because they are more attractive. Wouldn’t you be more attracted to a picture than just plain text?They can be printed both in color and in black and white. These advertisements are generally published for Recruitments, Obituary and other advertisements. You can move to selecting the location, date and edition of the Hindu according to your wants for publishing your advertisement.
  2. The next step includes the selection of the package and the composition of the advertisement.  You can select from a variety of templates for the design of your advertisement or you can create and personalize your advertisement in the Compose your Ad page. Thereafter, the preview of your advertisement will be shown and get to know the estimated rates. releaseMyAd provides classified advertising in the Hindu at cheap and affordable rates.
  3. Thereafter you have to select the date and mode of payment. Your classified ad booking in the Hindu will be confirmed as soon as payment is completed. There are several methods that can be used for payment which can be either online or offline. It can be done by  Credit/Debit Card ,Net banking, Demand Drafts, Cheques and NEFT (Online Cash Transfer) to Cash Collection from home and offices. You can choose the one which find the most convenient.

After the completion of ad booking, you will immediately receive an email confirming your ad booking, the date of printing and the payment information. If you have any confusion or query or if you need assistance in the ad booking procedure, you can contact our customer care team through call, mail or by texting in the chat box icon that you will find in the screen. The contact number of the customer care and the email-id is also provided on the website. This is the easiest way of doing online booking of classified ads in the Hindu newspaper.

Did you know that you could reach a wider audience with The Hindu classified ads?

Owned and published by The Hindu Group, a highly respected publishing company based in Chennai, The Hindu is one of India’s most recognised English language daily newspapers. Founded as a weekly newspaper in the year 1878, The Hindu became a daily newspaper in the year 1889 and has since grown to become one of India’s most renowned.

The Hindu has become a ‘newspaper of record’ in India, which means that its reporting of news and ongoing events is considered to be authoritative around the world. The Hindu is known for its extremely high standard of English as well as the quality of its journalism.

The newspaper is the second-most widely circulated English language daily newspaper in India, second only to The Times of India. The Hindu has an estimated circulation of more than 1.4 million copies on an average day and is published from 17 locations across India. These locations are Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Noida, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Vijayawada, Mangalore, Tiruchirapalli, Kolkata, Hubli, Mohali, Allahabad and Kozhikode.

The Hindu Classified

Catering to a readership of more than 2.2 million people, The Hindu has become a household name across India. The newspaper offers fresh, insightful and in-depth coverage of not just the latest news from India and around the world, but an extensive range of content from a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, business as well as editorial, opinion, letters sections.

The Hindu, with its large and engaged audience all across India and even abroad, is an excellent choice to reach out to the people you want to get your message across to. A Hindu classified ad may be just what you need to get yourself noticed. Classified ads are an extremely popular form of advertising as they are economical and very easy to book. releaseMyAd is here to help you book an ad in the Hindu so that you can leverage the newspaper’s wide reader base.

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