6 Popular categories of classified ads in TOI

Although there are numerous categories of classified ads that are published in Times of India newspaper ranging from Matrimonial to public notice to Obituary. Top 6 categories would be 

Times of India Classified
  1. Matrimonial – These ads are very successful in the world of classified ads. It starts with the requirement of Bride or groom and further divided into sub categories like caste, religion, community, financial status etc. One can also publish in their preferred location and language to attract right audience through Times of India newspaper.
  2. Property – These ads also has a vast market when it comes to classified ads. If one needs to buy or sell any land, wants to lease any premises or wants an accommodation on rent or wants to rent, they can publish in this category and get the response they need. These ads help in creating an open market and also a market for brokers and landlords.
  3. Recruitment – The most checked section of classified ads in today’s scenario. With new opportunities opening up recruiters want to attract the best talent and for that they publish in Times of India newspaper with job openings including sub categories like Multiple positions, Experience needed, Location etc.
  4. Business – To promote their products or services among the huge target audience, Firms tend to introduce campaigns of publishing their classified ads. Few examples are like Packers and Movers, Dealers and Agents, Agencies etc. who use classified ads in order to reach to customers they cannot reach manually.”
  5. Obituary – This section in Times of India newspaper is for the late loved ones who are no more in this world. Classified ads are published for condolences, funeral and invitation and remembrance announcement purposes.
  6. Education – Advertisers of this section publish their services through the medium of Tuition, coaching centre or Home tutor. It helps private and small tuitions and coaching centres might not have large budget so publishing in classified ads in Times of India newspaper is the best bet for them to reach their target audience.

The list goes on but these were the most popular categories that pop up in classified ads section in Times of India newspaper. If you want to advertise, you can go check out, browse in your category  and publish the ad online at a very affordable rate by visiting the site https://timesofindia.releasemyad.com/ .

Top 5 reasons to online book an Ad in Times of India

Thinking to publish an advertisement in the Times of India but can not decide what if and how things are gonna work out for you. Worry not, since you have landed on the right page which will show you the top 5 reasons to associate yourself with booking an ad in Times of India :

Times Of India Ad
  1. Reach -Times of India has an extensive reach spanning all over India covering over 35 metropolitan cities. Adding on it is the third-largest newspaper by circulation and highest circulation among the English newspapers in India. Needless to say with this vast and enormous readership it brings to the table, ad space is always a hot property here.
  2. Credibility – An important factor to consider while choosing a newspaper to publish ads. And being a trusted newspaper since 1838 it has only grown over and over and became an esteemed and reputed publication house in the country staying at the top of the list and mind.
  3. Affordable ad rates: As big this media conglomerate is as humble are their ad prices. One need not spend a fortune while publishing as their affordable ad rates come in handy to a small firm to big to everyone who wants to publish and meet its audience demand without spending a big chunk of their budget. And with offers and discounts going on now and then in ad rates, it is a cherry on the cake.
  4. Brand equity: An ad in an esteemed newspaper with millions of trusted readership is sure to raise brand awareness as well as brand equity of your company hand in hand. Your brand reputation and personality, two crucial yet sensitive traits that remain intact when it comes from a trusted media partner.
  5. Online Booking: With so much benefit one might think that it is a cumbersome job with all the offline manual filing, finding agents, and then haggle for the price. Online booking of classified ads in the Times of India, as well as display ads, have become hassle-free with everything available at your fingertips from rates to the location to category one wants. For an instance, one can simply visit and check out https://timesofindia.releasemyad.com/ and tick mark their needs, category, and location and set their price, and boom! The ad is ready to be published.

With all being said, Your ROI is in safe hands as Times of India provides you the right audience and at the right price for your ads. And with online booking, it has become easier and a smoother process.

A Times of India Ad is All You Need to Broaden Your Reach!

Without a doubt one of the most recognisable names in the world of English language journalism in India, The Times of India is a newspaper of extremely high repute. The Times of India, owned and published by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd., is the world’s largest selling English language daily newspaper. 

Founded in the year 1838, the newspaper has grown to become an integral part of Indian cultural life over its rich 181-year history and a respected news brand both in India and abroad. 

With an estimated daily circulation of more than 2.8 million copies across the country, The Times of India has an extensively large readership across the length and breadth of India. It is the oldest English language newspaper in India and the second-oldest Indian newspaper that is still in circulation today since the first edition was published in its foundation year. The BBC declared The Times of India to be one of the world’s top 6 best newspapers in the year 1991.

The Times of India is renowned for its top notch journalism, incisive and insightful reporting and comprehensive coverage of the latest news and ongoing events from India and around the world. Its rigorously high standard and refined levels of English have made it one of the most prestigious newspapers in all of India. 

Times of India Advertisement

That being said, a Times of India ad could bring you the leads you need. Undoubtedly one of the favourite newspapers among both readers and advertisers in India, The Times of India is a newspaper that is so much more than just a news publication – it is a household name! An advertisement in this newspaper is an excellent way to reach out to your target audience, wherever they may be located.

The classifieds section of a newspaper is a coveted section for individuals and businesses alike. Classified ads are among the most popular forms of advertising, chiefly because they are very cheap and easy to book. Booking a Times of India classified is sure to get you a wide reach in the location of your choice.

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Times of India Advertisement

There are three different ad formats to publish your Times of India advertisement, i.e; Classifies Text, Classified display and Display. Classified text published in text format and charged as per character, word and line. On the other hand in classified text one can put an image logo and it is charged as per sq cm. Both classified text and classified display are published at the classified page of the newspaper. Display can be published on any page and charged as per sq cm.

releaseMyAd provides some jaw dropping packages and offers for publishing in TOI for their clients.

releaseMyAd has a team of designer experts who can assist clients in making ad creative in such a way that will surely draw the attention of the readers.

One can choose categories like matrimony, property, recruitment, business, name change, lost and found, service, obituary, public notice according to their need and ad type.

Advertisements can be booked by releaseMyAd from home with just a few clicks. There are simple and hassle free steps to book an advertisement in Times Of India like-

  • Choosing the edition of your choice and appropriate category,
  • Composing the ad matter with specific tools
  • Selecting the release date and lastly payment.

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The History of The Times of India Newspaper

One of the most revered newspapers in India is The Times of India. It is a national daily which is published from all the major cities of the country. It is the largest selling English newspaper in the world and the third-largest circulated newspaper in India. The Times of India is the second oldest newspaper in India still in circulation. It is owned and published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. which is owned by the Sahu Jain family.

The journey of The Times of India started on 3rd November 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. It was originally published to cater to the British residents of Western India. It was published twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays under the direction of Raobahadur Narayan Dinanath Velkar, a Maharashtrian Reformist. It contained news from Britain and the world. The first editor of this bi-weekly publication was J.E Brennan, an Irish retired doctor and secretary of Bombay Chamber of Commerce. In the year 1840, the newspaper changed hand and George Buist became the editor. After a decade, in 1850 The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce became a daily newspaper. 

The new editor in 1859 was Robert Knight who merged The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce with two more popular newspapers – Bombay Standard and Chronicle of Western India and founded Bombay Times and Standard. On 28th September 1861, he again merged Bombay Times and Standard with Bombay Telegraph & Courier and renamed The Bombay Times and Standard to The Times of India. Robert Knight fought for free press rights from the restraints of the government and brought the newspaper to national prominence. At that time, it had a good circulation in India and Europe. In 1890, the newspaper printed 3000 copies daily and employed over 800 people.

In 1892, The Times of India was acquired by Thomas Bennett and Frank Morris Coleman through their joint-stock company Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. The editor of The Times of India from 1907 to 1924 was Sir Stanley Reed. He was the longest-serving editor of the newspaper and was an important part of Indian media in the early 20th century. 

In 1946, while the British owners were leaving as India was becoming independent, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. was sold to Ramkrishna Dalmia of the famous industrial family Dalmias. Due to legal entanglement related to the acquisition which resulted in a conviction, the management of the business was entrusted by Ramkrishna Dalmia to his son-in-law Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain. Due to various wrongdoing and business anomalies, with the order of Bombay High Court, a new board of directors were constituted under the Government in 1969. In 1976, during the Emergency in India, the Government finally transferred the ownership of the newspaper back to the Ashok Kumar Jain, son of Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain. 

The 21st century saw, the Times Group spread its wings with new publications catering to the modern readership. The Navbharat Times was founded in 1946 and The Economic Times and Maharashtra Times were already getting published since the 1960s. In 2006, Vijayanand Printers Limited was acquired and Vijay Karnataka newspaper was launched. The Mumbai Mirror came into existence in 2005 and Bangalore Mirror in 2007. 2012 saw the launch of Bengali daily Ei Samay and in 2014 Nav Gujarat Samay began to cater to the Gujarati population.

Advertisements go hand in hand with the development story of any newspaper. Since its inception in 1838, The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce published classified advertisements on the front page, a practice that continued up to 1939.  Early advertisements focused towards the higher class and as time passed and The Times of India began to represent the common man, advertisers availed the advertising services of The Times of India to reach out to their audience. With editions covering all over India, advertising in Times of India has become one of the most lucrative media of marketing for businesses and individuals.

In 2009, releaseMyAd came into existence. This website www.releasemyad.com was innovative and combining the power of internet technology, it allowed booking advertisements in The Times of India. With the accreditation of Indian Newspaper Society, releaseMyAd became an official newspaper ad booking partner of The Times of India. With relentless development, this website has brought ad booking in The Times of India to the doorstep of the advertiser. releaseMyAd not only allows classified ads but also display ad booking with a few clicks of the mouse.

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