Times Of India: Most Popular for classified advertising in small Advertising Expenses

The Times of India, the largest selling English newspaper in the World is also very influential in terms of its reporting style. Since its inception in the year 1838, it has made huge efforts in covering a wide range of subjects and  International news. The serious nature of the paper and its tendency to stick to reality has increased its respect in the minds of its Audiences.

It was primarily created to provide regular news and information to the requirements of the British residents living in the regions of Western India. It has its headquarters situated in Mumbai, India. It is often fondly referred to as “The Old Lady of Bori Bunder”. Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India had once called it “The leading paper in Asia”. 

The low rates of the Times of India makes it suitable for Advertisers who are constrained to low budgets. One can always see that for all the Editions that it publishes in, the Classified Ad rates are very low but with a wide coverage area, an attribute that is hard to find in other papers.

To book a Classified Advertisement in the Times, please follow the steps:

1.  Select a Category from the list after visiting the page.

2.   Select An Ad Type, Classified Text or Classified Display. Classified Display Ads can be created with stylish, fonts, images, bold, underline and logo. These can be single-columns and multi-columns. The Classified Text is simple Run-on-Line Ads consisting of words, Background Color, Border, Ticks, etc.

3.  After selecting the Ad Type, Please select an Edition or an Ad Package.

4.   In the next step, compose the Ads. Refer to the Ad Samples and composing tips given on the Page to understand how to write it. The Basic Ad rates are provided alongside the Edition names and also on the Ad Composing page.

5.  Select a Date. Please look for insertion offers to get any free dates.

6. Make the payment.Times of India is highly effective in increasing the brand awareness due to the huge circulation. Customers can also avail many discounts and offers given by releaseMyAd. To know more about TOI Classified Ad bookings please contact at 09830629298 or visit our website.

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