Newspaper Advertisement Booking: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

The benefits of newspaper advertising are known to one and all. Credible information is spread to a wide audience through the medium of newspapers, thereby building up the confidence of the readers in the product or service advertised, ensuring greater demand. 

Is it as difficult to book advertisements in newspapers as it used to be? Not any more! ReleaseMyAd comes to the rescue of such advertisers who wish to advertise but do not know how to go about it through 3 basic stages : 

  1. “Select Newspaper”
  2. “Compose Ad”
  3. “Dates and Payment”
Newspaper Classified Text Ad


  • Visit the website 
  • Select “Newspaper” on the topmost section of the webpage, as the choice of the advertising medium. 
  • For booking a classified text advertisement, click on the Book Classified Text Ad option. 

Alternatively, for booking a classified display advertisement, go for the Book Classified Display Ad option. 

Newspaper Classified Display Ad
  • Continue with your ad format selected as “Classified Text Ad” under the Ad Type. At this stage, select the desired advertising category for your classified text advertisement. 

The common categories available are – Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Business, Personal, Announcement, Astrology, Change of Name, Obituary, Share Certificate, Remembrance, Lost and Found, etc

  • Next, select the desired newspaper from the dropdown list available under the “Select Your Newspaper” tab and then select your desired edition. 

Alternatively, you can choose your target location by selecting the state and city you wish to advertise in, under the “Target By Specific Location” tab and thereafter the list of newspapers widely circulated in the selected region is enlisted for you to choose from.

  • Once the selection of the newspaper is made, you will find plenty of ad packages to choose from, along with the chargeable rates on the basis of lines, words or characters in the intended ad matter. 

Click on “Book Now” against the desired package and proceed to the screen for composing the ad.

  • In the “Compose Ad” section, you can define the subcategory for your ad (for better and specific responses against the ad) and then type the ad matter as desired, with the help of specimens of ideal ads under “View Sample Ads”. 

As you type, the count of characters used and the estimated cost is displayed for you to decide if you still wish to go for enhancements like – tick, bold, underline, background colour or screen border, ensuring that you do not run out of your budget. The ad preview is also available alongside as you type the matter.

Also, you need to mention your contact number for the releaseMyAd team to contact you in case of any editorial discrepancies found while processing the advertisement.

  • Next, click on “Select Dates and Make Payment” option and choose the desired release date. You can also opt for multiple dates to ensure repetitive advertising. 

It is recommended that the choice of the release date/dates should be made considering the focus day/s of the newspaper selected.

  • Click on “Click to Preview Your Booking Details”. You will be prompted to register yourself as a new user using basic contact information details or login using your already registered credentials. 

Once logged in, the entire booking summary shall be displayed showing the details of the booked advertisement along with the total cost to be paid (including GST).

  • Finally, make the payment for the booking using any of the online or offline modes available on the website. Upon successful payment, you receive a confirmation of payment received along with the invoice containing complete details of your ad booking. 
  • Your classified advertisement is hence scheduled for release on the specified dates and you can always approach the customer care team on for any concerns.


  • Visit the website 
  • Select “Newspaper” on the topmost section of the webpage, as the choice of the advertising medium. 
  • For booking a display advertisement, click on the Book Display Ad option. 
  • Choose the desired newspaper or supplement for your display advertisement. 

The common supplements available for advertising with display ads are – Appointment, Retail, Education, Property, Court Notice, Obituary, Tenders, Public Notice, Financial, etc 

  • Against every section of main newspapers or categories available for supplements, you get an option to choose the publication you wish to advertise in. Select the publication and click on “View Details” to proceed.
  • Make choices regarding the package and edition to go for and click on “Book Now”
  • Specify the desired ad size and position of the advertisement in the newspaper and upload the ad content either using the pre-uploaded ad templates or your own creative in PDF/JPEG/EPS/PNG format.

The details for the campaign – the preferred release date as well as the basic contact information of the advertiser – must also be provided at this stage. The release date must be selected keeping in mind the focus day for the chosen newspaper.

  • Proceed to make the payment using the online or offline modes available. It is preferable to clear the payment 1-2 days before the ad is expected to release. Once payment is cleared, confirmation, as well as an invoice for the booking, is received instantly.

See, how easy it is to book an advertisement in a newspaper? Through releaseMyAd it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time to book a newspaper advertisement.

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Booking Newspaper Advertisement Online?

Now newspaper advertising might be an easy breezy experience with releaseMyAd. But as its super easy we sometimes tend to make a few silly mistakes along the way. 

Here are some simple mistakes you or any advertiser tend to make while booking a newspaper ad online.

Advertise on Newspapers

Selecting the wrong category

The newspaper often tends to give you several categories as well as a subcategory to choose from while putting out an advertisement. this one hand gives you more options to choose from making you select category closer to your ad matter making it more relevant but on the other hand, it can make you overwhelmed with options more than needed which as a result makes you choose the wrong category or subcategory for your ad matter.

This affects your response as well as may delay your publishing due to the wrong selection.

  • Forgetting to attach documents

Not all but a few types of advertisements require proper documents to be attached and upload along with your ad while booking the ad online. This leads to a lot of advertisers forget to do so. As a result, it delays the publishing of the advertisement for the time being and gets processed after the documents are provided.

  • Contact details

Now let’s come to the most common mistake done by advertisers again & again. Forgetting to give contact details in your ad matter. Any advertisement is given without a contact detail information simply leads to wastage of your money invested in the advertisement. No matter how well your ad catches readers attention without an action button you will never be able to have a responsive ad campaign.

  • Information mismatch

Sometimes in ads requiring documents, it is seen that the ad matter doesn’t match the information written in the provided document. The mismatch may be a simple spelling error to a completely different document provided.

  • Selecting the wrong package

releaseMyAd is known for its discounted package selection. With over 2000+ packages to choose from you can make this mistake pretty easily. For instance, it is seen several times than many while booking a property ad for times of India Chennai users end up selecting the ‘only rental’ package instead of the general for sale package for Property >For Sale category and vice versa.

This among many are a few simple mistakes you may make while booking an online newspaper advertisement and can easily be avoided by taking a little help from releaseMyAd executives in any step of confusion on your online ad booking journey.

Mail us at, or call us on 09830629298.

Identifying the Relevant Factors in Newspaper Advertising Effectiveness

The proper effectiveness of any affair shows the required results. Thus, it is relentlessly tried by one and all to make their activities enough effective to show the change. But effectiveness doesn’t come easily. It is very important to identify the relevant factors that bring effectiveness to a job done. There are very few things that can change the design of the plate and make it effectively stand out of the box, but only if identified efficiently.

Similarly, it is very important for you, being an advertiser, to identify and utilize the relevant factors that can boost up your newspaper ad‘s effectiveness. Despite being any chosen format, three things can make your ad far more effective than before. They are :

  • Effective Content
  • Effective Newspaper
  • Effective Positioning of the ad in the paper.
Ads on Paper

Firstly, having effective content is important to attract readers. If you have a clear understanding of what your requirements are, that you want back from the advertisement, then make the message clear to guide your readers until the fulfilment of your requirements. The ad space booked by you is all yours. In the case of Display and Classified Display, play with pictures, colours, texts, e.t.c to make the design pass the message and help your readers connect to it. Whereas, in the case of Classified Text ads, Text is the only power that you have. To make your ad stand out, use enhancements, such as Colour Box, Ticks, Bullets, e.t.c to make your ad visibility more. Also, make your ad’s text matter composition as effective as possible.

Newspaper Classified Ads

Secondly, Selecting the correct newspaper can make a lot of difference in the case of the reach and feedback of the advertisement. A newspaper can be chosen based on the type or category of advertisement, target groups’ geographical area, and the circulation figure of the newspaper. 

Thirdly, Publishing ads on the correct days helps to get the attention of the exact target group. Different newspapers have different focus days for different categories like Business line has focus days for recruitment ads for all days except Sunday, whereas, Times Of India has focus days for recruitment on Wednesday and Sunday. These focus days are selected after surveying the readers’ behaviour intensely. Thus, you can get the maximum readership if your ad is published on focus days.
There are a lot more that can make your ad more effective and increase its visibility that will fetch you the best results but to know those you have to give a call to 9830629298 or visit to book your advertisement space. releaseMyAd just not makes your ad effective but also makes you smart as an advertiser.

National vs Local Newspaper Advertising: Which Is Best?

News is always required so as newspapers. There are more than 100 newspaper publishers whose publication gets circulated daily. Some lead the market with very high circulation and some maintain a subtle number but the news story which is written in the newspaper is important irrespective of the publication. News stories are not something that differentiates between the newspapers, though the writing quality of a news story can. But something else that majorly differentiates between publications is the covered area by circulation. 

The newspapers that get circulated only in one city or state or maybe a very small region, is considered as a local newspaper by it’s readers. Whereas some newspapers have it’s circulation in most of the parts of the nation. Those are considered as the national newspapers by the citizens of the country. The best National newspaper that is leading the market currently is the Times of India. And some examples of regional newspapers are Anandabazar Patrika, Sambad, Gujrat Samachar, Sakshi, e.t.c.

It is really very hard to say which one is more effective. Because if National newspapers are highly circulated then local newspapers are more cost-effective. If National newspapers have specific language restrictions, then local newspapers are easier for the local people to understand because of it’s language. Both the papers are having some pros and cons. Thus, it will be really a weak way to decide on the paper considering whether it is national or regional.

The best thing is to decide the demographic and geographic requirements and then choose the paper based on that. Analyzing your ad purpose and content, and setting up feedback expectation can help you to make a better ad decision. If your requirements are high circulation or if you want to put up your ad in a language that is understandable nationwide, you should go for national newspapers.

In case your main focus is to get the message through the local people in your area, and that too in a very cost-effective way. It’s best to choose a vernacular language local newspaper.

Advertisers often prefer Local papers for Classified ads and national papers for Display Ads. But there is no such preferred rule or regular record. Classified ads also have been placed in national papers for better feedback and displays have been placed in local newspapers when based on the target group’s geographical area.

Wait, I’m this article is not over yet. Don’t you want to know how to book the ad or whom to contact? If you need the answer to these questions, scroll below to read.

releaseMyAd is the best solution for your ad booking. It is an online ad booking portal which is authorized by almost all the reputed newspapers in India. It makes your ad booking easy as now you can just visit and book your advertisement in a few easy steps, from anywhere anytime. releaseMyAd charges no extra commission for booking your ad instead it offers you some amazing discount packages for advertisement booking. releaseMyAd executives can provide you an amazing customer service, in which they are proficient. All you need to do is call at 9830629298 or you can Chat with our expert by clicking on Live Chat option or Chat With An Expert Option.

Your one ad decision can change your future. So think not twice but as many times as you want before choosing a paper. Though giving these several thoughts is not required for choosing releaseMyAd. We have proved a lot and have more to prove in the future. Book your newspaper ad through us and make a note of an amazing ad booking experience.