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Have you taken a new name for yourself? That’s great!

People change their names for a variety of reasons. The change of name may be due to the original name being misspelled, a person taking on the name of their spouse after marriage, reverting to their original family name after a divorce, or because they are unsatisfied with their existing or given names. 

These are just some of the reasons why people feel like changing their names. It may be because they want a name that they associate better with, or one that they feel is more acceptable to them, or a name which they feel is more in line with their personality or character. 

It may also happen that people want to change their name due to astrological or numerological reasons. They may want to change or alter the spelling of their names, take on additional names or even a pseudonym or a stage name. This is commonly seen in the field of the performing arts where celebrities take on names that are either catchy or unique. Such names are easy to remember and because of their uniqueness, they stand out and have high recall value for people. 

Change of Name Ad

Others, however, may choose to change their names for entirely different reasons, such as if their given name is difficult to pronounce or confusing to others, or if the name carries a negative connotation in a different language. While for yet some others, a change of name may entail taking on the name of a person from history or from contemporary life due to their having been a significant influence or influence in someone’s life. 

It is also seen that husbands take on the surnames of their wives, or parents, having retained both their surnames, merge their surnames to create a hyphenated surname for their children. 

Changing one’s name is a perfectly legal practice. The reasons may be diverse and plenty, but merely declaring oneself to have a new name does not make the change of name official and legally binding. 

In order for a change of name to be deemed legally enforceable, such name change must be done without any intention to deceive or defraud, and must fulfil two legal requirements. These are:

  1. Submitting an affidavit
  2. Booking a name change ad in a newspaper

Publishing a change of name advertisement is a legal requirement because it is this what makes the name change official and legally binding. Along with submitting the affidavit, a person who wants to change their name must publish a name change ad in at least two of the country’s newspapers. One must be in the English language, and one must be in the respective regional language of the state or Union Territory the person resides in. 

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