What are name change ads and why do people book them?

There can be numerous reasons for people to want to change their names. Sometimes it may be to correct a misspelling that was made earlier, to take on their spouse’s family name after marriage, to change their surname after a divorce, for astrological or numerological reasons, or even if they are not satisfied with their original given names. 

Very often, people want to change their names or take on a pseudonym, or a stage name, which they realise suits them more than their actual name. This is commonly seen among celebrities who adopt names that are catchy or easier to pronounce for foreign audiences, or who take on the names of people they idolise because of their impact in their lives. 

At other times, the reasons for changing one’s name may be entirely personal, such as wanting to change a name that is embarrassing or awkward to pronounce, or one that has an unpleasant meaning in another language. 

It is also frequently seen that parents who maintain their respective family names often merge their surnames for their child, giving the child a hyphenated surname. 

Changing one’s name is a perfectly legal practice as long as there is no fraudulent intention or a desire to deceive people. But, whatever the reason may be, just declaring oneself to have a new name is not sufficient, at least from a legal perspective. To make a change of name official in India, a person needs to book a change of name advertisement.  

Name Change Ads in Newspaper

Booking such an ad in a newspaper is a legal requirement to make a change of name official and formal. Merely submitting an affidavit is not enough. According to the law in India, for a person to officially change his or her name, the affidavit must be accompanied by an advertisement or a notification of the name change in at least two of the country’s newspapers. One newspaper must be in the English language and one must be a regional newspaper in the language of the respective state or Union Territory you are located in. 

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What are the advantages of booking a Name Change ad in newspaper online versus publishing it through a local agency?

Name Change ad is a kind of statutory advertisement that is required to be published in newspapers whenever any individual goes through the legal process of changing or correcting his or her name. As name change advertisement is just a legal formality therefore people usually look for the cheapest option available. Nowadays, booking a name change ad online is the better option than going through a local agency. Let’s check out how:

Change of Name Advertisement
  •  Various online platforms which allow booking of name change advertisements have an array of newspapers to select from as per budget and requirement. A local agent will mostly serve for one or two newspaper from which the customer has to choose. As the options are less with a local agent therefore a customer has to go with whatever is available irrespective of advertisement charges.
  •  The rates quoted by an online newspaper ad booking platforms are transparent and directly as per publication rate card. Local agents often quote dubious rates as there is no separate verifiable source from which customer can verify the quotation.
  • Local agents usually deal with local regional newspapers and if a customer wants to book a name change advertisement in a newspaper of a different city then it is not possible. Online platforms have different newspapers covering all the states and multiple cities. Therefore, it is always a better option to go online to publish name change ads. 
  •  Online platforms have a simple interface and always educate the customers about the proper format acceptable in the newspapers along with tips on composing the ad text. If the customers select a regional newspaper, online platforms ensure a correct translation of the ad text as per customer’s request. Such privileges are often not available with local agents. The customers are not provided with any guidance and translation services are also not available.
  •  Publishing a name change advertisement in newspaper require supporting documents like Notarized Affidavit. Online websites provide proper guidance to a customer before booking an ad about the same. Whereas, if a customer is a layman and does not have much information about supporting documents, there is all probability that he/ she will have to make multiple rounds of the local agent before the ad is published.

To sum up, the better way to book name change ads in newspaper is online through newspaper advertisement booking platforms rather than taking the help of local agents. It not only saves time and money but also allows various choices and options. The flexibility of online procedure ensures hassle-free name change ad booking from the customer’s home or office along with transparent rates and quick service.

Name Change Ads in Newspaper

With more than a decade of experience in the advertisement industry, releaseMyAd is one such platform which is trusted by lakhs of customers. With 3 simple steps, one can book a name change ad in any newspaper throughout India using releaseMyAd. There are over 100 newspapers both national and regional covering all regions of the country available in the website releaseMyAd. Just by clicking on the following link https://www.releasemyad.com/newspaper/cat/change-of-name one can start the booking procedure. The self-serve interface will guide any customer through the entire booking process. However, if the customer faces any hurdle while booking or requires help with composing text, choosing newspaper and editions, etc. the expert customer support team is available on the Phone/ WhatsApp No: 9830629298. For details drop an email to book@releasemyad.com. For urgent enquiries, visit the website for 24*7 Live Chat option.

Guidance in booking a Name Change Ad in Dainik Jagran Newspaper !


A Name Change Ad is an announcement made by people about changing their names after getting married/divorced, converting to other religions, correcting names in important documents or informing about multiple names of a person. A Change of Name Ad in Dainik Jagran can reach thousands of Customers due to its high availability and coverage in more than 20 Cities.

Dainik Jagran Newspaper Ad

This piece of writing is supposed to guide all of those who want to book a Name Change Advertisement in Dainik Jagran Newspaper.

Documents required :

A Notarised Affidavit on a Stamp paper that is not older than 6 months from the date of publishing of the Ad. A Copy of the entire Affidavit must be uploaded for the Advertisement to be accepted.

Steps to book a Name Change Ad in Dainik Jagran :

  1. Choose a Newspaper Ad Type 
  2. Choose a Location/Edition, the Basic Rate for each of the locations is mentioned beside it.
  3. Compose the Advertisement in Hindi or English. View Sample Ads to form an idea on how to construct the Ad Matter ( Note: 10% extra for English Ad Matters. ) ,
  4. Select Dates. Name Change Ads can be published anyday. 
  5. Upload the Document ,
  6. Make the Payment.

Tips :

  1. Construct the matter according to the Affidavit ,
  2. You may use background Colors to enhance the Ad.

Samples :

  1. I, (Old Name) S/O (Father’s Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place)
  2. मैं, (पुराना नाम), 43 देव नगर सेक्टर -8 इंदिरा नगर लखनऊ की निवासी , (पुराना नाम) से मेरा नाम बदल कर (नया नाम) करने के लिए, सभी प्रयोजनों के लिए ख़बरदार हलफनामे 12AD 005223 दिनांक (dd/mm/yy)

releaseMyAd being the online Ad booking partners of Dainik Jagran, we give you instant bookings without any commissions. Through our website you may check the Ad and Payment Status till it is published. We also provide you convenient Online and Offline payment options. 

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Quick steps to Book Name Change Ad in Mathrubhumi Newspaper!

Are you looking to place a Change of Name ad in Malayalam newspaper? Well, Mathrubhumi can be your best choice. Mathrubhumi is a Malayalam newspaper that is published from Kerala with a daily Circulation of around 1,486,810, making it the second most widely circulated newspaper.

Few reasons that require you to place a Mathrubhumi Name change ad are, you’ve recently changed your name, you’ve got married and the documents have to be edited accordingly, wrong spelling in any documents, change in religion and others.

Booking a change of name ad is the simplest and most cost-effective when booked through releaseMyAd. releaseMyAd provides you an online portal through which you can directly book the ad in a few minutes and oh! Wait for a second, we do not charge anything extra for our services. You can get your ad booked by giving a call to our executives at +91 9830629298.

Here’s how you can book the ad in simple steps:

  • Click on the link https://mathrubhumi.releasemyad.com/rates/change-of-name and select classified text and the city for which you want to book the ad.
  • Compose the ad with the help of samples and composing tips provided.
  • Select the dates and make payment online or offline. Upload the documents for confirmation.

Few composition tips and as samples that will help you in the second step of your booking process.

Name Change Ad

Sample 1:  I, (Old Name) S/O (Father’s Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place)

Sample 2: I (your old name) S/O or D/O or W/O (fathers name or husbands name) R/O of (your   home address) shall henceforth be known as (your new name) affidavit no (XXXXXX) sworn before a notary (notary name) dated (date)

Documents required:

Name change ad booking requires Scan copy of the complete notarized affidavit required & it should not be more than 6 months old. (The ad matter should be as per the affidavit. Eg: Name, Father’s Name, Surname, Short and Full name etc. to avoid editorial rejection).

Well, you can book name change ads in Mathrubhumi now through releaseMyAd.releaseMyAd is an INS accredited company and has been processing the ads for over a decade now. In releaseMyAd each document is checked twice so our experts have got your back. You can simply give them a call at +91 9830629298.

Why Place Name Change Ad in Navbharat Times Newspaper?

Name change a formality ad as one must say is the most common category to be seen in a newspaper’s classified section. The maximum number of advertisements given in a newspaper is a name change ad. But unlike other categories this type of ad can only be given in a newspaper and not in any other medium as it is needed for legal purposes. Releasemyad.com offers its customers to give a change of name ad in all leading newspapers in India including Navbharat Times the one we are going to talk about in particular today.

  • Why Name Change ads in Navbharat Times Newspaper?

Now you might change your name for various reason

You might be surprised to know that changing your name is really common practice not just in India but all around the globe.

Let me guide you through some common reason you would give a name change ad:

  • Astrological reasons
  • Passport
  • Marriage
  • Several legal reasons
  • Documents required / how to apply

Now that you know why you would give a name change ad lets look at the documents you would be needing during Navbharat Times name change ad booking.

C:\Users\Adi\Desktop\download (3).jpg

A notarized affidavit not more than 6months old or a gazette copy published by Department of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is a must to book any change of name ad in Navbharat Times.

How to apply for a notarized affidavit?

  • Draft the Affidavit by providing the details of the old name and new name.
  • Execute the Affidavit on a Stamp Paper of Denomination of Rs. 10/- or as per the prescribed stamp duty as per your state.
  • Make the Affidavit attest and sealed by the Notary Public.
  • releaseMyAd, online ad booking platform
C:\Users\Adi\Desktop\download (1).png

Started in 2009, releaseMyAd brought a revolution in the world of ad booking. It is the very first of its kind fully digital platform where you can easily book ad in a variety of newspapers, radio, tv and even the new trend in town social media platforms.

All leading newspapers circulating throughout India are listed under releaseMyAd. Offering advertisers a variety of options to choose from catering to their audience, geographical area and ad type. All this made it convenient from the comfort of your home. Only internet connectivity is all you need and rest is done by our excellent task force working to provide you with the best service. 

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  • Format / Sample

A change of name ad in Navbharat Times should consist of the follows:

  • Old name as per document provided
  • New name as per document provided
  • Affidavit number
  • Date of affidavit
  • Address
  • Son of or Wife of 

Here is a sample ad to make you understand a little better:

Name Change Ads in Navbharat Times Newspaper

I, Md.Nizamuddin, S/O Late MD.FAIZUDDIN,DOB-01.01.1940 Residing At Prantik,Panchanantala,P.O.Chaltia, Murshidabad,742407 Declaring As Same In The Affidavit No.9175 Dt. 01.11.2019, ( In The Court Of Ld.Sub- Divisional Executive Magistrate At Berhampore, Murshidabad) That Md. Nizamuddin And Mohammad Nizamuddin And Muhammad Nizamuddin Are The Same And One Identical Person I.E.Myself.

  • Composing Tips
  • Make sure both old and new names are mentioned in ad matter
  • Ad matter should start with “I
  • If the person whose name is being changed is a minor, then his/ her guardian should make the name change declaration.
  • Selecting proper enhancement, if any colour or screen
  • Lastly, the information provided in ad matter should be as per the document provided.
  • Ad booking steps
  • Contact details:

Still not sure whether to book a change of name ad in Navbharat Times or any other newspaper?

Mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.