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There can be numerous reasons for people to change their names. These reasons can include correction of a misspelling in their name which was made earlier, to take on the name of their spouse’s family after getting married, to revert to their original surname after a divorce, or for astrological or numerological reasons. Sometimes people are not happy with their originally given names, so they choose to change it to something which they find more acceptable. 

Many people are seen to modify or alter the spelling of their names, and sometimes some people even take on a pseudonym or a stage name. This is particularly noticeable among celebrities and writers, and several others in the field of the arts and entertainment. Also, people often take on names that are easy to remember, have high recall value as well as names which are easier to pronounce for audiences of different countries. People also sometimes adopt the names of famous people from history simply due to the fact that such a person had a profound impact on their lives.

There can be other reasons for people to change their names as well. These reasons could be entirely of a personal nature, such as wanting to change a name that they feel may be too embarrassing or awkward to use, or a name that carries an unpleasant connotation in a different language. 

Name Change Ads in newspaper

Also noticeable in modern society is the tendency of parents keeping their respective surnames after marriage, and merging their surnames to create a combined hyphenated surname for their children.

Changing one’s name is perfectly legal, and is a fairly widespread practice. As long as there is no malafide intention, such as an intention to defraud or deceive, a name change is a perfectly accepted practice in society today. 

However, just declaring oneself to have a new name does not make a name change to official in terms of the law. Whatever reason someone may have to want to change their name, a person must submit an affidavit as well as book a name change ad in newspaper. 

Newspaper Advertisement

Booking a name change ad in a newspaper is necessary so that the change of name is made official and legally binding. Indian law stipulates that just submitting an affidavit is not enough. Along with submitting an affidavit, a person must publish a name change ad, as a notification of the change of name, in at least two of the country’s newspapers. One newspaper must be an English language newspaper, and one must be a newspaper in the respective regional language of the state or Union Territory that the person resides in. 

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