A Look Into the Future: What Will the Newspaper Advertising look like in 10 Years?

In India newspaper advertising holds back hundreds of years. Newspaper advertising which is the oldest and the largest form of print media advertising has been the most reliable and prefered source of Advertising to businesses and individuals as well as the government.

Facing a tough competition with television and radio, Newspaper Advertising has made its way to the present. With digitalization, competition arises from social media advertising, digital ads are everywhere, aren’t they? Reaching the younger and more advanced generation who do not prefer reading newspapers is by advertising in alternatives.

Advertising on Newspaper
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  • Poor quality and response: Newspaper Advertising is disappearing and replaced with more visually appealing digital ads, with a greater emphasis on clean layouts and graphic design. People have stopped reading newspapers and have switched to television, mobile apps etc.
  • Life over the internet and social media: How many of you see people reading newspapers rather than sticking to their smartphones? Almost negligible, right? With few clicks, people get what they are looking for, surfing the internet for every single information has led to almost negligible people reading newspapers and hence even fewer placing ads on it.

There are a variety of opinions on what the future holds of Newspaper Advertising. Some are of the opinion that an emerging economy like India is definitely a growing market for the newspaper industry with matured and ever-growing literate readership, while others say that the future is dark and will fade away. But since we are concerned about 10 years from now, it is certain that Newspaper Advertising is going to survive and grow.

Few reasons why Newspaper Advertising is not going to fade, not now and not 10 years from now!

  • Cost-effective solution: Newspaper Advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising for small businesses and individuals. Certain government norms hold companies to give an ad in Newspaper for its reliability and authenticity.
  • E-papers and websites: When paid for advertising over newspapers, your ad appears on hard copy of Newspaper as well as the e-version. Isn’t it appealing?
  • Easiness of booking: Booking the ad online for Newspaper is simplest. Book the ad through releaseMyAd, India’s no. 1 online ad booking agency. You can book the ad in a 3 step process by sitting at your place by just a few clicks.

Newspaper advertising is gonna last and hence take advantage of offers and packages and book your ad right now.

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