A Hindustan Times Classified Ad is the Sensible Choice For You!

Founded in 1924, Hindustan Times traces its origins to the Indian Independence Movement. Hindustan Times has, over the decades, grown to become one of India’s most prestigious English language newspapers. It is owned and published by HT Media Ltd., one of India’s largest media companies. 

Hindustan Times has an extensive countrywide reach and the average daily circulation of the newspaper is estimated to be around 1.4 million copies. It caters to an approximate total readership exceeding 37 million people. Hindustan Times is said to be the No. 1 daily English language newspaper in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

A newspaper of high repute, Hindustan Times provides wide, comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the latest news from across the country and around the world. The content in the pages of Hindustan Times span a very wide variety of categories including national and international news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, technology, automobiles, education as well as editorial and opinion pages. Hindustan Times has been widely hailed for its high calibre and balanced journalism and its comprehensive and insightful analyses on a wide range of topics. It is truly a newspaper that has something for everyone.

Such a newspaper, therefore, is an excellent choice for booking classified ads. Classified ads are very easy to book as composing a short copy of the advertisement is all one needs to do. This ad copy should contain all the relevant information as well as the advertiser’s contact details. Classified ads provide a host of benefits to those people who want to reach out to a large number of people in a particular city or region. Classified ads are called so because the advertisements are ‘classified’ on the basis of ad category, such as property, matrimonial, vehicles, retail, public notice, education etc. 

HT Classified

If you are looking to book classified ads, Hindustan Times is an excellent choice for your advertising needs as it has an all-India readership, allowing you to book in any city edition of your choice. Book your Hindustan Times classified ads through releaseMyAd and harness the extensive readership that Hindustan Times has so that you can get noticed by your target audience.

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