8 Newspaper Advertising Ideas for Local Businesses

Do you own a small business and are you looking to advertise about it in the newspaper? If you have opted for any other medium of Advertising you should definitely try Newspaper Advertising. For small businesses, positive returns are often present with local newspaper advertising because the papers publish community news and events. Therefore your ad finds its way towards your target audience radar.  With smaller local  publications, cost structure would be less thus providing you with increasing returns to your investment.

Newspaper ad

Here is how you can advertise your small local  business in the best way!

  • Target the newspaper with highest circulation in that locality. There is a major difference with local and national newspapers based on coverage and costs. For a local business it is best to target a local newspaper and reach the target consumers directly.
  • Choose the ad type based on your budget. You do not want to spend unnecessarily also you do not want to be too thrifty. Classified display ads could be your go to in some cases as those ads are economical and directly reach the target audience. While if you have a good budget you can directly target display ads.
  • Headlines should be catchy and bold to attract consumers towards your ad. It should state in short what is the purpose and objective of advertisement.
  • Make sure you get your ad designed in line with the business product that is being offered to the consumers. Do not be vague about the product. Keep it simple and precise.
  • It is highly recommended to put up the ad on a focus date and for multiple insertion otherwise you might not get the desired response and all this would be a waste of resources.
  • Use the logo of business or design of product or service which is being offered. 
  • Just for the sake of advertising do not make any false claims!
  • Make sure your ad has a lasting experience, share direct contact or address or both. 

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