Common Mistakes while booking Newspaper Ads

Advertising in a newspaper is easy. But sometimes you might need some assistance. With 3 different types of ad formats and a wide range of categories to choose from, one might get a little overwhelmed about what to do and what not to do.

Here are a few common mistakes one could make while booking a newspaper advertisement.

Mistakes in Newspaper Ad

 While giving an advertisement one might do a lot of thinking as to what tagline would attract its readers. We understand it’s important to have a catchy phrase or an appealing tagline.

But putting too complicated tagline might do your advertisement more harm than good. The audience has to understand what you want to convey. Keeping it simple is the way to go! 


When you create an ad matter make sure to have the right information. The what, why and where should be properly mentioned. What are you advertising for, why the reader might need it and lastly where they have to go after they see your ad (call of action). Other than this don’t add excess content in your ad just to fill up space or make it look more fuller. A lengthy ad won’t make it more appealing to the audience anyway.

You can refer to the sample ad section while composing your ad on releaseMyAd ‘s website to make this an easy task.


Now the most common mistake of all not mentioning your contact details in the ad matter. Suppose you have given an ad to sell your property in Times of India Mumbai. You have mentioned the size of the property, price and even the location. The advertisement gets printed and a reader comes across your ad and luckily was in the search to buy a property in the same location as mentioned in your ad. So this reader is your potential buyer but as you have forgotten to mention any contact details in your ad he is unable to contact you to make a deal and eventually moves on to some other property ad with a contact detail mentioned. Hence, you lost a valuable customer just from a silly mistake.

A contact detail is very important for almost all advertisements except a few given only for a formality like a name change, etc. other than this contact detail is a must in an ad matter. “A newspaper advertisement without contact detail might as well be an article”.

Contact detail can be a phone number, email id or even an address. You can also mention all three of them in your advertisement.


Keeping your ad matter crisp and to the point is the key to attract your audience’s attention. You must remember you have less than a minute time to be in the vision of the reader’s eye. That’s the time a newspaper reader takes to flip to the next page.

Keep it simple, keep it precise.


Now, most newspaper advertisements can be published without much need of a document but for a few ad types like a name change or an obituary ad, specific documents are needed to be provided to publish such advertisement. 

These required documents are mentioned on our website while you compose your advertisement. Even still a few customers forget or overlook such pieces of information while booking the ad. This only delays the processing of your ad to get published. So knowing the documents needed to publish your ad and keeping them ready to be uploaded before booking the advertisement makes the ad booking process easy and proficient.


You might have heard the term less is more. It might be true about fashion but not so much about a newspaper advertisement. You cannot do a test run of newspaper advertising you have to firm and determined that you want to advertise in the newspaper. Except of course some formality ads, newspaper advertisement has to be done on a regular basis. The more consistently you advertise the better response you will get for your ads.

This might sound expensive but with more than 2000 discounted packages provided by releaseMyAd, this becomes a rather fruitful experience. Not only does it allow you to advertise for a long duration at an affordable discount rate but also a one-time payment is all you need to book your advertisement.

So now that you know most of the common mistakes done while booking a newspaper ad why not head to to book your first mistake-free newspaper ad! And for other enquiries Mail us at, or call us on 09830629298.

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