10 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Newspaper Advertising

10 Reasons why you should not ignore Newspaper Advertising are :

  1. Newspapers are available everywhere, they can be used to target people living in areas where other mediums are less available ,
  2. Newspaper Advertisements are creative and flexible. If a particular campaign does not work, then it can be changed quickly ,
  3. It is a habit of countless people to read a Newspaper every Morning. Advertisements via Newspapers reach the Audience much before than any other Media ,
  4. With Proper planning and composing, these Ads may generate more profitable Customers ,
  5. People living in Cities or Rural areas, who do not have access to the Internet can get the message easily from Newspapers , 
  6. Different Ad Types can be used to display a message. For Example :
Classified Text Ads
  • Text Ads can be used for limited budget Ads.
Classified Display Ads
  • Classified Display and Display Ads may be used to say some more about a thing.

7.  For a Country like India where people speaking different languages exist, advertisements can be promoted in different languages with the help of regional Newspapers. People would better understand an idea written in their native language ,

Newspaper Ads

8.  Placing an Ad on the Focus Days of  a Category will bring better response ,

9.  Many researches have shown that Newspaper Ads are more trusted than other forms of Media , 

10.  It is economically more convenient. People with all kind of budgets can buy a Newspaper Advertisement.

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