What’s Holding Back the Newspaper Advertisement Industry

Newspaper advertisements are the oldest form of advertising known. With it’s advantages over other forms of advertising, it still has a good place in the market. However Newspaper Advertisement industry is facing setbacks when compared to its substitutes.

Commuting daily how many of you see people reading newspapers, even if you do you would notice a very many commuters, that too of age bracket 45 or more. Biggest setback with digitalization is faced by print media advertising of which Newspaper Advertisements remain on top. 

Everyone is busy with their smartphones and hardly does anyone care to read a newspaper. Striving hard, the newspaper advertising industry is facing drawbacks that have led to falling demand and hence poor statistics.

Limited readership. With people eschewing print publications for electronic versions of advertising which are digital ads over social media or emails and various other search engines, Newspaper Advertising is facing a serious hold back. What earlier used to be the most used forms of advertising is now facing serious competition and setback.

Posting an advertisement in Newspaper is very costly. But the same can be done through the internet with less cost and would actually target a wider audience. Newspapers follow the customary pattern while other sources like Television, Radio, Mobile Applications and Internet have advanced a lot. Newspaper advertising reaches a broader audience and it is therefore difficult to target specific audience.

Different publishing houses have themselves launched their apps where you can advertise,trying to hold up with digitalization, along with some  e-papers available free of charges. E-papers are exactly replicas of the hard Newspaper, just a digital version to reach a wider audience with its easy availability.

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