Types of Newspaper Advertising: which do you need?

Advertisements and business promotion have become two sides of the same coin. The most traditionally used means of advertising, newspapers, are the first choice for any advertiser when it comes to advertising. Low cost, wide reach and flexibility in advertising options are pretty much the reasons why advertisers see newspaper advertising as their prime choice.

Talking about newspaper advertising, there are plenty of options available to choose the advertisement type from. The decision behind opting for any particular type of newspaper advertising is primarily driven by the cost of advertising and the purpose behind the advertisement, with special emphasis on the target customer base.

The basic kinds of newspaper advertisements you will commonly come across while reading any newspaper, are listed below:

  • Classified Advertisements :

Usually towards the back of a magazine or newspaper, classified advertisements are small insertions, normally charged on a per word basis.  Since these ads are less costly as compared to other forms of newspaper advertisements, classifieds are usually the first choice for any advertiser when advertising through the medium of newspapers. These ads can either be text based or image based, and the cost varies accordingly. The common sub classifications of classified advertisements are as follows :

  • Matrimonial
  • Property
  • Tender Notice
  • Public Notice
  • Auction Notice
  • Educational
  • Public Appointments
  • Situations vacant
  • Situations wanted
  • Rental
  • Display Advertisements : 

Display advertisements occupy a space as much as one eighth of a page to an entire page in a newspaper. Being highly visual, these advertisements catch the attention of the readers towards the message of the advertisement.These advertisements are commonly termed as “box ads” since they usually take a rectangular or a square shape on the newspaper page. Larger the space, higher is the cost of the advertisement. These ads are generally used to advertise the everyday essentials like domestic items, kitchenware, cosmetics, electronics and sanitary products. Newspaper Display ads are usually costlier but has a huge impact.

  • Insert Advertisements :

Insert advertisements are full paged advertisements, usually in the form of small cards or pamphlets. The rate for such advertisements largely depends on the circulation and production cost for the flyer. Since inserts are “stand alone” in nature, it is possible for the readers to pull out the advertisement from the issue and keep it handy with themselves.

  • Spotlight Advertisements :

As the name suggests, Spotlight advertisements tend to place the ‘spotlight’ over a certain product, collection, employee or customer of the business. These advertisements tend to create an impact by providing huge avenues for brand recognition, highlighting the relevance of a particular product or employee, through their social achievements or the problems solved by them.

  • Business Cards :

Business Card advertisements typically outline a company’s information for the readers to connect with. With the use of creative slogans, taglines, pictures and graphics, these ads help people identify the companies, which helps them create a market for their products and services.

  • Sale Advertisements :

Sale advertisements are commonly used to make announcements when an entire store or a complete department of a store puts up a sale. These ads are most commonly used at the time of stock clearance to clear the old stock and thereby generate cash flows.

  • Coupons :

Coupons are used to attract customers to a business’s online or physical stores, by providing them an opportunity to avail certain offers against the coupons in the newspapers. This kind of advertising is pretty easy to evaluate in terms of the number of coupons redeemed by customers during an offer. 

  • Informational Advertisements :

Such advertisements are printed in an editorial format, just like an article, usually with a disclaimer above the post, notifying the reader. Since such advertisements can also be posted online, these can easily drive more traffic towards the business’s website or store.

  • Disclosures :

The legal notices usually printed around the classified section of the newspapers are commonly termed as “Disclosures”. This is an important type of newspaper advertisements, as it usually advertises important information with the intent of making the information known to the general public. Advertisements for change of name and debtors fall under this category.

  • Foldings :

A small printed advertisement, usually placed on the left hand side of a newspaper, is known as a folding. Foldings catch the readers’ eyes as they are attached separately to the newspaper, with the advertisement printed on either one or both its sides. Visually pleasing, it comes in the way of a reader’s reading and hence draws attention towards itself.

  • Flyers :

The glossy and colourful advertisements within the newspapers are commonly termed as “Flyers”. Usually deployed by large retailers like pharmacists, grocery stores and supermarkets, flyers usually contain advertisements relating to seasonal sales going on in the respective stores, and encourage people to visit the store before the last date warning them of limited period or limited stock offers.

  • House Ads :

House ads are commonly placed by publishers to promote the value of purchasing ad space. These ensure more advertisers coe up and place advertisements with the newspaper, as a response to house ads.

Having discussed the various types of newspaper advertisements, the choice of the kind of advertisement depends on the advertiser, having considered the budget of the campaign, the target market to reach and purpose of the campaign.

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