The newspaper matrimonial advertisement is still relevant today!

India is a nation that is rich in culture and steeped in traditions that go back thousands of years. Festivals are an indispensable part of Indian culture, and are celebrated with elaborate arrangements, brightly coloured decorations and immense fanfare.

Weddings in India are also celebrated with tremendous gusto. Anyone who is familiar with an Indian wedding will surely agree that they are carnivals in their own way. In Indian culture, weddings are given such a great deal of importance because getting married is regarded as a highly significant milestone in a person’s life. In a typical Indian marriage, there are prayers, rituals, festivities, singing and dancing and a lot of great food. All of this is a mark of the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the bride and the groom. 

Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper

Marriage is regarded as a sacred bond between the bride and the groom, and an enormous amount of planning and preparation goes into making the Indian wedding such a spectacular event. As one would also be familiar with Indian culture, arranged marriages have been the tradition. Arranged marriages have been synonymous with the concept of marriage in India since time immemorial. They still remain the most common form of marriage in the country, even though times have changed and an increasing number of people are preferring to find their prospective partners on their own. However, many still choose to place a newspaper matrimonial advertisement to find the most suitable candidate.

However, even as India has grown to become a technologically advanced powerhouse, many people across the country are technologically challenged. Additionally, in many rural areas, there is very limited internet access. For these people, the matrimonial columns in newspapers are their method for finding the most suitable partner. 

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