The best Urdu daily to publish a Newspaper Advertisement in Hyderabad

Urdu, along with Hindi is a form of the beautiful Hindustani language. An Indo-Aryan language, it was created from the union of Persian and the Old Hindi or Khariboli language of Delhi. 

It had been considered as an official language of the Country since the British Period. 

Several people living in the cities of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Telangana converse in the language. Hyderabad, the Land of Nizams, is one of the primary cities where Urdu is predominantly used to read, write and speak. Here, It is fondly called Dakhini. Apart from Telugu, it is this language that is well-understood by the citizens. 

Top Urdu Newspapers of Hyderabad.

  1. Siasat Daily: 45,904
  2. Munsif Daily: 60,438
  3. Etemaad: 21,474

Ad Formats:

Different Ad Formats wherein Ads can be booked are Classified Ads and Display Ads. Classified Ads are of two types, Classified Text and Classified Display. Classified Display and Display Ads are of the similar type but the former has got a fixed width, whereas the latter has got no restrictions in terms of the size. 

Classified Text Ads:

Classified Text Ad

Classified Display Ads:

Classified Display Ad

Display Ads:

Display Ads in Newspaper

Ad Booking Steps:

  1. To advertise in an Urdu newspaper at the lowest rate, select a newspaper first.
  2. To book a Display Ad, select the Category or Heading under which you want to place the Ad from the drop-down menu,
  3. Then select the City. It will take you to the page where you may select the Size, position of the Ad and the rate.
  4. To book a Classified Ad, click on Classifieds, view details. 
  5. Select an Ad category, Ad format, edition or package and on the next step compose the Ad by referring to the templates.
  6. After this, choose the date of publishing.
  7. Next, upload any documents if it is needed.
  8. Finally make the payment.

Ad bookings have been made easy and instant by releaseMyAd. You also get to check the latest Ad status by logging in to your profile. Until and unless any formalities are pending, you are sure to receive a confirmation mail about the Ad being processed. All this at the most economical rates. To know more, please give us a call at 9830629298.

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