Five Useful Tips From Experts In Times Of India Classified

The Times of India classified section is also known as Times Interact. It is one of the most widely read newspaper classified pages in India. Many advertisers throughout the years have been able to promote their business, sell or rent their property, recruit employees and marry off their son and daughter with the help of advertising in Times Interact section. Having a readership of 1.5 crores throughout India, The Times of India classified section, Times Interact, reaches every nook and corner of the country.   

Times Interact Classified

There are, however, few points to be kept in mind while advertising on Times Interact which will lead to a successful ad campaign and reach out to the target audience rather than get lost among all other ads in the classified page.

  • Selection of correct newspaper edition or package: Much depends upon the selection of correct edition and package otherwise the advertisement will not reach out to the correct audience. The advertiser should decide first which location he wants to target with his advertisement and then he should opt for the proper edition which reaches that particular location. The Times of India offers various discounted packages covering different locations. If the advertiser is looking forward to reaching out to multiple locations then carefully choosing one of the discounted packages can optimise the advertising cost.
  • Crisp advertisement text: Often, one of the simplest of Classified Text Ads can generate an unprecedented response. All depends upon a good ad text which can capture the attention of the audience. An ideal ad text should contain details of the product, service, business or person in case of a matrimonial or situation vacant ad. The description should be brief and to the point. The USP should be mentioned in the ad text which will attract the readers. Most important of all the contact details should be there in the ad text along with time to contact preferably so that the advertiser does not miss out a single enquiry.
  • Proper Category and Sub-Category selection: It is observed that most of the time advertisers take the selection of category and sub-category casually. While in Times of India classified, choosing the appropriate category is mandatory so that ads can be properly segregated in the Times Interact section but opting with the correct sub-category lets the readers zero in on the required column and find the advertisement. Usually, a reader does not go through the entire classified page but just checks the column which is relevant to him/ her and therefore it is very much important to choose proper, appropriate category and sub-category so that an ad campaign can be a success.
  • Highlight the advertisement: The Times of India provides various options to highlight and enhance an advertisement. These Special Enhancements are in the form of Colour background, Tick, Screen and Run on Display which allows an ad to be underlined and made bold. These enhancements bring an advertisement to the spotlight and among the clutter, these can easily grab the attention of the reader. If an advertiser is placing a Classified Display ad, he/ she should ensure that the colour scheme is eye-catching and not bland. Bigger font size in Classified Display ads also helps engage the reader’s attention.
  • Selecting the proper focus date: All categories of ads in TOI classifieds have a focus day of the week. Except for the matrimonial section which publishes only on Sundays all other categories publish every day of the week but there is a focus day on which the emphasis is given to a particular category and generally the readers’ lookout for ads related to that category on that day of the week. Property focus day is Saturday, Recruitment focus day is Wednesday and the focus day of Education ads is Monday. Advertisers must ensure to release their ads on these focus days which will lead to reaching out to the most relevant and targeted audience. 

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Times Of India: Most Popular for classified advertising in small Advertising Expenses

The Times of India, the largest selling English newspaper in the World is also very influential in terms of its reporting style. Since its inception in the year 1838, it has made huge efforts in covering a wide range of subjects and  International news. The serious nature of the paper and its tendency to stick to reality has increased its respect in the minds of its Audiences.

It was primarily created to provide regular news and information to the requirements of the British residents living in the regions of Western India. It has its headquarters situated in Mumbai, India. It is often fondly referred to as “The Old Lady of Bori Bunder”. Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India had once called it “The leading paper in Asia”. 

The low rates of the Times of India makes it suitable for Advertisers who are constrained to low budgets. One can always see that for all the Editions that it publishes in, the Classified Ad rates are very low but with a wide coverage area, an attribute that is hard to find in other papers.

To book a Classified Advertisement in the Times, please follow the steps:

1.  Select a Category from the list after visiting the page.

2.   Select An Ad Type, Classified Text or Classified Display. Classified Display Ads can be created with stylish, fonts, images, bold, underline and logo. These can be single-columns and multi-columns. The Classified Text is simple Run-on-Line Ads consisting of words, Background Color, Border, Ticks, etc.

3.  After selecting the Ad Type, Please select an Edition or an Ad Package.

4.   In the next step, compose the Ads. Refer to the Ad Samples and composing tips given on the Page to understand how to write it. The Basic Ad rates are provided alongside the Edition names and also on the Ad Composing page.

5.  Select a Date. Please look for insertion offers to get any free dates.

6. Make the payment.Times of India is highly effective in increasing the brand awareness due to the huge circulation. Customers can also avail many discounts and offers given by releaseMyAd. To know more about TOI Classified Ad bookings please contact at 09830629298 or visit our website.

Turn to The Times of India for Your Classified Advertisements

Launched on 3rd November 1838, the Times of India is the third-largest English language newspaper owned by Bennett & Coleman. It is one of the most popular newspapers and is widely recognized across the country. Holding the baton of good content, quality news and unprejudiced write-ups, The Times of India is well-accepted, nationwide. 

Distributed across 500 cities in India, it is the second-largest selling English language newspaper in our country. Back in the 20th century, Lord Curzon had tagged The Times of India as the ‘leading paper in Asia’ and even today, it continues to remain the most well-known newspaper brand. It does not limit its content boundaries thereby catering to all age-groups. From lifestyle, entertainment, politics, sports, international, edutainment and more, it sure caters to the distinctive news requirements of its readers. 

Given its performance and stature, Times of India sure has an upper hand when compared to other newspapers. It’s the perfect choice for your classified bookings as it will effectively deliver results with its enhanced visibility, coverage and amassed readership.  With Times Of India classified ads, you will be able to reach out to a larger age group, its loyal readership and a greater segment of the country. It’s all embracive reportage and non-negotiable quality has surely left its mark on its readers’ minds. 

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  3. Select the ad type- display/text, click on the most suitable package.
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5 Reasons for Selecting Times of India Classifieds to Advertise

Planning to advertise in a newspaper?

Wondering which should be the best newspaper for placing classified ads?

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Though our advertisers get the option of advertising in various leading newspapers of India, as of now I should give you reasons to select Times of India for classified advertising.Times Of India Classified Ads

Goodwill and Popularity– Published from the house of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, this newspaper gains huge popularity and has a commendable readership figure. This is one of the leading English dailies of India and the largest selling English newspaper in the World.

Circulation– Daily more than 2,716,291 copies are circulated across the country, therefore, your TOI classified ads shall reach out to every corner of the country.

Editions and packages– It’s various editions and ad booking packages shall help you to reach your desired location. Be it Northern, Southern, Eastern or Western parts of the country, by advertising in Times of India newspaper, you shall reach the leading metropolitans of the country and even the small towns of the country.

Pullouts– This newspaper also has a few popular pullouts like Property Times, Education Times and Appointment where classified advertisements can be booked and the advertisers gain huge response if they choose these platforms to advertise their classified ads like situation vacant, house for resale, flat for rent and similar ads.

Ad Rates– Now, the cost of advertising in TOI is much less compared to other leading newspapers of the country. You can check the ad rates of classified advertisements in Times of India once you visit our website.

I guess these reasons are enough to meet your need. So, by now are you convinced to book classified ads in Times of India?

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