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Mid Day is the quintessential Mumbai newspaper, that gives readers in Mumbai everything they want to know about the latest news and ongoing events in their city. 

Mid Day was founded by Khalid Ansari in the year 1979 as a family newspaper. Over the years, the newspaper has grown to become an integral part of the city’s news media space, and a name that people readily associate with Mumbai and its diverse cosmopolitan culture. 

When Mid Day was launched, a morning edition as well as a noon edition of the newspaper used to be published. This was the practice followed by the newspaper till 2009, when the noon edition was discontinued and Mid Day switched to a morning edition only. In the year 2014, there was a brand overhaul and both the print and online editions of Mid Day got a new look. Today, Mid Day is a compact newspaper that is without doubt an icon of Mumbai’s media landscape, as well as being one of the most easily recognised brands in the city. 

Ads in Mid Day Newspaper

As of today, Mid Day is owned and published by Jagran Prakashan Ltd., which is one of the largest media organisations in India. Mumbaikars rely on Mid Day to keep themselves updated on not just the goings on in and around Mumbai but also on the latest news from around India, as well as from the rest of the world. Along with the latest news stories, Mid Day provides readers with stories from a vast range of topics, including sports, entertainment, Bollywood, web series, lifestyle, culture, horoscopes, science and technology, fashion, health and fitness, as well as opinion pages and even a guide to the latest events in Mumbai. 

For these reasons, Mid Day advertising is what you need to reach out to a wider audience in the city. Classified ads are hugely popular because they are easy to book and they are cost effective too!

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