How to decide the right newspaper for placing your matrimonial ad?

In India marriage is considered as  a sacred union between two individuals. It has always existed in one form or another in

every culture, ensuring the social sanction of the physical union between man and woman and laying

the groundwork for the building of the family.

Parents of girls of marrying age are  approached by the boy’s parents and the marriages are arranged on the basis of  age, family background, personal characteristics and some others characteristics . Matrimonial advertisements are a form of ads which are placed in the classified section of the newspaper. It presents all the essential details of an individual which might help him or her to find a suitable match.

Choose community – It is quite clear that marriage is something of a community. It is validated by the community, seen by the community, commemorated by the community, and every married couple in the world knows something about the pressures exerted on this union by outside interests.

In a newspaper when you choose to give a matrimonial ad based on community , it gives you better visibility and enhanced outcome. You can choose from a varied range of communities. Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese are some of the accepted communities in newspapers.

Most popular newspaper– Did you know that an average newspaper or weekly issue reaches more people than an average half-hour prime-time TV show? There are tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers to newspaper publications in cities and metropolitan areas. Buying local newspaper advertising gives you great visibility at affordable rates.

After choosing the community you need to go for the most popular newspaper for your ad. The most popular newspaper has the maximum circulation in the chosen location and thereby will provide the most desirable results. For example if you choose to publish an ad in Andhra Pradesh you may want to go for Deccan Chronicle since it has more number of copies than any other newspaper in Andhra Pradesh, which implies that more number of people will view your ad.

Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper

Select your location – Choosing your ad based on location enhances your search  because it narrows down your target audience. For example if you want a Bengali groom and go for Anandabazar Patrika you can choose from locations like Bankura , Howrah , Medinipur and many more.

Design your ad – After going through all the above mentioned procedures now you can finally choose the layout of your ad from the available samples. You can also design your own layout and upload it. You are provided with some ad composing tips for better and proper ad composition. For example in classified ads you are provided with sample text and for classified display ads you can choose from the available layouts.

Choose your release date – Now you are just one step away from your ad booking confirmation. Enter your most preferred date for the ad. There may be some offers available for you. Choose the most suitable insertion offer for you and then make the payment. Now you are finally done with the ad booking and you can wait for confirmation from our end.

Get ready  for response – After you receive confirmation from our website for your ad , you can check your published ad from the physical copy of the newspaper available locally or from the e-paper available online. Hereafter, you will start receiving relevant responses from the audience of your published ad..

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