Check out How to Advertise in Hindu Newspaper in a Hassle-Free Manner!

The Hindu is India’s second most circulated English-language newspaper. It was started as a weekly in 1878 and became a daily in 1889. The Hindu boasts of a massive readership of over 22.6 lakhs and an average daily circulation of about 15.58 lakhs. It has amazing records of being trusted by many advertisers. 

The Hindu Newspaper get’s circulated to almost all the major parts of India which include Allahabad, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, e.t.c., where you can get your exact target readers. Keeping the budget factor of the advertisers in mind, The Hindu’s rates for advertisements are quite worthy according to its effectiveness. It also provides you with convincing Discount packages.

Hindu offers you three types of ad formats that vary from each other based on their content, location in the paper and price. You can choose among them understanding your requirement for the ad, the formats are :

  • Classified Text: Classified Text ads allow you to put only textual ads which are not containing any kind of designed creative. It appears in the newspaper under the specific category, chosen by the advertiser, in the Classified Page. These are comparatively Cheaper.
Hindu Newspaper Advertisement
  • Classified Display: These almost the same as the Classified Text ads. The only difference between classified text ads and classified display ads is classified text allows text whereas classified display allows designed creative ads, thus costs more than simple text ads.
  • Display: Display ads are the costly ads that are placed when the agenda behind publishing the ad has more to do in the future. Specific feedback expectations are more in this case. It appears on the other pages of the main newspaper.

With releaseMyAd, ad booking becomes easy and hassle-free. Follow the steps given below to book your Advertisement for The Hindu.

  1.  Click on
  2. Select your ad format type, understanding your requirements.
  3. Select your category for advertisement
  4. Select your city edition or any of the discount packages of your choice and proceed for the next step.
  5. Compose your ad or upload an existing ad design in case of Classified Display or Display ad format. For composing you can take the help of the samples or templates provided.
  6. Give your contact number and proceed.
  7. Select the dates (More than one date selection is allowed), Create account or log in to your existing account(If any) and Make payments to get your ad published.

If you are still having any questions, call us at 9830629298. Our executives are there to help you. Or you can directly chat with us by clicking on the “Live chat” option or “Chat with expert” option on our website.

releaseMyAd values your time. So we, with our years of experience, made your journey of ad booking less time consuming and effective. Book your The Hindu Newspaper advertisement to communicate with your target group and make your message reach a greater part of India.

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