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The Tribune is a newspaper with a rich legacy in the Indian English language journalism space. With its history going back more than a hundred years, The Tribune is one of India’s most respected and renowned English language daily newspapers. It was founded in Lahore by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia in the year 1881. However, since independence from the British and the partition of India leading to the formation of Pakistan, The Tribune has its headquarters in the city of Chandigarh today. 

The newspaper is primarily concentrated around India’s northern states, namely Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and the Union Territory of Chandigarh. Despite its regional concentration in the north, it has a sizable readership across the rest of India as well. The quality of its journalism and reporting, as well as the richness of content in its pages make it a newspaper that millions of readers rely on for the latest news from the region, the rest of India and around the world.

Two sister newspapers are also published by The Tribune. They are Punjabi Tribune, which is a Punjabi language newspaper, and Dainik Tribune, which is a Hindi language newspaper. 

The Tribune is a household name across millions of households, and is the trusted source of news for a large number of people. The Tribune delivers readers with the latest regional, national and international news, along with a host of content spanning a diverse range of topics. These include sports, business and lifestyle to entertainment, health, education, jobs and many others.

That being said, The Tribune is clearly a newspaper that has something for everyone, as it offers a range of content to cater to every taste. Booking a Tribune matrimonial, therefore, is sure to help you tremendously in your search for the perfect partner!

Matrimonial Ads in Tribune

In India, arranged marriages are the tradition, and families place a great deal of emphasis on finding the most suitable bride or groom for their children. Marriages in Indian culture are viewed as very important and sacred events which mark the beginning of a new phase in the lives of the bride and the groom where they start life together. In India, a marriage does not only mark the coming together of a bride and a groom, but signifies the union of their respective families as well. 

It is for this reason that parents want the best partner for their children, and this is how the matrimonial column in The Tribune will help you find the best partner. Newspapers are regarded as authentic and trustworthy sources of information, and they are an integral part of every Indian household.

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