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A misspelled name, taking on the name of one’s spouse after marriage, reverting to one’s original surname after a divorce, dissatisfaction with one’s current name or the desire to take on a new name inspired by a famous personality. These are just some of the multiple potential reasons a person may have for wanting to change their names. They do so in order to have a name that they feel comfortable with, a name that they identify with, and a name that they feel best reflects their personality. 

People may want to change their names due to astrological or numerological reasons. They may feel that they need to modify or alter how their names are spelled. They may want to take on a middle name or adopt a stage name or pseudonym, just like numerous personalities in the fields of the arts and literature tend to do. Some people may change their name to something that is easier to pronounce or easier to remember, or one that makes them feel unique and special, or even one that has especially high recall value. 

Other people may choose to change their names if their original names make them feel awkward or if the name carries an unpleasant connotation in a different language, or they may take on the name of someone who may have had a profound influence or impact in their lives. 

Name Change Ad

Whatever the reason may be, changing one’s name is a common practice today. A change of name is a perfectly legal practice too, as long as there is no intention of deceiving others or committing fraud. Even if the intention is completely noble and innocent, there is a process one needs to go through to make a name change official. A change of name advertisement is one of the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to make a name change official and legally binding. 

If a person wants to change their name, they need to file an affidavit, and along with it, they need to book a change of name ad in a newspaper. Doing both of these will make the name change legally enforceable. 

So, along with the affidavit, a person needs to book a name change ad in two Indian newspapers. One of which needs to be in the English language, while the other needs to be in the respective regional language of the state or Union Territory that the person is a resident of. 

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