6 Popular categories of classified ads in TOI

Although there are numerous categories of classified ads that are published in Times of India newspaper ranging from Matrimonial to public notice to Obituary. Top 6 categories would be 

Times of India Classified
  1. Matrimonial – These ads are very successful in the world of classified ads. It starts with the requirement of Bride or groom and further divided into sub categories like caste, religion, community, financial status etc. One can also publish in their preferred location and language to attract right audience through Times of India newspaper.
  2. Property – These ads also has a vast market when it comes to classified ads. If one needs to buy or sell any land, wants to lease any premises or wants an accommodation on rent or wants to rent, they can publish in this category and get the response they need. These ads help in creating an open market and also a market for brokers and landlords.
  3. Recruitment – The most checked section of classified ads in today’s scenario. With new opportunities opening up recruiters want to attract the best talent and for that they publish in Times of India newspaper with job openings including sub categories like Multiple positions, Experience needed, Location etc.
  4. Business – To promote their products or services among the huge target audience, Firms tend to introduce campaigns of publishing their classified ads. Few examples are like Packers and Movers, Dealers and Agents, Agencies etc. who use classified ads in order to reach to customers they cannot reach manually.”
  5. Obituary – This section in Times of India newspaper is for the late loved ones who are no more in this world. Classified ads are published for condolences, funeral and invitation and remembrance announcement purposes.
  6. Education – Advertisers of this section publish their services through the medium of Tuition, coaching centre or Home tutor. It helps private and small tuitions and coaching centres might not have large budget so publishing in classified ads in Times of India newspaper is the best bet for them to reach their target audience.

The list goes on but these were the most popular categories that pop up in classified ads section in Times of India newspaper. If you want to advertise, you can go check out, browse in your category  and publish the ad online at a very affordable rate by visiting the site https://timesofindia.releasemyad.com/ .

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