Will Newspaper Advertisements Ever Die?

Newspaper advertising dates back to hundreds of years. India which is a country with diverse cultures and languages has over 1,00,000 publications registered with registrar of the newspaper. Some of the newspapers are printed locally in a local language while others are national and are printed in English. Take for example Times of India, the most widely recognised English newspaper in India with as much as 50 editions reaching almost every nook and corner of the country. Considering local newspapers can ensure you reach your target audience in the suburbs where the only form of advertising is print media.

Advertising on Newspaper

Well, yes yes I get it, with the country moving towards digitalization, you must be worried if at all in the long term Newspaper advertising would survive?

Well, you can count on your fingertips all the reasons why it definitely survives and not die in a diverse country like India!

  • 70% of Indians live in rural areas and as over as 41 crore Indians do not even have access to television at their home. And, this statistics is not changing in decades and thus Newspaper advertising is not dying.
  • In India where most people do not enjoy a very high standard of living, Newspaper advertising is reliable as it is low-cost form of advertising for masses till now and this is gonna hold true for future as well.
  • Most of the Newspapers have their e-paper to keep up with the digital changes.
  • Digital advertisements in websites of Newspaper ensures you reach the smarter generation and advertisement in printed Newspaper allows you to target others.

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