What are the advantages of booking a Name Change ad in newspaper online versus publishing it through a local agency?

Name Change ad is a kind of statutory advertisement that is required to be published in newspapers whenever any individual goes through the legal process of changing or correcting his or her name. As name change advertisement is just a legal formality therefore people usually look for the cheapest option available. Nowadays, booking a name change ad online is the better option than going through a local agency. Let’s check out how:

Name Change Ads in Newspaper
  •  Various online platforms which allow booking of name change advertisements have an array of newspapers to select from as per budget and requirement. A local agent will mostly serve for one or two newspaper from which the customer has to choose. As the options are less with a local agent therefore a customer has to go with whatever is available irrespective of advertisement charges.
  •  The rates quoted by an online newspaper ad booking platforms are transparent and directly as per publication rate card. Local agents often quote dubious rates as there is no separate verifiable source from which customer can verify the quotation.
  • Local agents usually deal with local regional newspapers and if a customer wants to book a name change advertisement in a newspaper of a different city then it is not possible. Online platforms have different newspapers covering all the states and multiple cities. Therefore, it is always a better option to go online to publish name change ads. 
  •  Online platforms have a simple interface and always educate the customers about the proper format acceptable in the newspapers along with tips on composing the ad text. If the customers select a regional newspaper, online platforms ensure a correct translation of the ad text as per customer’s request. Such privileges are often not available with local agents. The customers are not provided with any guidance and translation services are also not available.
  •  Publishing a name change advertisement in newspaper require supporting documents like Notarized Affidavit. Online websites provide proper guidance to a customer before booking an ad about the same. Whereas, if a customer is a layman and does not have much information about supporting documents, there is all probability that he/ she will have to make multiple rounds of the local agent before the ad is published.

To sum up, the better way to book name change ads in newspaper is online through newspaper advertisement booking platforms rather than taking the help of local agents. It not only saves time and money but also allows various choices and options. The flexibility of online procedure ensures hassle-free name change ad booking from the customer’s home or office along with transparent rates and quick service.

Name Change Ads in Newspaper

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