Want to place a Matrimonial Ad in Dainik Jagran Newspaper? Here are the booking steps!

The Dainik Jagran Matrimonial Section happens to be greatly demanded by people who desire to marry. Chances of better replies increase because of the large number of readers following the paper. The trustworthiness of Dainik Jagran also plays a vital part here.

Dainik Jagran Matrimonial Ad

How to compose a Matrimonial Ad in Dainik Jagran :  

  1. A Matrimonial Ad can be booked in both Text and Classified Display Formats. Choose either one, to begin with,
  2. Next, select a Package from the List as Ads cannot be booked for single locations 
  3. On the next Page, select Bride Wanted or Groom Wanted. Also, select sub-headings based on Religion, Caste, Language/Region, Profession and Special Status (NRI, Remarriage, Cosmopolitan, Others etc.),
  4. Compose Ads in either Hindi or English. (Note: 10% extra charge is imposed on English Matters for Text Ads.) For Cd Ads, although English layouts are provided a Customer may paste Hindi matter in the layout to create the matter or upload a designed file altogether,
  5. You may select a background Color to enrich the look of the Ad,
  6. Refer to the Basic Rates section to understand the complete length of the Ad matter that can be created without paying more,
  7. Select the Dates (Sundays Only), look for any special insertion offers that may be applied. (Note: For Deadlines, please follow this link to find the updated information) ,
  8. Make the Payment.

Composing Tips : 

  1. Give pertinent information about the Bride or Groom like Date of Birth, Age, Weight, Education and Profession,
  2. You may also like to include any special requirements and facts like Manglik/Non-Manglik, Caste No Bar, Remarriage etc.
  3. Give proper Contact details.

releaseMyAd being the online booking partner of Dainik Jagran provides Tracking Ad Status and quick confirmation of Ads among many other benefits. To know more about Matrimonial Ad Bookings in Dainik Jagran please call us at 9830629298 as per your convenience.

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