The Pros and Cons of Newspaper Advertisements

Newspaper advertising can be beneficial after all it has a high readership in India. but it’s not all positive. So  let us look at both, pros as well as the cons of newspaper advertising.


  • High Readership

As you already might know newspapers have a high readership number. 1/3rd of the literate class read a newspaper each day in India. The most read newspaper in India Dainik Jagran had a total readership (TR) of 7.37 crore in the last one month of the survey, up from 7 crores a year ago, followed by Dainik Bhaskar (5.14 crore). These numbers show you the reach of newspapers. Advertising in a newspaper helps you to reach and gain more potential customers for your business.

  • Affordability

A lot of people will tell you newspaper advertising is expensive but I beg to differ. A newspaper ad is the most cost-effective way of advertising in today’s digital world. It not only gives your ad a wide exposure, it also provides the widest range of rate cards to choose from.

With so many different ad formats to choose from, being the classified section the most value for money format. Newspaper advertising is more affordable than any other media.

  • Consumer Trust

It’s important that the consumer of media you are advertising in trusts that the media the advertisement is showcased in is trustworthy. Newspapers have been a part of our lives for a long time and hence it has built a sense of trust among its readers . In many latest surveys, it was seen that a consumer is more likely to visit a store or buy a product if it was advertised in a newspaper than in any other media. This proves even in the age of digitization the long built consumer trust of newspapers cannot be competed with even to this day.

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  • Rectification Of Ad Matter

Unlike in digital media platforms once an ad matter is sent to the press for printing for publication there is no looking back. Any error or spelling mistakes is not possible to be rectified in the final ad matter after processing. That’s why we at releaseMyAd advise advertisers to take their time composing the ad matter carefully before going to the next step.

And after the ad is published the wrong ad is seen by millions of people and can only be changed after a new ad is published again but the existing one which is already printed can no longer be rectified.

  • Quality

Print media lack in quality when compared to the amazing animation advertisements in social media or even television. No matter how beautifully your ad is designed at the end it remains a 2-D ad printed on paper.

  • Shelf Life

Newspapers have a short shelf life. Newspaper ads are short-lived with daily hundreds of prints of different newspapers with more than thousands of ad printed in each copy consumers can easily forget about your ad. To make an impression on the consumer a single ad is not enough. Newspaper advertising has to be done regularly to attract the consumer and possibly get a genuine response from them.

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How to do Newspaper Advertisement Booking

Advertising plays an immensely important role in creating awareness and demand for brands and products/services. It is therefore, imperative, to executive an advertising campaign through the medium of newspapers as efficiently as possible. Newspapers, as the most popularly known medium for advertising, comes to the rescue on account of its low cost and wide reach.

Advertising is not a child’s play. It requires expertise in the field of advertising to maximise the benefits of executing a particular campaign. It may not be fruitful for an advertiser to simply go about placing an ad, having little to no knowledge regarding the editorial policies of various publications. Thus, for businesses seeking a growth in the market saturated with cut-throat competition, it is always a sound decision to hire a newspaper advertising agency.

An advertising agency is a firm dedicated towards creating advertisements representing a company’s product/service, specifically highlighting the positive side of the product/service advertised. Advertising agencies are responsible for designing and executing the entire advertising campaign, on account of their in-house expertise and professional services, and help the advertisers generate greater exposure and profits in the long run, while establishing a well defined position in the market choked with competition.

Benefits of Advertising Agency :

  • Expert Guidance in Developing Advertising Campaign : 

Advertising agencies help businesses develop their advertising campaigns. They guide the advertisers through each stage of the advertising process right from generating creatives from negotiating prices with the publications for their clients.

  • Save Time and Money :

Advertising agencies maintain frequent contact with their clients, ensuring all their requirements are attended. Due to their experience in advertising, they help their clients make the most of their advertisements thereby helping clients who otherwise have less knowledge of advertising. They save clients money as well as time by arranging the advertisement on the behalf of their clients.

  • Creative Expertise :

Business owners may be experts in their respective fields, but may not have thorough knowledge in the field of advertising. Advertising agencies employ people having a good knowledge and experience of creating attractive advertising content which are effective for the purpose of advertising as well as eye-catching for the readers.

  • Better Ad Placement :

Advertising agencies are capable of guiding advertisers regarding positioning and placement of their advertisements, in order to ensure maximum impact and viewership.

  • Market Research :

Advertising agencies also help advertisers by conducting market research to help them identify their target markets as well as their main demographics. This helps advertisers identify which format of newspaper advertising shall earn them more responses.

  • Branding :

Newspaper advertisements are crucial to formation of a brand name in India. Advertising agencies, hence, help businesses gain recognition through the advertisements and become a recognized brand. Some agencies also help businesses create their brand logos, adding uniqueness to their brand image.

Why releaseMyAd ?

The success of any newspaper advertisement depends upon the degree of expertise the advertising agency possesses. Headquartered in the city of Kolkata, releaseMyAd, has provided advertisers the platform for booking newspaper advertisements online as per their convenience, ever since its inception in the year 2009. 

releaseMyAd aims at simplifying the media buying process and enables advertisers book advertisements in leading newspapers at the best possible rates, suiting the budget of the advertisers. Since the agency is accredited by the INS (Indian Newspaper Society), they bear the potential of negotiating the ad rates with the respective publication houses, on behalf of their clients and hence avail them of the best possible advertising rates.  

Advertising on Newspapers

In addition, the team at releaseMyAd comprises various in-house media experts who can help advertisers get through every stage of their advertisement booking process. They render professional services, helping the advertisers be guided with the best suggestions regarding the advertisements to be placed – how the efficiency of the ad can be increased, what paper one should go for, what booking package shall enable the advertiser gain maximum responses at the most economical price. 

releaseMyAd values its clients on top priority and maintains complete transparency with them till their ads are published. They provide the clients a soft copy of their ads or hard copy, if requested by them, as a proof of release. Hence, releaseMyAd is the best agency to approach for any brand looking forward to increasing their brand awareness or spreading their advertising message among the masses through newspaper advertising.

Steps for Booking Newspaper Advertisements with releaseMyAd :

Booking your advertisement with releaseMyAd is merely a matter of a few minutes. All you need to do is:

  1. Login to their website
  2. Click on the Login tab
  3. Sign up as a new user (if you are a first-time user) or log in using your registered login credentials
  4. Select “Newspaper” from the options on the top of the screen as the desired medium for advertising
  5. Select the desired ad format to go for by clicking one of the three ad format options available on the screen :
  1. Select the desired Ad category as for classified advertisements or the desired supplement or newspaper section for display advertisements.
  2. Select the Newspaper of your choice and the edition as per the location desired
  3. Click on “Book Now” to book the advertisement.
  4. For classified advertisements, you must now type your desired Ad Matter in the “Compose Ad Matter” section (sample ads and tips are available at this stage for your help). Make use of enhancements while composing the ad content for increasing the visual appeal of your ad, to ensure it gets noticed.
  5. For display advertisements, you must upload the creative of the desired advertisement in a suitable format like pdf, jpeg, png
  6. Click on “Select Dates and Make Payment” for selecting the desired release date, then preview the ad booking details prior to order booking and finally making the payment using either of the numerable options available to make the payment online/offline.

Selection of  a competent ad agency like releaseMyAd  helps business houses generate more goodwill as well as profits for the company. Common people, too, can make the most of their advertisements, in terms of high number of positive and relevant responses, by availing the professional services rendered by releaseMyAd.