The Case for Print Media and The Newspaper Advertisement

We live in the internet age. Today, pretty much all the information in the world is available to us at our fingertips thanks to the internet. It is well known that the internet has altered our lives and lifestyles in ways that we had never even imagined would be possible. 

At one point, we had no idea that a smartphone would be a thing. Yet today, practically every person owns one. We live in an age where people want information available to us in an instant. News media such as newspapers and magazines have duly adapted to consumer demands by offering their content on their websites as well as dedicated mobile applications. This helps readers stay updated with the latest news stories as well as content from various other topics of interest as soon as they are published. 

Nowadays, the websites and mobile apps of a lot of newspapers and magazines offer content that people can access only on a mobile device or computer. Other publications, however, have put up a paywall, which means readers need to purchase a subscription in order to access such content on the platform. 

Needless to say, this digital revolution has found an immensely large number of takers, and this, in turn, has caused a significantly large disruption to print media as well as the industry that thrives on account of it. It is already known that digital content is the way forward, but what does that mean for traditional print media?

Quite frankly, there is still a strong case for print media in today’s digital world. Printed newspapers and magazines are still important in various parts of the world, and especially in India. The humble newspaper is an integral part of the modern Indian household, in spite of the technological advances as well as India’s growing reputation as a tech hub in recent years.  

Ads in Newspaper

The newspaper remains a staple at breakfast and tea time, and it is often a conversation starter and leisure time companion. In India, the newspaper enjoys a high reputation due to the fact that it is an authoritative source of information and knowledge on a vast array of topics in addition to the latest news from the region, country and the world at large. Needless to say, advertising in newspapers is still a lucrative business even today. 

One of the most popular forms of advertising is classified ads. Newspapers have a dedicated section for these advertisements, which are arranged on the basis of categories, such as matrimonial, property, education, public notice and several others. These categories are why they are called ‘classifieds’ as they are classified accordingly, making it easy for people to find what they are looking for.  

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What Would the World Look Like Without Newspaper Ads

A newspaper is probably one of the first things that an individual normally looks for, after of course his mobile phone.It is hard to imagine what the world would like had newspapers not existed or even if newspapers did exist, they did not contain any advertisements. 

It is rightly said that “Newspaper advertising is a destination, and not a distraction”. Newspapers are the best known media vehicle for advertising on account of the following reasons :

  • It is the most trusted and one of the fastest forms of advertising known today.
  • Ads are cost effective and flexible, putting advertisers at ease.
  • Wider reach is ensured through the medium of newspapers.
  • Published ads are extremely trustworthy, as the confidence of the readers in the papers is extended to the ads they chose to publish
  • It helps establish and promote a brand’s identity
  • It is a result – driven medium for advertising, which is intrusive and not selective.
  • It enables advertisers to go for a much targeted audience, depending on the type of newspaper advertisement and the kind of people it is likely to influence, after taking into account various demographic factors like literacy, language, gender, economic status, age groups, etc.
Newspaper Ad

What if there were no newspaper advertisements? Or consider that newspapers existed, but did not contain any advertisements?

  • Uninformed and Unaware People –

In the absence of newspapers or newspaper advertisements, people would have been unaware of the latest products being launched in the market. People tend to purchase items they are made familiar with, but in the absence of newspapers advertisements, most people would not have known about certain products, services, offers, proposals and events in the first place.

  • Limited Reach – 

In the absence of newspapers, it would not be possible to reach out to the masses. No other advertising medium can beat the reach of newspapers, making newspapers the most effective advertising vehicle known to mankind.

  • Limited Advertising Flexibility –

Newspapers allow advertisers immense flexibility with regards to their ad type, matter, design, frequency etc. No other advertising medium would allow such flexibility and options for advertisers to choose from

  • Costlier Newspapers –

Newspapers would be costlier if newspaper advertisers did not meet the cost of bringing out the newspapers through funding the newspaper ads. This in turn would have made newspapers less popular among the masses, if they were not able to afford the papers.

  • High Advertising Cost –

Newspapers are one of the most pocket friendly forms of advertising. Had newspaper advertising not existed, people would have to resort to other mediums for advertising through expensive mediums like the cinema, television or radio, or even digital media through the use of the internet.

  • Slow Advertising –

Newspapers are the fastest means of advertising. Had newspapers not been there, people would have to go for advertising options which deliver their message with a lot of processing delay. Timing plays a crucial role in advertising – if delayed, the advertiser may not be able to reap the benefits of the advertising campaign.

  • Limited Newspaper Readership –

Newspaper reading wouldn’t be as popular. Many people buy newspapers looking out for discount coupons or event details they may be interested in. Hence newspaper advertisements are a major reason why people invest in newspapers, for reasons other than obtaining plain news.

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7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Newspaper Ads

“Little” may sound little but is actually not. Think again, all that we ever thought as little always left the biggest impact. Maybe that is why it is an undeniable fact that little droplets of water make an ocean. Similarly, changes can make a huge impact on any of our activities as well.

Wait, I hope you are not afraid to accept change. I hope you know how change can bring huge improvements and help you stand out from the common crowd. I hope you know that Change is the only way to be a constant in the global market. Thus, if you are really for change then read this article to know 7 Little changes that can make a big difference with your newspaper ads.

  • Change Number 1: Change your newspaper selection according to the purpose of your ad.
  • You should choose a newspaper based on your purpose of advertising. It gives you the maximum result. For eg: Choosing financial papers for relevant ads will be more effective than any other paper whereas for Matrimonial ads the daily newspapers with maximum Circulations will get you the quality feedback.
  • Change Number 2: Change your newspaper selection according to the price.

Saving money is smartness. Unnecessary expenses reduce effectiveness. Thus, choose the newspaper which will be the most cost-effective solution for you. Analyze your requirements and choose accordingly.

  • Change Number 3: Change the ad format.

Ad formats affect the results to some extent. For business startups or Financial ads, it is better to choose Classified display or Display ads for more effectiveness whereas, matrimonial or property ads can also be effective if placed in text format. Obituary and remembrance ads are always placed in the Classified Display format.

  • Change Number 4: Change Positioning.

If you are placing an ad in the display format you must be knowing the positioning effectiveness. In the case of Display ads, front page, back page, and all other odd number pages fetch you the maximum results.

  • Change Number 5: Change your ad matter following the Composing Tips.

If you think that your ad is not being to fulfill your expectation, change your ad matter by following the composting tips provided by releaseMyAd. You can find it for all kinds of Ads and all categories while booking through releaseMyAd.

Change Number 6: Change the publication date on the right focus Days.

  • Focus Days are of immense importance. It has been set by the publication after reading the behavior of the readers. Specific categories have fixed focus days. It is not that you cannot place the ad other than the focus days, but publishing on focus days would fetch you the most number of readership for the particular category.
  • Change Number 7: Change and accept releaseMyAd.

releaseMyAd can help you remove all your difficulties. Just not that, It can shape you as a better advertiser and will pull you out from the conventional ad ideas. It shows you the new trends and acceptance followed by the readers. releaseMyAd supports the change and thus stands out of the box with all it’s advertiser clients.

Visit to book your advertisement now and go ahead one step towards the change. Remember –

“Your Life Doesn’t Get Better By Chance,

It Gets Better By Change.”

Why You Should Focus on Improving Newspaper Ads

Improvements in newspaper advertisements are as important as our surviving is to our desires. But to understand this, first, you need to understand the value of “Advertisement” and “Improvement” as individual terms. 

Advertisement is nothing other than effective communication that helps brands or individuals building bonds, trust, and reputation. In today’s world, which has almost got converted into a global market, it is an advertisement that plays an imperative role for both manufacturers and consumers. While building brand awareness, it also serves customers with feasible solutions. 

Taking the advantage of this effective communication procedure, now individuals have also started advertising not only with the motive of gaining profit but also with goals of fulfilling requirements such as, hiring an employee, Selling property, finding a suitable partner, and so on. This is where Classified advertisements play it’s role. 

But have you ever thought that even when we are aware of so many brands who are doing incredibly good in their respective fields, why do they come up with a new advertisement every one or alternative year?

Because they seek to improve. Improvement brings survival and thus it re-builds the brand image in the market. 

Newspaper Advertisement

Similarly, you need to improve as an advertiser. If you are looking forward to reaching a specific target group of yours, newspaper advertisements will be a great option. Improving newspaper ads can make your communication with the readers more effective, which can fetch you gratifying results.

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  • Thirdly, releaseMyAd saves your money. Booking through we offer you unbelievable discount packages.
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Everything You Need to Know About Newspaper Advertisement Booking

Newspaper Advertising  is the most traditional method of advertising followed since years. It is economical and easier to reach a large audience at once through placing advertisements in the newspapers. Hence, print media advertising is here to stay.

Prior to understanding how a newspaper advertisement is booked, it is essential to know why the medium is so popular for advertising and what are the factors that need to be considered towards planning a newspaper advertisement.

Why Newspaper Advertising? :

Newspaper advertising is the most common and popular method for advertising on account of the following reasons :

  • Affordability : Newspapers, being quite cheap in terms of cost, is affordable for the target audience. The direct link between the manufacturers and ultimate consumers eliminate middlemen from in between, thereby saving on additional costs. Further, since the cost of printing newspapers all over the world is largely met by amounts paid by various advertisers, the per unit cost of newspapers are pretty low.
  • Trustworthiness : Being the oldest known form of advertising, newspaper advertising is still considered to be the most trustworthy method of advertising as publishers are accountable for what they print and there are lesser chances of fraudulent ads being published. Newspapers are the most trusted paid medium for advertising followed by television, radio and online advertising respectively
  • Flexibility : Newspaper advertisements can be edited and customised as per the advertiser’s needs or preferences at any time prior to getting printed. Also advertisers enjoy full control on the size, design and positioning of their ads when advertising through newspapers.
  • Lesser distractions : Unlike television and radio advertisements, newspaper ads are given more attention as readers generally do not indulge in multitasking while reading, provided the advertisement is appealing enough and the readers go through the advertisement with interest without having skipped it.
  • Wide reach and large audience : Newspapers are capable of approaching a large audience at a time. There are millions of newspapers published and distributed on a daily basis. Advertising in newspapers give the advertisers the opportunity to spread their message to the masses

Factors to consider for newspaper advertising :

  • Advertising Budget :

The type of advertisement to be published and the appropriate newspaper is normally determined on the basis of the budget of the advertiser. 

The cost of advertising in a newspaper depends upon – 

Newspaper Ad Cost
  • Popularity and Circulation of Newspaper : The more popularity a newspaper enjoys, the higher is its readership. Advertising in newspapers with a higher circulation implies a higher cost of advertising, as evident from the publication’s ad rates. While most publications charge on the basis of circulation, a few publications even charge on the basis of readership the newspaper enjoys.
  • Frequency of Ad Run : To create an impact, it is important to repeat the advertisement a certain number of times to ensure it gets noticed and garners a proper and favourable response. Higher the frequency of advertising, higher shall be the total advertising expenditure.
  • Type of Advertisement : Classified Text ads are the cheapest, Classified Display ads are a bit more expensive and Display ads are the most expensive advertisements.
  • Size of Advertisement : The size of advertisement is directly proportional to the cost of advertisement. While classifieds occupy less ad space and are cheaper, display ads are quite expensive according to the space it occupies on the newspaper.  A half page advertisement costs higher than a quarter page advertisement and a full page advertisement costs higher than a half page advertisement.
  • Colour of Advertisement : Though monochrome advertisements are cheaper, colour ads enhance the visual appeal of the advertisements and help them stand out. Hence, coloured ads cost higher than black and white plain ads.
  • Position of Advertisement : Ads placed on the front or back pages of the newspaper are more expensive than those placed on the inner pages of the issue. This is because the front or back pages are the first and last pages people tend to view, and placing the ads on such pages ensures noticeability. Similarly for some publications, ads on the right hand side pages cost more than those placed on the left side pages.
  • Date/Day of Release : The cost of placing a newspaper advertisement for the weekend happens to be greater than the ads placed to publish on weekdays. Also, the ad rates tend to increase during festive occasions.
  • Location and Audiences to Target :

It is important to ascertain the location and audience to be targeted through the advertisement. Choice for the appropriate newspaper is directly influenced by the following factors :

  1. Research on existing market : Preliminary research should be conducted to study the tastes and preferences of the end users of the products or services advertised. The entire advertising campaign should be based upon the buying patterns of the customers and how likely they are to go for competing products or services.
  2. Target Region (Reach) : To ensure reaching out to the desired target region, it is important to advertise in a newspaper which is widely circulated in the target region.The scale of reaching out needs to be concrete – whether to target a locality, a city, a state or the nation as a whole. 
  3. Language and Income of the Target Audience : The message advertised can only be spread effectively if the ad is published in a language which the readers comprehend. Choice of the newspaper is also influenced by the language to be used to connect with the target audience.
  4. Age group, gender and profession of Target Audience : Different ads cater to different sections of the society belonging to different age groups, genders and professions. These factors must be taken into account while choosing the newspaper for advertising a particular product meant for the specific market.
  5. Rural, Urban or both : If the target audience belongs to the rural areas, newspapers should be selected keeping them in mind. While for those belonging to the urban areas, who are usually more educated and well to do, the advertisement should be planned accordingly. For targeting both the rural and urban areas alike, the newspaper chosen should have enough circulation and population in both these areas.
  • Choice of newspaper

For ensuring effective advertising through newspapers, the following points should be considered :

Ads in Newspapers
  1. Selection of Appropriate Newspaper : Taking into account the popularity of a newspaper in terms of daily circulation and readership as well as the demographics of the target audience, the correct newspaper should be selected for placing the advertisement in.
  2. Selection of Appropriate Edition and Supplements : Selection of the desired edition for the newspaper must be made for ensuring greater response. Also weekly supplements of such newspapers can be put to use, especially when it comes to advertising for lifestyle products.
  3. Selection of Appropriate Day for Release : Print media is always overflowing with advertisements and it may not be possible to publish an ad on the desired date causing rescheduling, which may not be as effective for the advertiser. All efforts should be made to ensure timely release of the booked advertisement. Obsolete information does not serve the purpose of advertising, which aims at informing before occurrence.
  4. Accuracy of Contact Details : It is important to lay stress on ensuring a call to action (response) by providing accurate contact details in the advertisement. It is meaningless to go for an advertisement without letting people know how and who to approach in case they develop an interest in the advertisement.
Classified Text Ads in Newspaper
  • Type of Advertisement :

Depending on the purpose and budget for advertising, an advertiser may choose from the following formats of newspaper advertisements :

  1. Classified Text : simple text ads, charged on the basis of characters, words or lines in the ad matter.
  2. Classified Display : small ads with text and images, being slightly costlier due to the use of enhancements for better visual appeal.
  3. Display : image based large advertisements usually advertised by big businesses for brand promotion and consequently the most expensive ads on account of great visual appeal and maximum impact in influencing the target audience.
Classified Display Ads in Newspaper
  • Category and Sub Category of Advertisement

Depending on the desired ad matter, the appropriate category for the advertisement should be selected. For instance, an ad seeking a bride for a male should be booked under the category “Matrimonial” and further under the subcategory “Bride Wanted”. On similar lines, there are a variety of advertising categories to choose from, purely depending on the ad matter, like Property, Public Notice, Obituary, Change of Name, Lost and Found, etc.

Newspaper Display Ads
  • Advertisement Content :

The ad matter should be composed keeping the following factors in mind :

  1. Memorable Message : The advertising content must be capable of appealing to the readers’ senses and move them to action. 
  2. Entertaining : In addition to providing basic information, the advertisement must also be entertaining enough for the audience to generate interest and register to memory.
  3. Attention Grabbing Design : Use of images and enhancements help make the advertisements more visually appealing and hence the ad design prominently matters.
  4. Good Tagline : A good tagline is just like a book’s cover – the very first thing readers notice about a newspaper ad, and helps develop the readers’ internet in the content. If not framed properly, the readers might overlook the detailed content due to lack of interest.
  5. Good content : The ad content should ideally be detailed yet precise and to the point, avoiding unnecessary information.
  6. Generates Response : The advertisement should be capable of generating response, calling the readers to action. The ad content should be able to satisfy basic queries of the customer and should highlight the pros of the product or service advertised. 
  7. Targeting the Correct Group : All advertisements are not meant for everyone alike. The ad content should be such that should highlight the importance of the product/service advertised for the particular target audience.
  • Competitor Observation

It is important to observe how competing organisations are advertising their products so that one can plan an advertising strategy which makes them stand out from the competition in the market. The key is to be different and do better.

  • Booking Options

Once advertisers are sure about the kind of ad to be placed, how much they can spend on it, which paper and location they desire to advertise in, they need to book the advertisement.

The traditional method is to approach the respective publication directly and get the advertisement booked with them. However, with modern day advancements in place, online advertising agencies are available to help advertisers reach the publications at the convenience of their desired place and time.

The advertiser is the king, and the ball is always in his court. He can decide how to proceed with his ad booking, having considered all the factors described herein.