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One of the most iconic news brands in the state of West Bengal, Anandabazar Patrika is hailed by many as ‘the voice of Bengal’. Anandabazar Patrika was founded in the year 1922 by Suresh Chandra Majumdar and Prafulla Kumar Sarkar and, since its inception, it has grown to become one of the most recognised and respected names in Bengali language media.

Anandabazar Patrika is the flagship publication of The ABP Group, and is read by a readership comprising millions of Bengali speakers in not just West Bengal but across other states in India.

Anandabazar Patrika is the most widely circulated newspaper in the city of Kolkata, where it is also the largest selling daily newspaper. There are more than 1.2 million copies of the newspaper in circulation across India on an average day. 

The newspaper delivers the latest news stories from around West Bengal, India and around the world, as well as an extensive selection of information and stories spanning a wide range of topics, including business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, astrology and editorial sections. The newspaper also offers supplements on different days of the week, like Rabibashoriyo on Sundays. 

For Bengalis, Anandabazar Patrika is not just a newspaper. It is a household staple and an integral part of Bengali cultural life. Its balanced and comprehensive journalism has made it a highly trusted source of news for millions and its coverage of a broad range of topics has made it a newspaper that has something for all tastes and preferences.

So why think twice about booking Anandabazar Patrika classifieds? 

Classified Ads in Anandabazar Patrika

An advertisement in Anandabazar Patrika can do wonders for you, whether you are an individual or a business owner. Extensive psychological research has shown that people are more likely to base their purchase decisions based on a printed advertisement compared to the same on the radio or television. Classified ads are hugely popular as they are cost effective and very easy to book.

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Get noticed across West Bengal with an Anandabazar Patrika Classified!

If you live in West Bengal, it is highly likely that you have heard of Anandabazar Patrika. The newspaper is regarded by a large number of people as ‘the voice of Bengal’, and, since its foundation, it has grown to become one of the most recognisable names in Bengali language journalism. It is the flagship publication of the ABP Group and has become a household name in West Bengal.

Anandabazar Patrika was founded by Suresh Chandra Majumdar and Prafulla Kumar Sarkar in in the year 1922. Today, it is the largest selling Bengali language daily newspaper in Kolkata, with an estimated circulation of well over 1.2 million copies. Anandabazar Patrika caters to a readership exceeding 1.27 crore people, according to the Indian Readership Survey of the third quarter in 2019. 

The newspaper is known for its extensive coverage of the latest news from across West Bengal, the rest of India and around the world. In addition to daily news, the newspaper also offers a wealth of information spanning a wide range of topics including sports, science and technology, lifestyle, entertainment, business, as well as sections on astrology, leisure, current events and editorials. 

For a newspaper of its stature, Anandabazar Patrika commands a large and loyal readership among the Bengali-speaking population across West Bengal and even from the rest of India. To reach out to Bengali readers, an Anandabazar Patrika classified ad is an excellent way to communicate your message to your target audience.

Anandabazar Patrika Classified

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The ‘Voice of Bengal’ can get you noticed by your target audience!

Hailed by many people as ‘the voice of Bengal’, Anandabazar Patrika is one of the most recognised and trusted names in Bengali language journalism. It is the flagship publication of the ABP Group, and its origins go way back to pre-independence times. It was founded in 1922 by Suresh Chandra Majumdar and Prafulla Kumar Sarkar and today it commands a large and loyal readership among the Bengali speaking population in West Bengal and across India.

Anandabazar Patrika is the most widely circulated and largest selling Bengali language daily newspaper in Kolkata. The newspaper, with an average circulation of well over 1.2 million copies in a day is a staple of Bengali cultural life.

The newspaper offers a wealth of information and stories spanning a wide variety of topics and is widely regarded as a trustworthy and reliable source of news from the region, across India and around the world. 

Anandabazar Patrika has an incisive style of reporting and is known to deliver highly insightful and comprehensive coverage of the latest news and ongoing events. Its dispassionate and balanced journalism has made it an extremely popular newspaper for Bengalis living not just in West Bengal, but also across the rest of India.

Ads in ABP Classified
Classified ads in newspaper icon in outline style isolated on wh

For centuries, advertising has served as a medium to inform, educate and encourage people towards a certain action. An effectively worded advertisement does wonders in attracting prospective customers towards a product or service being offered. An Anandabazar Patrika classified ad is a powerful tool for you to reach out to your target audience, through the pages of this esteemed newspaper. Classified ads are among the most popular forms of newspaper advertisements as they not only cost less, but are categorised on the basis of ad category (hence the name ‘classified’ ads). These ads are also extremely easy to book, as all one requires to do is compose the ad copy, providing all the necessary information as well as contact details. 

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Know How The Anandabazar Patrika Classified Ads Are Priced!

Advertising is not always costly. The cost of an advertisement varies based on different factors such as the format of the ad, the circulation figure of the newspaper chosen, the location of the ad in the selected newspaper, the matter of the advertisement, e.t.c. Thus, it is enough cost-effective for them to make advertising decisions wisely. 

Somehow, advertising decisions also get driven by a few factors such as budget, requirements, target group of readers, e.t.c. If considering all of these above factors, Anandabazar Patrika stands to be the most suitable option for you, you should go for it. 

In fact, it’s just not you but many other advertisers, whose target group of readers are based in Bengal, have already opted Anandabazar Patrika as their fit solution. Do you know why?

Because Anandabazar Patrika is the highest circulated newspaper in West Bengal. It helped all of them to make their message reach a greater segment. Just not that, It’s cost-effectiveness according to its number of circulation, as compared to other newspapers, has grabbed the attention of the advertisers for past years. 

Anandabazar Patrika classified

Now by reading this much, you must be excited to know more about the Classified advertising information of Anandabazar Patrika. If it is so, why are you waiting? Continue reading. 

As you are required to place a Anandabazar Patrika classified advertisement, know the classified ad types first. They are :

  • Classified Display – Classified Display Ad is more visually appealing than classified text ads. Here customized font, colour, logo or image can be added to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers. These ads are charged based on per
  • Classified Text – Classified Text Ad is the most cost-effective form of advertising in any Newspaper. The Ad appears in the classified section in the standard running text format and no creative images, logos, e.t.c are allowed. Rate is charged per Line/Word/Character basis. Generally, this is not chosen for Obituary and Remembrance ads, because of not allowing any incorporation of pictures.

Anandabazar Patrika, let’s you book classified ads for several different categories including Matrimonial, Business, Education, Change Of Name, Public Notice, Lost And Found, Property, e.t.c. Valuing your money, it offers you an amazing rate card for different classified ad types. 

For Kolkata, where 1,277,801 Copies get circulated, it costs Rs.5070/130 Chars to book a classified text ad, and it costs Rs.1395/sqcm to place a Classified Display Ad. For North Bengal edition it costs the least, which is RS. 520/130 Chars (For Classified Text) and Rs. 132/sqcm (For Classified Display). There are more editions which you can go to. Also, Anandabazar Patrika offers you some convincing discount packages, to know about which you have to open the Anandabazar Patrika Rate Card.

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Classified Advertising in Anandabazar Patrika Ityadi section!

Anandabazar Patrika is the quintessential morning daily Bengali language newspaper that reaches almost every home in the Bengali speaking region of India, West Bengal. With close to one million, Anandabazar Patrika is the largest circulated Bengali Daily in India.  

Ads in Anandabazar Patrika

Because of this immense circulation and readership Anandabazar Patrika has turned out to be one of the most sought after newspapers to place advertisements and reach out to masses by both individuals and businesses. Anandabzar Patrika reaches all locations of West Bengal. Apart from Kolkata, it has editions of North and South 24 Parganas, Purulia, Medinipur, Nadia, Murshidabad, Howrah, Hooghly, Birbhum, Bankura, Burdwan, Asansol-Durgapur and North Bengal. It also reaches Delhi, Mumbai and parts of Northeast India. 

Classified Ads in ABP Ityadi

Anandabazar Patrika accepts ads in both Classified and Display format. The Classified ad page of Anandabazar Patrika is known as Ityadi and it is published on all days of the week and especially as a special supplement on Sundays. This Ityadi section is divided into various categories like Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Business, Education, Travel, Personal, Announcements, Obituary, Astrology, etc.

Anandabazar Patrika Ityadi Classified

In the Ityadi classified page, both Classified Text ads as well as Classified Display ads are published. Classified Text ads are simple run-on-line ads. They are cost effective and charged as per characters and Classified Display ads are charged as per square centimetres. The minimum size being 2.5 cm X 5 cm, logos and images can be added to a Classified Display ad.

Apart from directly visiting the newspaper house or getting in touch with agents, there is a remarkable portal called releaseMyAd through which one can easily and without any hassle book an ad in Anandabazar Patrika. releaseMyAd has more than ten years of experience in servicing customers and has developed the classified ad booking platform for Anandabazar Patrika keeping in mind the needs of the advertisers. We have also been accredited by the prestigious Indian Newspaper Society (INS).

To place an ad in Ityadi section of Anandabazar Patrika, you have to just follow the link and go through the booking process below:

  1. Select Classified Text, Classified Display or Display
  2. Choose the relevant ad category like Matrimonial, Property, Business or Recruitment.
  3. Click on the Edition you want to go with or choose the discounted package.
  4. Compose your Ad matter. For Classified Display, you can select a preferred template and edit the same or upload an already designed Ad Creative from your computer.
  5. Proceed to select ad release date, preview your booking details and make the payment using your preferred online or offline payment method.

If you are stuck somewhere in the process, do not worry, we are there to help you. We have a dedicated team of experts who can help you with composing and designing ad matter, giving you accurate information about recommended focus dates and circulation figures of a particular edition. You can get in touch with our specialists on 9830629298 or email us on We also have a dedicated 24X7 chat support on our website.

So, do not hesitate further! To book your classified ad in Anandabazar Patrika with the lowest price in the industry reach out to us and fulfil your requirement.