What Factors Affect Newspaper Ad Rates?

Newspaper advertisement is the oldest way of advertising and considered to be more authentic among the advertisers. Though the internet has bloomed widely among the new and mid-age generation, still now 70% of Indian population prefers newspaper advertisements.Newspaper is the first choice for the 50 plus or older generation and semi educated class who are not so exposed to social media and internet.

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releaseMyAd provides ad rates which are best in the industry. Though there are some factors that affect newspaper ad cost.Here I am trying to discuss some of them:

  1. Ad Size: One of the obvious factors which affect most in ad cost is the size of your ad. When you look at a paper, you will see it is divided into columns. Your newspaper ads are sized according to a very set formula: a certain number of columns wide and a certain number of centimetres long. Multiplying the two numbers together will give you the number of “column centimetre” of your ad, which determines the ad’s cost. 

If it is a normal classified text ad which runs in standard text format. It will be charged by either character, word or lines. If it is classified display then it will be charged on the basis of per sqcm. Cost will be a little higher  because it is more visually appealing than classified text ads. Here one can add a customized font, logo or image to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers. Display ads are the most extravagant form of advertising in newspapers. It is also charged per sqcm. Display ads can be published on any page and can occupy any amount of space in a specific newspaper.

  1. Insertion: Ad cost depends on another factor which is insertion, i.e; how many times you want to publish your ad in the paper which resembles frequency of your advertisement. It is always not necessary that an one-time published ad will be more cost effective than a multiple insertion ad because releaseMyAd provides an enormous number of packages, discounts and offers depending on the terms and condition of the ad booking.
  2. Enhancements: Applying  enhancements in your advertisement will cost you little extra though it is the best possible way to grab readers attention towards a particular ad. There are various kinds of enhancements applicable in various newspapers like Color, image, logo, language translation, bold, underline etc. These enhancements have a way of popping and drawing the reader’s eye to the advertisement, so you usually get what you pay for.
  3. Page preference: It is actually applicable in case of display ads. It goes without saying that the first page ad will be costliest than an ad published in any other page. There are different sizes in respect of page, i.e; Full page, half page, quarter page etc.
  4. Circulation: Circulation is a count of how many copies of a particular publication are distributed. Circulation is one of the principal factors used to set advertising rates.

For example, The Audit Bureau of Circulations shows that the largest read local language newspapers are Dainik Bhaskar (with 4.320 million readers) and Dainik Jagran (with 3.410 million readers), both published in Hindi. The Times of India is the most widely read English language newspaper ( 3.029 million), followed by Malayala Manorama (2.370 million), published in malayalam. Anandabazar Patrika is a Bengali language newspaper with a circulation rate of 1.075 million. 

  1. Edition: In a particular newspaper ad rate can vary according to edition, i.e; geographic area or place.For example Property ad in Times of India, Delhi will cost more than Times of India, Agra Edition.
  2. Readership: Readership is an estimate of how many readers a publication has. The more readership a newspaper has, the cost of advertising in the same will be higher. Anandabazar Patrika which is the leading Bengali language vernacular in West Bengal has a very high readership and circulation and therefore, publishing an ad in any column of Anandabazar Patrika is much higher than other Bengali newspapers of the region.
  3. Category: Newspaper ad rate depends on another very important factor i,e; category.Different rates are applicable for  different categories like Matrimony, recruitment, business, property, personal etc.

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What Would the World Look Like Without Newspaper Ads

A newspaper is probably one of the first things that an individual normally looks for, after of course his mobile phone.It is hard to imagine what the world would like had newspapers not existed or even if newspapers did exist, they did not contain any advertisements. 

It is rightly said that “Newspaper advertising is a destination, and not a distraction”. Newspapers are the best known media vehicle for advertising on account of the following reasons :

  • It is the most trusted and one of the fastest forms of advertising known today.
  • Ads are cost effective and flexible, putting advertisers at ease.
  • Wider reach is ensured through the medium of newspapers.
  • Published ads are extremely trustworthy, as the confidence of the readers in the papers is extended to the ads they chose to publish
  • It helps establish and promote a brand’s identity
  • It is a result – driven medium for advertising, which is intrusive and not selective.
  • It enables advertisers to go for a much targeted audience, depending on the type of newspaper advertisement and the kind of people it is likely to influence, after taking into account various demographic factors like literacy, language, gender, economic status, age groups, etc.
Newspaper Ad

What if there were no newspaper advertisements? Or consider that newspapers existed, but did not contain any advertisements?

  • Uninformed and Unaware People –

In the absence of newspapers or newspaper advertisements, people would have been unaware of the latest products being launched in the market. People tend to purchase items they are made familiar with, but in the absence of newspapers advertisements, most people would not have known about certain products, services, offers, proposals and events in the first place.

  • Limited Reach – 

In the absence of newspapers, it would not be possible to reach out to the masses. No other advertising medium can beat the reach of newspapers, making newspapers the most effective advertising vehicle known to mankind.

  • Limited Advertising Flexibility –

Newspapers allow advertisers immense flexibility with regards to their ad type, matter, design, frequency etc. No other advertising medium would allow such flexibility and options for advertisers to choose from

  • Costlier Newspapers –

Newspapers would be costlier if newspaper advertisers did not meet the cost of bringing out the newspapers through funding the newspaper ads. This in turn would have made newspapers less popular among the masses, if they were not able to afford the papers.

  • High Advertising Cost –

Newspapers are one of the most pocket friendly forms of advertising. Had newspaper advertising not existed, people would have to resort to other mediums for advertising through expensive mediums like the cinema, television or radio, or even digital media through the use of the internet.

  • Slow Advertising –

Newspapers are the fastest means of advertising. Had newspapers not been there, people would have to go for advertising options which deliver their message with a lot of processing delay. Timing plays a crucial role in advertising – if delayed, the advertiser may not be able to reap the benefits of the advertising campaign.

  • Limited Newspaper Readership –

Newspaper reading wouldn’t be as popular. Many people buy newspapers looking out for discount coupons or event details they may be interested in. Hence newspaper advertisements are a major reason why people invest in newspapers, for reasons other than obtaining plain news.

Considering all the positive aspects of newspaper advertising, which makes it indispensable for mankind to be aware and informed, reaching out to the various publication houses for the sake of bringing out a newspaper ad, remained a major challenge for a long time. But not anymore! releaseMyAd is there to help all the advertisers with their advertising needs, helping them select the best publications to bring out their newspaper ads, at the lowest possible cost and ensuring the highest possible response. They help their clients with the best papers in the desired languages and locations to target and guide them through the entire process of ad booking, which is merely a matter of 3 steps to be followed.

10 Questions You Should Always Ask About Newspaper Ads Before Placing It

Before placing an ad there are a lot of questions that come in your mind. It might so happen that many a times you feel that such trivial questions should not be bothered about and you drop it. However there is a possibility that any of these questions was important, and now your ad lacks something, and you are not getting the desired response from your ad because of that. No one wants to spend huge sums on Advertisement in Newspaper and end up not getting the results out of it.

Questions that you must ask!

Ads in Newspaper
  1. Before placing an ad in a certain edition always ask whether your preferred area is covered in that edition otherwise it might happen that you pay and get your af distributed elsewhere, where it is of no sense.
  2. Make sure you ask about the circulation of the newspaper and enquire about any other most circulated newspaper if available in the preferred location. It might actually get you a better newspaper that you had no knowledge of.
  3. You can always check with experts about your ad content, although you get a lot of the same ads to frame your content but asking an expert will definitely help your ad stand out from the crowd of all the ads. Call an expert at 9830629298.
  4. You can  ask for the preferred location in the newspaper of your ad for the display ads. You may be asked to pay extra for the front page, third page or back page. Those ads definitely stand out and get the best response and are worth the investment. In case of classified ads you can’t be assured of the location, it is sure that your ad will appear in the column you’ve booked it under.
  5. Certain newspaper advertisements require documents to be produced to the publishing house for editorial confirmation. Make sure you ask what documents are required and produce the same.
  6. There are focus days of different newspapers for different categories of ads. Make sure you ask about the focus day of your preferred newspaper for the category you will put the ad in so that your ad can get you the best returns.
  7. Please check about the latest offers and packages that are provided. releaseMyAd provides lots of packages and offers like book 1 get 1, book 5get 5 and discounts upto 90% for some packages
  8. Ask about the genuinity of your source of booking. Take for example releaseMyAd which is a INS accredited and PAN India certified company. This ensures that you do not have to keep thinking whether this agency is good enough, whether they are robbing you with some fake guarantee e.t.c.
  9. With display ads there is bargaining in the rates for a particular newspaper, try to make sure you ask for the best rates so the advertising can be cost effective.
  10. Check about the refund terms and conditions in case there is an issue with your ad. Trustworthy agencies try their best to keep their customers satisfied and provided before sale and after sale services.

One place to get all your questions answered is releaseMyAd. Working for over a decade now, releaseMyAd has become no.1 online ad booking portal. Offering quality service and cost effective solutions to advertising problems is the Moto for releaseMyAd. Call now to get your questions answered at 9830629298. Ask questions because that is how you can get the best out of your investment.

5 Things to Remember for Effective Newspaper Advertising

Effective newspaper advertising may seem like a very abstract term for a newbie in the newspaper advertising industry. Well, it is very simple, effective newspaper advertising refers to making the advertisement fulfil the goals it was meant to achieve. It should be able to drive the desired audience response and reach out to the relevant target audience.Ad on Newspaper

Most advertisements are published with an objective as was taught in the first course on Newspaper advertising. Achieving that objective is what makes it effective for the advertiser and if the consumer gets what he/she had expected from the advertisement, then it is effective for them. Following this, only one thing strikes an advertiser, “What are the elements that can make a newspaper advertisement effective?”

Well, the answer is quite simple and requires you to consider only 5 simple points to remember while engaging in newspaper advertising.

5 elements Necessary for Effective Newspaper Advertising

1) Right Selection of Newspaper

Newspaper selection forms the crux of effective newspaper advertising since it is the medium of communication. Based on the coveted results or audience reach, an advertiser needs to choose the preferred newspaper. For example, if the objective of a local garments store is to promote its clothes and offers available, then the best bet would be to go for a newspaper which is locally popular and has a high circulation to ensure higher footfalls to the store. It can either be an English or Hindi daily or a regional language daily, whichever has a readership in the targeted city or locality.

2) Right Selection of Edition or Package

A particular Newspaper is distributed across different cities and has special packages associated with multiple locations covered by the concerned daily. Some newspapers even have special district editions such as Eenadu that covers all the districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh and is not limited to only cities. Depending on the reach an advertiser intends to have, the edition (read as location/neighbourhood/city/district/country) of a newspaper should be selected. One more thing must be considered, that in case the exact location is not available for the chosen newspaper, then an advertiser must choose the closest location to the original preferred location.

For Instance, if you want to advertise in The Hindu and the preferred location is Pondicherry which is unavailable then the closest edition which can be chosen is Chennai which will reach out to the readers in Puducherry as well.

3) Correct selection of SupplementEducation Display Ad

Supplements are specific to categories such as Business, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Recruitment, Property and even Public Notices and Tenders. Selecting the right supplement or pullout published under a preferred newspaper is essential to reach out to the appropriate target audience. If an advertiser wants to book a Display Education advertisement in a supplement of Times of India, there is no point in releasing it in Times Property. It will be most relevant only when it is published in Education Times, which is the specific education pullout of Times of India.

4) Right Selection of focus day

Newspaper Supplements have a specific day when they are published along with the main newspaper. Getting an ad released on a specific day ensures higher responses from relevant audiences. The purpose of the advertisement is instantaneously affected by advertising on focus days. Even if the ad is not published in the specific supplement, but is released in the main newspaper, the response rate for that ad versus the one published on a different day will be much higher. This is simply because audiences keep an eye out for the category specific supplements on their focus day to access them, should the need arise.

5) Including Direct and Multiple Contact Details

An advertisement is communiqué which demands the need for content which communicates the intended message to the audience. This creates the need to provide relevant contact information that includes all the communications modes like phone/SMS, email, website and the local address. Providing contact information helps imbibe the faith of the audience as well as creates a sort of assurance in the consumer that the advertiser is available for direct communication. Also providing different mediums for communication will ensure that anyone from anywhere can contact the advertiser.

By now I am sure you have comprehended and gained enough knowledge about the field of newspaper advertising and its effects in India and the Indian audiences. So pull up your socks and get ready to help advertisers gain the attention they have been looking for.

Elements of a Newspaper Ad Creative

For a newspaper ad to grab attention, the first thing that is necessary is the creative element invested in it. The creative is what attracts the reader to an advertisement. It is what drives the reader away from the news and information content, which is the basic task of a newspaper, to taking a look at the advertisement. In print advertising, the visual effect created by the ad is what makes it stand out or simply get ignored.

There are certain essential elements which contribute to the creation of a successful creative ad design. A combination of these basic elements is crucial for an ad creative without which an ad cannot be designed, irrespective of the marketing objective it intends to serve. The significance of each element is heightened or reduced depending on the objective but they are all present in the advertisement.

Let’s find out how each element affects the design of the advertisement.

Logo Designing

The logo of a brand name is what gets imprinted on the minds of the readers or target audiences. A logo is the symbol of recognition for a brand and potential audiences remember it through that symbol. So designing a logo that is unforgettable is a dream for a brand that intends to create awareness for itself. For every brand awareness campaign, it is essential to have a prominent yet unique and well-crafted logo so that the audience is able to recognize it and associate it with the product or service provided by the brand in question.

  •         Call to action

Describing the call to action

You all must have heard of the saying, “Communication is key.” This proverb stands true even in case of newspaper advertising. Advertisers need to communicate with the target readers to ensure that their message is comprehended by the audiences. For that describing the ‘call to action’ in an advertisement is highly essential. It is what drives the reader to become a consumer since the ‘call to action’ tells the reader what course of action is he required to follow after taking a look at the advertisement. This description is essential for all those adverts which are directed towards driving footfalls to a store or raising sales.

Use of engaging images

The image used in creating an advertisement is what makes the readers get attracted to an advertisement. An advertiser needs to pay a lot of attention to the image that is used in the concerned advertisement as it is important for both branding and driving sales objectives. It needs to be relevant to the call-to-action and at the same time promoting the brand name. An image needs to capture and exude the essence of the advertisement so as to engage every reader that comes in contact with it.

Body Copy and Taglines

In a newspaper ad, the readers may not get an audio but they can surely read a well-directed content. Every part of the advertisement is subject to copywriting, which makes the content or copy of the advertisement of utmost importance. The image selected, the catchy taglines provided, the words and language used in the call-to-action, the information provided to the audience, the border, the colour combination and everything else is driven by the copy that is created for the advertisement. The copy is what conjures an ad from scratch and creativity and imagination are the key ingredients required for creating the tagline and body copy. Therefore, an advertiser must ensure that complete attention is provided to the newspaper ad creative to make the advertisement relevant and successful.

So get ready to get your hands dirty and get creative for a successful newspaper advertisement campaign!