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In 1932, Sakal newspaper, the most renowned Marathi daily was first introduced by the Sakal Media Group. Sakal, meaning Morning in Marathi, is the highest circulated daily in the state of Maharashtra, having a circulation of more than 1.5 million nationwide. Sakal started out as a 4 page daily back in the year 1932 and today, it is considered as one of the top reading regional dailies in India. In Maharashtra, Sakal tops the chart of being the no. 1 Marathi daily. Sakal daily is owned by the Sakal Media Group and is headquartered in Pune. Along with Sakal newspaper, they publish 4 other newspaper dailies namely Sakal Times (English), Gomantak (Marathi), Gomantak Times (English) and India’s first and only agriculture daily, Agrowon (Marathi).

Sister Publications of Sakal Daily

  1. Sakal Times – The Sakal Times is the oldest English daily of Pune. This newspaper comes with the Sakal newspaper. 
  2. Agrowon – Agrowon is the first agriculture-based daily. Agrowon was launched with the objective of making the farmers competitive globally. Agrowon provides all the authentic and factual information to the farmers. It also provides information related to the latest technology in the field of agriculture. Agrowon has achieved a readership of over 1 million within a year after its launch
  3. Gomantak – Gomantak or Dainik Gomantak is the Marathi Daily published in Goa. Gomantak is very popular among the readers of Goa.
  4. Gomantak Times – Gomantak Times, the English Daily is also a popular Daily in the state of Goa. 

Locations Covered:

  1. Sakal – Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Solapur, Nagpur, Satara, Jalgaon, Belgaum, Nanded & Akola
  2. Sakal Times – Pune
  3. Gomantak – Goa
  4. Gomantak Times – Goa
  5. Agrowon – Pune, Kolhapur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Solapur, Nagpur, Satara, Mumbai & Jalgaon

Why Advertise in Sakal Newspaper?

  • Sakal is the most readable Marathi daily of Maharashtra. Placing a Sakal Advertisement in the newspaper fetches more responses from the local audience of Maharashtra. 
  • The standard quality of the content of this newspaper pleases the readers that increase the readership, hence the advertisement in Sakal gains the required attention. 
  • Sakal classifieds are an economical form of advertisements placed in the Sakal newspaper making the Marathi daily running successfully all over the nation.
  • Sakal allows you to publish all types of advertisements like Text Classified Ads (run-on-line), Display Classified Ads (box ads), and Display ads under various categories and sections.  The categories are chosen according to the requirement. These categories include Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Education, Business, Announcements, Obituary, Public Notice, Tenders, and many more.

Supplements and Pages:

Sakal Daily gives the opportunity to the local general audience to place a Sakal Advertisement in preferred supplement and pages of the newspaper. The pages and the supplements of Sakal are listed as under:

  1. Main Newspaper – Sakal Advertisement can be placed on any preferred page of the newspaper. The ad can be on the Front Page, Backpage, Third Page, Fifth Page, or any inner page of the newspaper. The pricing of these ads is very high so having a planned budget is very important for the advertiser. Placing an advertisement on the Front Page will cost more than that of ads on other pages. The minimum size accepted on FrontPage is 12 cm (width) and 20 cm (height). For the rest of the pages of the main newspaper, 4 cm (width|) and 4 cm (height) is the minimum. The ads can be placed both in color and b/w and the charging is done based on a rate per sq cm. Advertisements include Company ads, Obituary ads, Business ads, Property ads, Public Notice ads, Tender ads, etc. The ads can be published on any day of the week.
  2. Today – A separate pull-out was introduced by Sakal in the year 2006. The pullout was named “Today”. This supplement is only circulated in the whole of Maharashtra. The pricing is cheaper than that of the main newspaper. Sakal Today opens a new direction for the local advertisers with local content. The ads on Today supplement can be published on any day of the week.
  3. Job – “Job” is a special recruitment section distributed along with Sakal Times on Thursday & Sakal Pune on Tuesday. The minimum size accepted in the Jon pullout is 8 c (width) and 5 cm (height). 
  4. Agrowon – Agrowon is the first agricultural-based special pullout of the Sakal newspaper. It is the best platform to publish business ads related to the agricultural industry. Agrowon helps the advertisers to reach the farmers and the agricultural businesses in Maharashtra. 

Type of Sakal Advertisements 

  1. Text Classified Advertisements – Classified Text ads are the simple text ads published in the newspaper. The ads consist of a few words and lines. Classified Texts Ads are placed only in the classified section of the newspaper. 
  2. Classified Display Advertisements – These advertisements that appear in a box are a little higher in price than that of classified text ads. You can upload either image or logo along with the ad text. You can use any font style or background color. They can be either in black and white or in color. 
  3. Display Advertisements – Display Advertisements are the most expensive form of advertisement. They are placed on any preferred page of the newspaper other than that of the classified page. They are published in Color as well as in black and white form. 
  4. Sakal Classifieds ads are more popular than Display advertisements. Sakal advertisements are placed daily in the classified section of the newspaper. 

Sakal Classifieds ads are more popular than Display advertisements. Sakal advertisements are placed daily in the classified section of the newspaper. 

Sakal Advertisement Booking process:

  1. Visit Sakal booking page
  2. Select Ad type (Text Classified, Display Classified, Display)
  3. Select preferred location/ package
  4. Enter your ad text (for classified text ad) / upload your ad creative (for classified display/display ads)
  5. Choose your publishing day/days 
  6. Preview your ad details 
  7. Register yourself
  8. Select Payment option (Online/ Offline)

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