Public Notice Ads And Their Importance

As the name suggests, public notice ads are those ads which are published to provide information to the public regarding matters that are of concern to the general public. Public notice advertisements are typically a legal requirement and it is stipulated by law that they need to be published in newspapers. 

Publishing public notice ads in newspapers is not only a fulfilment of a legal requirement but they also serve to promote public awareness on the issue in question. These notices may be given to the public by an individual or an organisation to provide information regarding certain types of legal proceedings. These advertisements convey information regarding events that are of interest to the general public and are generally issued by a corporate organisation, a government company or a legislative authority. 

Public Notice Ads in Newspaper

Through this process, public notice ads serve to inform the public of decisions that have been undertaken or proposals that have been made. This helps the general public to make informed decisions if the subject matter of the public notice is relevant to them. Providing such notices to the public ensures that the public has the opportunity to influence relevant organisations and governing authorities in matters that pertain to them. They help to make the general public actively participate in a democratic society.

Public notices have been in existence for a long time. Their history goes back to way beyond the emergence of newspapers. The original concept of public notices, where notices were posted in public squares, has undergone evolutions over the centuries, and it was in the first English language newspaper called The Oxford Gazette that the idea of publishing public notice ads in newspaper became the standard practice. 

Newspapers are chosen as a medium for publishing public notices for their widespread availability for not just the news but a host of information on a variety of topics. People regard newspapers as an authentic source of information and it is in newspapers that a large amount of information is made accessible to the public. Therefore, 

It has been traditionally held that there are four conditions that make a public notice valid:

  • Public notices must be published by an independent third party
  • Public notices must be archivable
  • Public notices must be accessible to all members of a society
  • Public notices must be verifiable

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